Friday, July 2, 2021

Valencia CF sign Omar Alderete

Valencia CF have signed an agreement with Paraguayan professional footballer Omar Alderete who currently plays as a center back for German football club Hertha BSC, as well as the Paraguayan national team! 

Valencia CF now needs to negotiate with Hertha for the arrival of the player and Valencia CF are focusing on securing the player on a one year loan deal with an option to purchase the player at the end of the season! Valencia CF want to see how the player performs before they make a permanent move for him, but Hertha want to get some monetary gain out of it, so they are pushing for a clause if the player features a certain amount of games in all competitions to trigger an automatic purchase. Valencia CF also seems okay with such a clause. 

Valencia CF coach Jose Bordalas has also approved of this deal and seems happy with his first signing, if this is it. If VCF manage to sell Mouctar Diakhaby then the club will look to bring in Jason Murillo as the last center back.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Martin Braithwaite to join Valencia CF?

Martin Braithwaite to join Valencia CF? Valencia CF are supposedly in negotiations with FC Barcelona over the purchase of Martin Braithwaite. He is a Danish forward who joined FC Barcelona in 2020 on an emergency exception after the long term injury of Ousmane Dembele.

They paid off his release clause of 18 million euros and he has since featured 40 times for FC Barcelona and scoring 3 goals in the process. Since the arrival of Aguero from City to Barcelona this summer, they are looking to offload Martin as he is seen as an expensive substitute that will only be used sparingly. FC Barcelona are using Valencia's interest in the player to try and sway them to part ways with Gaya in what would be a player plus cash type of deal. They are hoping to pay Valencia CF 25 million euros, just as much as VCF need to balance the books for this year and give us Martin Braithwaite who they still value at 18 million euros. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Valencia CF transfer season on hold!

Valencia CF transfer season has been put on hold as the club's plans were all shattered once the season ended. I've written many times before, but I'll do it again, Valencia CF needed 31 million euros before the season ended, once the season ended with some previous transfers like De Paul and Kondogbia the club received an additional 7-8 million euros, so the total needed to balance the budget as of right now is about 24 million euros. The issue is that ALL of the plans before the end of the season failed. Players who were supposed to be at the Euro 2020 missed out, some due to covid19 at the last minute, others weren't called up at all and even those called up haven't featured much, if at all at the Euro 2020. 

The only player to regularly feature at the Euro 2020 has been Wass, though even he due to not feeling well missed the last match against Wales in which Denmark won 4-0. As such the sales of many of the players Valencia CF were counting on did not materialize and won't materialize. So the club has to look in another direction to make money. Even players like Diakhaby who Valencia CF want to sell and who they thought can get 10 million euros for in the French of English leagues has not panned out. 

These last few days the rumor mill has been going on strong in Spain, with reports of Valencia CF planning on selling Jose Luis Gaya. Valencia CF have reportedly been approached by FC Barcelona and are they are inquiring how much they will have to pay to secure the services of the player. FC Barcelona are supposedly ready to offer 30 million euros plus a player to Valencia CF, while Valencia CF want 40+ million euros. 

I've been adamant that we should not sell Gaya, Soler, Guedes, Correia and Paulista and we should build a team around them, I believe that is the only way forward for Valencia CF to be competitive again. Valencia CF can still make those 24 million euros if they sell Kang-In Lee for 15 million euros and then basically any other player for about 10 million or so, Maxi, Cillessen, Diakhaby, etc... Truth be told we have few very highly rated players and then all the rest of them are dirt cheap and not rated highly at all. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Marcos Andre is Valencia CF latest target

Marcos Andre is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Valladolid. He is 24 years of age, but so far he has played mostly for lower level clubs and B teams. The best Marcos Andre has done is with Mirandes with which he featured 38 games and scored 12 goals. 

He is a very cheap player though, he would come in at about 2-3 million euros and these are the type of players Valencia CF are looking at right now to "reinforce" the club with, they are hoping that Bordalas is a magician and can turn low level players into top level players. 

Personally I'd just keep Maxi Gomez and hope that Bordalas is able to get the most out of him, he is still a bigger talent, rather than go with some unknows who haven't had any sort of good seasons and hope that Bordalas can magically make them top level, its just too unrealistic. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Euro 2020 has not been positive for Valencia CF

Peter Lim and the management team at Valencia CF put a lot of hope in the Euro 2021 as a way to get exposure for players and increase their value in the hopes that they can sell them at a higher fee in order to balance the budget for this year. Valencia CF initially needed 32 million euros for that, but since then due to Valencia's previous sales of players and their clauses the club has been able to get an additional 7-8 million euros.

