Monday, August 30, 2021

Valencia sign Foulquier

Valencia have confirmed the signing of Dimitri Foulquier, who joins from Granada on a 4-year contract for a fee of 2.5 million, which could rise by another million depending on achievements.

Granada signed Foulquier from Rennes, before selling him to Watford, where he played under Javi Gracia, but he was unable to break into the first team. His first appearance (of only two) was in an 8-0 defeat to Man City where he was subbed off after 33 minutes and he was loaned out, first to Strasbourg and then Getafe where he impressed Bordalas in a brief spell enough for the coach to request his signing for us. 

Foulquier is mainly a right back but has occasionally played at right wing and left back. Truth be told I don't 100% understand the signing, as Thierry has done enough now to convince as a solid prospect. I can only guess this is to add squad depth, as Foulquier is versatile enough and it also frees up Wass to cover central midfield, where Bordalas seems to prefer him, and where we now look unlikely to sign anyone. It's also surprising that we don't seem to have made an effort to move Piccini out.

The window closes tomorrow, the only operation which looks possible is the exit of Diakhaby and his replacement by Djene, but the latter operation would depend on the former and it doesn't look likely at this late stage.

Ruben Sobrino to join Cadiz CF

Cadiz CF want to buy Valencia CF striker Ruben Sobrino and Valencia CF want to oblige as the player isn't in Jose Bordalas plans, especially now that Valencia CF bought Marcos Andre. Ruben Sobrino is worth some 1-2 million euros, but Cadiz CF are set to want to purchase the player for half a million euros, while Valencia CF are holding out on at least a million or 30% of the players rights.

Valencia CF does want to facilitate the move at any cost though as they are trying to bring in another player in, some reports suggest that it might be Granada's defender Foulquier, while other reports suggest that Valencia CF is still looking for another striker and that Jonathan Calleri is their last target.

Valencia CF management should have planned the transfers much better, doing last minute transfers and much of the arrivals depending on how many departures we can have in the last day of the transfer season is way too chaotic. Not to mention the botched transfer of Kang-In Lee who was let for free just to make room for another foreign spot for Marcos Andre. 

Valencia CF 3-0 CD Alaves Match Report

Valencia CF went into this match with big expectations, but a big question mark on their performance as well and the team answered. Beating CD Alaves comfortably 3-0 was indeed an impressive feet and what is even better than that is that the team did not look troubled at any point of the match. 

I wrote in my match preview that this was a much win match for Valencia CF and anything other than a win would be a big disappointment and a bad omen for the rest of the season, but I also thought the team is likely going to win the match, predicting a 2-0 win for Valencia CF. The team obliged and even went further beating CD Alaves by three goals to zero. 

Valencia CF started strong from the get go and it didn't take long for them to find the back of the net. Cheryshev started a semi counter attack from the middle of the field, ran further up with the ball then plays a tricky 1-2 with Guedes, the return pass was precise and finds Cheryshev in an advanced position on the left flank, he passes the ball in the penalty area and finds Daniel Wass who slots the ball into the net. 

Minutes after the goal Valencia CF would have another solid chance for a goal through Guedes who was released by a through pass from Soler, but his shot hits the post.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Kang-In Lee leaves Valencia CF

Kang-In Lee leaves Valencia CF and joins Mallorca CF. With the signing of Marcos Andre by Valencia CF the club's 3rd foreign slot was occupied and thus the need to sell Kang-In Lee. Earlier in the summer Valencia CF had accepted that Kang-In Lee might stay as the signing of Marcos Andre was seen as unattainable, but with the La Liga deal with the private investment firm and the fact that VCF was going to receive some 110 million euros, 15% of which for transfers the doors opened for an increased offer from Valencia CF to Valladolid CF and the club was ultimately able to acquire Marcos Andre.

Kang-In Lee had dozen of offers but both the club and played had rejected or ignored all of them, but once Andre was signed the club forced Kang-In Lee to pick one option or be left out of the squad. Ultimately the player and Valencia CF agreed to rescind the contract and this he will leave on a free and join Mallorca.

I mean this is just another example of Peter Lim's terrible management, buy high and sell low or even for free, then whine that the club doesn't have any money and blame the fans for any and all issues in the media! That is Peter Lim for you, an incompetent arrogant fool who doesn't deserve a penny of the wealth he has accrued. I don't know how his incompetence works in retail sales, but its clear that he is utterly incompetent and stupid and it doesn't translate well in managing a football club. 

We could have sold him even for something like 7-8 million euros if the club accepted the early offers or pushed for his sale early, but no they waited in limbo to see what happens and when Marcos Andre finally joined then in reaction they started to act. 

Another wasted talent, another mismanaged sale, another black spot for Valencia CF. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Valencia CF vs CD Alaves Match Preview

Date 2021-08-27 22:15 CET

Valencia CF is coming to this match after a hard fought draw with Granada CF, but they are going to be looking to improve upon last match and beat Deportivo Alaves at the Mestalla. Gaining 3 points tonight will be crucial and it will setup Valencia CF for a good season, anything other than that and its going to foreshadow a bland and difficult season with almost no chance of European football.

