Saturday, March 12, 2022

Getafe CF vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Getafe CF is hosting Valencia CF at the Alfonso Perez stadium in what is an exciting bottom half table clash between two teams playing similar style of football and teams which Jose Bordalas coached these past two years! As you know Jose Bordalas left Getafe CF to join Valencia CF in the summer and go on a new adventure, since his departure Getafe CF have done worse, but Valencia CF had not done much better than Getafe did under Jose Bordalas last season.

Valencia CF have been on the up ever since the return of Gabriel Paulista back to the squad and have won the last 3 matches, two wins in the league and a win against Athletic Bilbao in the cup to move to the final. Decent results and the team needs to build on those and achieve a win tonight against Getafe CF, though every time we start doing well we get hit by a negative result to ruin things, so I'm hoping we avoid that pattern and are able to secure a win, but anything is possible in this match.

Both teams are playing similar football, Valencia CF has way more scored goals, but also way more conceded goals, while Getafe CF has less of scored and conceded goals with their difference being -6 and Valencia's being -2. So relatively evenly matched sides on paper and in practice, so it is going to be an interesting match to watch from that perspective. 

I'm hoping that with Gabriel Paulista's presence in the squad we are able to hold off Getafe's attack and are able to score one more than they score and we win that way. So yeah, final prediction is 2-1 for Valencia CF, though any score and result is possible. We could just as easily lose to Getafe, so all of the options are on the table. 

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Valencia CF 1-0 Athletic Bilbao Match Report

Valencia CF goes to the Copa del Rey final after beating Athletic Bilbal 1-0 at home and will await the result between Real Betis and Rayo Vallecano to see who is the second finalist. Real Betis has an advantage leading up to the match and they are the favorites to go to the final, they are also realistically the stronger team so Valencia CF is cheering that Rayo Vallecano manages to surprise Betis.

We saw Jose Bordalas start with pretty much the same formation from the previous match in the league, with the difference being Jose Luis Gaya starting the match, but as is often the case we force these early recoveries and we end up getting the players injured for worse and longer. Even Lato was available for selection and he was the fitter of the two, but Bordalas risked it and played Gaya, only for it to backfire as Gaya got injured in the 33rd minute and was replaced by Toni Lato.

The other change for the match was Goncalo Guedes for Maxi Gomez and he was the one who scored the only goal in this match, leading to Valencia's victory. Gabriel Paulista was also in the lineup and we have another clean sheet with him in the squad in back to back games! 

Valencia CF was contesting the match much more in the first half and trying to get something going, fighting for midfield control and having few chances created on goal. This would pay off in the 43rd minute when Goncalo Guedes scored a goal from a long range effort and gave Valencia CF the lead. 

The second half would have Athletic Bilbao controlling the match for long periods of time with Valencia CF mostly sitting back and defending and occasionally hitting on the counter attack. They had several long range efforts, but we were fortunate enough to not concede.

Ultimately its a mixed bag game, some positives, some negatives, Valencia CF falling into their standard play to sit back and defend in the second half, but we were lucky enough to win this time. So yeah, a good result, but there is a lot of work needed to be done. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Valencia CF vs Athletic Bilbao Cup Semi Final

On March 2nd Valencia CF is going to welcome Athletic Bilbao at the Mestalla for the second leg of the Spanish cup semi final. Valencia CF got a great result in the first leg, a 1-1 draw against Athletic Bilbao which puts us in pole position for the second leg, but we still have to prove it and get a result at home. With how Valencia CF has been playing recently in the league its going to be very hard to get a good result, but who knows, I expected a loss in the first leg, but Valencia CF surprised me and got a draw against an in form Bilbao who defeated Real Madrid and Barcelona previously to reach the semi final, so there is still hope left.

Even though we've had several terrible results in the league recently, last match was a much needed win, even if it was a lucky one and maybe even an undeserved one. Hopefully that win gives us a boost leading up to this match and brings back some confidence into the players. 

Valencia CF is boosted by the presence of Gabriel Paulista who returned from injury last weekend and immediately featured against RCD Mallorca, helping guild Valencia CF to a clean sheet, one in a long time. So we'd be relatively more secure at the back, though I'm still worried about Gabriel Paulista's fitness as he just returned from injury and is immediately playing two matches in a span of several days. Hopefully he is able to recoup enough to give 100% performance, we are going to need it.

Correia, Gaya are still out injured and won't feature in this match, so it seems likely that Jose Bordalas is going to use the same defensive trio he used against RCD Mallorca, especially since it brought us a positive result and a clean sheet. We are likely to see Goncalo Guedes back in the lineup, starting over Maxi Gomez, apart from that we might see Hugo back in the midfield over Yunus, though who knows. 

Say what you will about our play and results, but I fancy our chances in the cup. Its a different competition and we've had more luck and better results in the cup, so I'm giving Valencia CF more credit in the cup and therefore I think we have a good chance to win and place in the final. Valencia CF fans certainly need something to cheer for, something to lift our spirits and placing in the final will do that. So with that said I'm thinking a small win for Valencia CF over Athletic Bilbao, something like 1-0 or 2-1. I don't think there is going to be a lot of goals, I think its mostly going to be a scrappy game like the first one, though I'm hoping Valencia CF is more dominant in midfield and perform like they did in the second half against Bilbao. 

So yeah, I'm predicting and hoping for a win, what do you guys and gals think? Do we stand a chance against Bilbao, tell us in the comments section! 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

RCD Mallorca 0-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF achieved a much needed win, but its a bitter one as there was nothing in this match to be happy about except for the lucky result. Valencia CF continued to play terrible and ineffective football and its a miracle how we won this match, considering RCD Mallorca made us look like relegation team or rather I should say Valencia CF made Mallorca look like Barcelona of old. 

