Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Why is Valencia CF underprerforming?

Why is Valencia CF underperforming or is this the maximum this squad can give? I was shocked when Valencia CF lost last match against Deportivo Alaves the second worst team in La Liga currently. A team that has conceded 38 goals and can't even score 1 goal per game, but against Valencia CF they scored two goals and made Valencia CF look like the relegation team. 

I was very pleased with the way Valencia played against Athletic Bilbao in the cup, it was a scrappy match for big parts, but we saw an attacking Valencia CF side that seemed capable of scoring goals at any given moment and we gave Bilbao a big scare, losing at home to a Valencia side that is struggling in the league, when they beat Real Madrid and Barcelona before us to reach the semi final. 

Little did I know none of that fighting spirit and attacking quality would transfer over to the league match. Jose Bordalas fielded a very strong team, we had Guedes in attack, Soler in midfield, Thierry in defense, Yunus had done well in central midfield in the previous matches he started, so it was all good, this was 95% the strongest team, we missed Bryan Gil, Hugo Duro and Gaya, but apart from Gil who is world class, I don't see how Hugo or Gaya would have made a difference and truth is they didn't when they were introduced on half time. In fact it took a penalty for Valencia CF to equalize the score, but then Alaves were awarded one as well and they clinched the match. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Deportivo Alaves vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Valencia CF is coming to this match after a tough game against Athletic Bilbao in midweek in which Valencia CF managed to secure a draw, which puts the team in great position leading up to the second leg of the semi final which will be played at the Mestalla. 

There were a lot of positives from last match with Valencia looking more secure at the back as our players quickly covered Bilbao players and didn't allow them much space, midfield was still miss and hit, but there was at least a fighting spirit for every ball and every inch of grass and in the second half Valencia CF actually dominated the match for the most part. It was overall a scrappy match, but we did play a lot better than previous matches. Bryan Gil was a standout performer as he looks to be the real deal, very high quality player in a long while in our squad. 

So looking at tomorrow's match everything looks positive and I'm expecting a secure win. There are no new injuries, the team has been training well and it should be a good match. Deportivo Alaves are at the bottom of the table and fighting to avoid relegation, they have a very leaky defense with 38 conceded goals, second only to Levante who are in last place with 46 conceded goals. Even though this seems like an assured win, you can never write off anyone and team with nothing to lose can go all out to try and clench a win. So Valencia CF should approach this match somewhat cautiously and try to keep everything solid, keep everything tight and slowly but surely try to chip off their defense which we know is leaky and should concede a goal or two. 

So yeah, I'm expecting overall a comfortable win, I'm thinking 2-0 to Valencia CF, but even a small 1-0 win is enough, we just need to get 3 points no matter the result so that we maintain theoretical chances for a European League spot. Valencia's biggest issue has been the defense this season as we've conceded 36 goals, just two less than Alaves, but fortunately we've been decent in attack and have managed to rescue few points through our attack, otherwise we could have been fighting relegation as well. 

The last few matches give me hope that our defense has been improved, though once again we need more solid midfield so that we don't have to rely too much on our defense, as they say a good offense is the best defense. 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Valencia CF Match Report

That was a positive surprise, I came into this match thinking that it was all but lost from the start, with Valencia looking to take its chances at home, but this was really surprising. Not only did we manage a draw against a very tough and solid opponent, but at least in the second half Valencia CF showed up to play football and were the better team with several chances to actually win the match. 

As I mentioned due to work I missed the first half, but was able to catch the second half and I liked what I saw. It was an attacking Valencia CF who wanted to compete and fight for every ball, run every channel. This is the type of Valencia CF I want to see all the time no matter what, and what luck that we managed to land Bryan Gil he is a class act. The guy has lightning pace, incredible dribbling skills and absurd ball control. We should pull all strings to try and purchase him in the summer, though its going to be extremely hard as these types of performances are sure to raise his price or convince Tottenham to keep him.

Anyways Athletic Bilbao took the lead in the first half thanks to R. Garcia who scored the goal after I believe it was a free kick. Valencia CF dominated the second half and went on the hunt for a goal of their own and it would come in the 65th minute after an attack from the right flank. I think it was Soler who crossed the ball into the penalty area, Bryan Gil intercepted the ball and sent a shot towards goal, but his effort was blocked and the rebound found its way to Hugo Duro who slotted the ball into the net to equalize the score. 

Valencia CF would have several more chances after that and a decent claim at a penalty from Hugo Duro, but ultimately the game ended in a draw. With this result Valencia CF now has a great chance to go to the final of the cup. 

Tell us your thoughts of the match in the comments section!

Athletic Bilbao vs Valencia CF Cup semifinal

It wasn't an easy road but here is Valencia CF facing Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish cup semi final. Unlike Athletic Bilbao who had to face FC Barcelona and Real Madrid on their way to the semi final, Valencia CF had much easier opponents, but even so we didn't always have an easy path to victory and it took luck to beat some of the opponents. This is Valencia's first big challenge in the cup and its against Valencia's former coach Marcelino leading a solid team who beat Barca and Real Madrid to reach this position.