Valencia CF got a boost in attack as well, acquiring Marcos Andre from Valladolid for 9 million euros and 10% of any future sale of the player. The players salary is also on the high side of 2 million euros per season with a contract length of 5 years. 

Now that the 3rd foreign slot has been captured, Valencia CF is looking to sell Kang-In Lee, but the player has rejected all offers coming his way. Valencia CF also ignored a lot of offers earlier in the transfer window for him as they were significantly lower than his evaluation, but with recent events unfolding the way they are, the club are forced to sell the player at any cost. Just more Lim mismanagement, buy very high, sell very low and make a loss on every transfer. 

Deportivo Alaves are coming to this match with two loses from their opening two matches and will be looking to improve upon their recent results and finally acquire at least a point to their name. Valencia CF on the other hand will be looking to win this match and continue in good form, anything other than that and its the mediocre team of last season once again upon us. Hopefully this is not the same team, hopefully the new coach has instilled more confidence in the players and with better tactics hopefully we can win.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Valencia CF sign Marcos Andre

Valencia CF and Valladolid reached an agreement for the signing of Marcos Andre. He's been a long standing Valencia CF target and it took almost 3 months for Valencia CF to facilitate his arrival. In order to do so Valencia CF had to overpay his market value by more than double, with reports suggesting that Valencia CF is paying 8.5 million euros for the player, plus 10% of any future sale! 

Marcos Andre has agreed on a 5 years contract with Valencia CF worth 2 million euros per season for a total of 10 million euros for his stay here at Valencia CF. This is on the high side considering he isn't a proficient goalscorer, in fact he only scored 5 goals at Valladolid since 2020 and has not yet proven himself at any serious level. 

At this point I guess any attacker is better than Maxi Gomez, but Valencia CF did indeed overpay for this one. What is done is done though and lets just hope that he scores a lot of goals for Valencia CF. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Granada CF 1-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF came into the Granada match following an emphatic victory over Getafe CF with Valencia CF looking to extend their run of wins against a weaker side in Granada CF, but Granada had other plans. Early in the first half Granada CF would take the lead through a powerful counter attack with Luis Suarez getting on the cross of Carlos Bacca, escaping Alderete and firing a precise show low into the corner, beating our new goalkeeper Giorgi and putting Granada one up.

Valencia CF would not lose confidence though and would continue attacking, with the determination to get one back in and equalize the match. This would result in several good chances for Valencia CF, mainly through Maxi Gomez and Goncalo Guedes, but Cheryshev and others had decent opportunities as well. 

Guedes would fire a good shot after a good pass to him by Maxi, but his shot was weak and the ball was cleared with Maxi and Cheryshev also having shots at goal, but failing to convert. Valencia CF would keep attacking and passing the ball mostly through the wings with Gaya and Correia constantly joining the attack and sending in crosses and passes.

None of the attack would pay off though as Valencia CF did not have finishers this match and all of their efforts ended up being wasted in front of goal. If this match proved anything it is that no matter what coach or playing style Maxi Gomez just isn't our goalscorer and the sooner Valencia CF can get an attacker the better, though the timeframe is getting shorter and shorter. 

Valencia CF would continue with its attacks in the second half and once again most of its attacks went through Guedes, but unfortunately no end ball or a goal and it seemed as if Valencia CF would lose this match, but then Gaya decided to take matters into his own legs and act out a foul, which not only tricked the referee, but the VAR observers too, awarding Valencia CF a penalty. Maybe they were just trying to  compensate for the terrible calls Valencia CF had last season, but they gave the penalty and once again Carlos Soler was precise from the penalty spot.

Just as soon as Valencia CF scored, Granada scored once again, as if the universe punishing VCF for a false penalty. But the referees were on our side once again and VAR once again determined a hand play and the goal was disallowed. This was a proper decision though and the end result stood at 1-1. Valencia CF is still unbeaten in La Liga, but there is much improvement to be made if Valencia CF is going to have any chance for European football and we are only talking about Europa league, no chance for CL it seems this season!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Granada CF vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Date 2021-08-21 19:30 CET

Valencia CF started its first 2021/22 season match with a hard fought victory against none other than Valencia's coach Jose Bordalas former team Getafe CF. In typical Valencia CF fashion we had to make it hard on ourselves and Hugo got sent off for a dangerous play very early in the match, forcing Valencia CF to play with 10 players for over 80 minutes. 

Bordalas methods must have worked as Valencia CF was able to hold on to its small lead until the end and even had several chances on the counter attack to improve its score, though unfortunately not all of our chances were converted, but that would have been wanting too much. Overall the play was quite solid considering we were one player down and defensively the team was great. In the match report I asked if we are actually going to have trouble beating smaller and weaker teams who sit back and defend, taking away Valencia's style of predominantly defending and then hitting on the counter. Can Valencia CF become an attacking team when playing weaker opponents and break their defenses? 

Granada CF is going to be that test, can Valencia CF beat a much weaker opponent and how will our play look like? Will Valencia CF look like the weaker team and defend even against weaker opponents and try and hit them on the counter as well or will the team become more active and try to outplay them and break their defense?