So now Valencia CF only needs around 24 million euros to balance the budget, but as I've reported previously Meriton and Peter Lim want to settle the loans they gave to the club several years back for the purchase of some players. Unless this changes and Lim settles to extend the loan payment, VCF will be forced to pay them around 50 million euros or give Meriton players worth 50 million euros.

The Euro 2021 was the perfect opportunity to get players value to rise, especially the likes of Cillessen, Cheryshev, Guedes, Wass and even Gaya and others, but due to contacting covid19 Cillessen was removed from his national squad, while other players who contacted it as well still kept their place, but did arrive late to their national teams and therefore have not featured even once. Even Gaya who's featured a lot more for Spain has been an unused reserve this Euro and Cheryshev was used as a substitute, but substituted himself after just around 50 minutes or so.

Only Daniel Wass has been used by Denmark in both their matches, but at 32 years of age and only one year left in his contract with Valencia CF he is not going to fetch good money, especially as Denmark have lost both their games. Guedes also arrived a bit later and as such he wasn't even called up for their first match and was an unused sub in their second match. 

So yeah, even though Goncalo Guedes has raised rumors about wanting to leave, without playing at the Euro he is not going to be worth anything near what the club would have hoped and wanted. Valued by transfermarkt at 25 million euros, possibly 30 million euros a more realistic number, but still short 10 million of his value when he arrived at Valencia CF and short of what Valencia CF would need to balance the budget and bring in reinforcements. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

New sponsor for Valencia CF

Valencia CF has a new main sponsor that will be printed on the front of the shirts after the club was forced to part ways with Bwin due to overburdening regulations preventing displaying betting sponsorship on shirts. Extremely bad law that will negatively affect sports teams and will have no discernable impact on actual gaming, especially when traditional video games are literally having slot machines in their games and young kids are using their parents credit cards to purchase "packs" and/or ingame items.

Kids are being exposed to essentially gambling at 10yo through video games, but they are going after advertisement for sports clubs, talk about having no clue! 

Anyways the good news for Valencia CF is that they've found a new sponsor, is an online company creating some sort of interaction for clubs and fans, not sure what that is all about, but regardless the most important thing is that VCF has a new sponsor and won't lose out on too much money! 

We don't know the amount of money Valencia CF will be getting with this new deal, I have the feeling that its probably less than the 5 million euros the club was getting from Bwin, but you can't compare a powerful betting company with some new online website. If I had to guess I'd say Valencia CF are getting about 4 million euros per season.

Angulo appointed coach of Valencia Mestalla

Valencia CF legend Miguel Angel Angulo has been named the head coach of Valencia CF B team the Mestalla, he replaces coach Óscar Fernández who oversaw one of the worst seasons for the Mestalla team in its history, losing most of the games and being relegated to Spain's fifth division.

Angulo is one of the most recognizable names in recent Valencia history, he played for Valencia CF for 12 seasons and was part of the squad that reached two Champions league finals and won the Spanish league. He is one of the most decorated Valencia CF players ever and one of the most known names. 

I wish him all the best, plenty of success, and hopefully after several successful years leading the Mestalla maybe even becoming Valencia CF coach.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sporting CP on the verge of buying Wass

Sporting CP is reportedly on the verge of buying Daniel Wass and media from Portugal claim that the two clubs have agreed for the transfer of Daniel Wass to Sporting CP.

Valencia CF has supposedly agreed to a 5 million euros deal for Daniel Wass and is now up to the player to decide his future. Daniel Wass was contemplating leaving for Denmark and playing out the rest of his years there, but this could be an interesting turn of events for him.

Daniel Wass is a versatile player and I think Bordalas would want to keep him if he can, especially we have have Diakhaby, Cheryshev, Guedes, Kang-In Lee leave also. That is a lot of players and a lot of positions to cover, so I'm sure he'd like to keep most of the players unless the absolute need to sell to reach 30 million. It could actually be much less, because Valencia CF did get some money from the transfers of some of our former players as we've retained either certain share of the player or had clauses for more money which they reached. Now Rodrigo De Paul has been sold for close to 40 million euros and Valencia CF is going to get another 3-4 million euros for that sale, so that means those 31 million that we had to get would become more like 23-24 million euros.