Its just inconceivable how we have no midfield and how we can't string more than few passes together, its mind boggling. Why can't we retain possession, why can't we string couple dozen passes together, why is no one passing backwards or sideways to retain the ball in our possession? Its aimless crosses and passes forward and 99% of these don't result in anything. 

The one good thing from this match is Gabriel Paulista as even when returning from back from a long hiatus after a repeated long term injury he seemed fit and relatively in good form to get back right into the action. Again this is RCD Mallorca so we shouldn't take too much from it, but he seemed solid and he also scored the goal and gave Valencia CF the victory. 

Friday, February 25, 2022

RCD Mallorca vs Valencia CF Match Preview

After the outright shocking and devastating loss at the Mestalla against the weakest FC Barcelona in decades I'm not too sure what to expect from this match. Normally I would say Valencia CF will have a tough match, but we are likely to score a win here, we should have that much talent and ability, but this team seems to be weaker than the team who started this season's campaign. So in 9 months we've become weaker as a team rather than becoming stronger.

Last match Jose Bordalas fielded the strongest team on paper, excluding the absence of Thierry Correia due to injury, so what can he change now to improve upon last match? Yeah, Mallorca is no Barcelona, but neither was Deportivo Alaves and they managed to beat Valencia CF and make us look like the relegation battling team. 

I think Uros Racic did so well last match that he secured himself a spot for this match, I think he deserves a chance here, I'd exclude Illaix Moriba from the starting lineup as I don't see what he brings to the game, between him and Hugo Guillamon I'd include Hugo as a more defensive midfielder. 

In defense we are weak all over the place, even that left flank which Gaya had covered so well for so many years, even that is now shattered as Gaya seems to have a hard time blocking some of the crosses and passes from his flank. 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Valencia CF 1-4 FC Barcelona Match Report

Excitement turned to dread just 37 minutes into the game as Valencia CF undid itself and allowed an impotent Barcelona to score 3 goals in just over 30 minutes. FC Barcelona's big issue this season has been creating opportunities and scoring goals, but Valencia CF made sure to fix those issues for them! 

I listened to the commentators say how Barcelona played well in the first half, but they didn't, they played rather poorly and their attack was terrible, but it was Valencia's defense that was even worse and it allowed ridiculous goals. Looking at the stats Barcelona had just 4 shots on goal in the first half and 3 of those ended up being goals, that is a conversion rate of 75% which is insane, if everyone scored goals like that pretty much all games would have over 5 goals all the time. Just shows you how an impotent Barcelona attack can be so potent against piss poor defending. 

Not to berate the defense too much, the midfield was terrible in covering as well, Hugo Guillamon and Illaix failed to cover properly so many times and allowed so many crosses, but the last line of defense was also terrible. Foulquier, Alderete, Diakhaby, Gaya were all caught napping time and time again. 

Jose Bordalas took off Hugo Guillamon and brought Maxi Gomez at the start of the second half in a bid to chase the game, and it paid off almost immidiatelly as Valencia CF started attacking and one of the attacks from the left side resulted in a goal. Bryan Gil got the ball wide, ran a bit forward, positioned himself well and provided a dangerous cross into the penalty area to which Soler was the fasters to react and headed the ball past Ter Stegen and into the net.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Valencia CF vs FC Barcelona Match Preview

After last weekends disaster its good to have an exciting opponent to forget about the club's issues and just focus on the match at hand and hope for the best. Valencia CF will play against FC Barcelona this Sunday at 16:15 CET at home at the Mestalla in what is going to be an exciting and interesting match to watch. Neither team are doing great in the league, with FC Barcelona being the slightly better team, but struggling significantly this season. They just bought former Valencia CF player Ferran Torres from Manchester City in a bid to bolster their attack and would be hoping to have Ferran himself be the downfall of Valencia CF in tomorrow's match.

I'm excited about this match, both teams are equally matched with Valencia CF being overall the worse team, though it can step up its game on special occasions and FC Barcelona has been one such occasion historically for our team. We are coming to this match after a devastating and humiliating loss against Deportivo Alaves, but lets hope that that match is behind us and the team does well against FC Barca. 

There are some bad news for Valencia CF as Thierry Correia injury is quite serious and he is likely to be out from any competition for at least two weeks, possibly 3 weeks before he is able to return to playing. He's had terrible luck this season as he's suffered injury after injury this season and it has really stumped his progress and Valencia's results. 

FC Barcelona's biggest issue this season appears to be their inability to create good chances and convert those that they do create into goals. They've been generally good in defense, though nothing special of course, but their main problem appears to be their link between midfield and attack and creating good goal scoring opportunities that they can convert. 

For Valencia CF we've had multitude of problems and at times it has been the attack, at times it has been the defense, at times it has been the midfield, but generally speaking we have problems all over the field and don't have a solid footing anywhere. I think our best asset is our attacks due to individual brilliance that can and has made a difference, but we are not systemically good at attacking and rely mostly on counter attacks and sheer individual brilliance to score goals. 

I don't know what to expect from tomorrow's match, if we had won our last match against Alaves I would have probably predicted a draw with a good chance for a victory, but now I'm not so sure. I think a draw at this point would be a decent result, a win seems unrealistic and far fetched and I'm hoping we avoid another disastrous loss. 

So I'm going to say 1-1 draw against Barca, I'm hoping for a win, but I'll take a draw as long as its not a loss.