There is no question that this is going to be the toughest opponent yet and it would require much better play in order to overcome. Good news is that Valencia CF showed that they can play good football in the second half of last match as the team went on the offensive and tried to win the match against Real Sociedad, creating several good opportunities on goal and coming close to scoring on a few.

Everyone is available apart from Gabriel Paulista who is sidelined with a long term injury, while Jasper Cillessen and Alderete were both training normally before this match, though they might be lacking proper fitness just yet, so its questionable if we'll see them featured in the squad for tonight. 

Unfortunately I won't be able to catch the first half of the match due to work, but should be home for the second half, so there should be a match report. 

In terms of the match outcome I'm leaning slightly towards Athletic Bilbao as they are playing much better in the cup and Marcelino is a strategic master, he does know how to setup a team to counter his opponents. They are also playing at home and Valencia CF has a poor track record away from home, so I'm guessing 2-1 victory for Atheltic Bilbao on this one.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Jasper Cillessen recovers from injury

Some good news for Valencia CF as Jasper Cillessen has recovered from his injury and is training separately from the squad, trying to build up his fitness, with decent chances of being included in the lineup for the next league match. 

Omar Alderete is another player who has recovered from his injury and is training normally with the squad so he is likely going to be available for selection as early as Thursday for Valencia's match against Athletic Bilbao in the semi final of the Spanish cup.

Hugo Guillamon has also recovered from his injury that he sustained in Valencia's last match after a direct head on collision with an opposing player. His nose was ruptured and required surgery, but now he is fine and will be available for the next matches. 

Gabriel Paulista is still out injured and chances are he will be out for the rest of the season as before when he recovered slightly he was put on recovery training and the injury returned, so now they are going to go slow with him and allow more time for  his recovery. 

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Valencia CF 0-0 Real Sociedad Match Report

After an exciting finish to the match it ends in a draw, which is realistically the fairest result. Real Sociedad dominated the first half and were the better team, with Valencia CF dominating the second half and being the better team. Both teams had some decent chances to score, I'd say Valencia CF more so, with a great opportunity for Maxi Gomez in the second half when he was basically alone one on one with the goalkeeper, but his shot was straight into the goalkeeper.

Jose Bordalas chose a very defensive lineup for this match with a 5 man defense and a 3 man midfield and unsurprisingly Valencia's midfield got overrun and Real Sociedad dominated the whole first half and Valencia CF relegated to long range efforts that led to nowhere. Good thing is that Valencia CF held in the first half, although Real Sociedad did threaten the goal on a few occasions, with Giorgi having to intervene with a solid parade to save the goal. 

Jose Bordalas made changed on half time and introduced Carlos Soler in place of Cristhian Mosquera who was on a yellow card and seemed likely to get sent off if he continued. This change did wonders for the team and Valencia CF actually played some good football in the second half, going immediately on the offensive and threatening Real Scoiedad's goal. Few big chances would come up for Valencia as Jose Gaya first sent a powerful shot from long range, then Maxi Gomez found himself in a great goal scoring opportunity after a perfect through ball by Bryan Gil, but Maxi's shot went straight into the keeper. Later on it was Bryan Gil again with the attack this time he dribbled past a player and send a shot towards goal, though only through the center line and in the path of the goalkeeper. 

Valencia CF coach brought even more attacking options as he introduced Racic and Guedes and it was full force trying to score a goal, but for all of the attacking Valencia CF did there was no end result. Towards the end of the match the game became scrappy and neither team was able to string more than a few passes together with both teams relying on long balls and headers to move the ball around. 

The match ended in a 0-0 draw and this leaves Valencia CF 5 points bellow 6th placed Real Sociedad and 3 points off of 7th place, but a match down on Villarreal who play later today. I think its safe to say that Valencia CF is out of the running for European football and it would take a miracle for achieve that. Yes there is still plenty of matches left, but judging from our play and results it seems unlikely that we'll manage to gain more points over the higher placed team right now, especially as Valencia CF will be focused on the cup in the coming weeks as there we have a chance to place in the final and there is also very tough matches coming up in La Liga. 

The standout performer for me was Bryan Gil, I think he has a great future and showed today why he is valued so highly. I hope we get to see him play alongside Guedes more though as these are our two most creative players and I would think featuring them both in the lineup would benefit Valencia. 

Valencia CF to face Marcelino's Athletic Bilbao in the cup

Valencia CF will fact Athletic Bilbao in the semi final of the Spanish cup, led by former Valencia CF manager Marcelino. Valencia CF beat Cadiz 2-1 to move into the semi final, while Athletic Bilbao surprised Real Madrid and beat 1-0 to progress into the cup's semi final.

The new rules for the cup are that two legs will be played, an interesting turn on events as previous rules stated that only one game will be played. 

Athletic Bilbao has had a great run in the cup, beating the likes of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid to place in the semi final, so they will prove Valencia's toughest challenge in the cup yet. It will be very interesting to see how that match plays out and if Valencia CF beat Athletic Bilbao they have a great chance of winning the whole thing.