Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Valencia get Mamardasvhili on loan

 Valencia have confirmed the addition of goalkeeper Giorgi Mamaradasvhili from Dinamo Tbilisi on a one year loan. He's a bit of an unknown and I haven't been able to find out much on him other than that he's 20 years old and highly rated, but La Liga is obviously a significant jump in quality from the Georgian league, which is ranked 40th out of 55 by UEFA.

It's unclear where he'll fit in, he appears to be too highly rated to spend much time with the reserves but this addition would seem to confirm that we're going to have changes in the goalkeeping department, though as I already wrote, Cillessen's departure is somewhat more complicated by his absence from the Euros. 

If there is one good thing from this, it's that the club are, for once, getting some transfer activity done early, rather than wait until the last minute as is usual. Bordalas can therefore assess him in training. It's also unclear what buy option if any we have on him. I'll update if it is announced.

Jefferson Lerma to Valencia CF?

Jefferson Lerma to Valencia CF? According to Spanish reports Valencia CF is considering the purchase of Jefferson Lerma who plays for English Championship club AFC Bournemouth and the Colombia national team.

He is a defensive midfielder who occasionally plays as a right back and is good all across the midfield, so a versatile player who can play several positions and has quite a bit of experience playing for his nation and few Spanish clubs as well before arriving to AFC Bournemouth in 2018. 

The biggest issue for Valencia CF though is that the player is valued extremely high, we all know players in England are almost always overvalued and this is once again the case, but even if Valencia CF somehow manage to negotiate a lower fee we are still looking at about 10 million euros.  

Cillessen will miss the Euros

 Very bad news from a Valencia perspective...

Cillessen will miss the upcoming Euros. He tested positive for Covid, has had to self-isolate and was forced to miss the team's training camp as a result. He was expected to be the Netherlands' first choice goalkeeper in the tournament but Frank De Boer has therefore decided to omit him altogether.

Cillessen is one player I really don't want to sell as finding a good goalkeeper is tough, but as he is one of the highest wage earners in the squad, he's a prime target for an exit. Valencia would have been hoping that he'd have a good tournament and that would push the price up, so this is a real setback.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Valencia earns €6 million in "prize" money

 Cadenaser report that Valencia have earned €6 million in "prize" money. I used " " because, of course, Valencia did zero of note to earn any prize money. It comes instead from bonus clauses in the contracts of players that we gifted last summer and season to other clubs.

Starting off, there's "El Capitan" Parejo. Villarreal's Europa league win brought us €2.25m from him. It doesn't really take away the sour taste of him being gifted to a rival for free but at least it's some money.

Coquelin is the second. We at least got some transfer fee for him, though it mostly cancelled out debt we still owed Villarreal for Cheryshev. To that we can now add €600,000, again from their Europa league win.

While those sums are nice, the whole situation is still a huge net negative. Even if they lose all Champions league games by hefty margins, Villarreal are guaranteed 31 million for participation, plus €1 million per point and around €8 million for TV money. Make it 40 million minimum with possibility of 20m more. That allows them to both outspend us and to attract players.

A last case which brought in even more money than those was Kondogbia. Valencia got €2 million due to Atletico's league win and €1 million because they reached the quarter finals of the Champions league. Again, better than nothing, but it would be far better to see Valencia earning money on its own rather than getting drips and drabs from rival teams' success.

Ultimately, this money does reduce the amounts needed to close the accounts. Instead of nearly €31 million, €25 million in player sales will now balance the books.

Guedes father: My son is done at Valencia CF

Very harsh words coming from Goncalo Guedes's father Rogerio Guedes on Antena 1. He said that with no Champions league or Europa League Guedes is done with Valencia CF and that his future lies elsewhere. He said that he did not know if Guedes will leave this summer, but that his long term future is elsewhere. 

I mean yeah VCF is out of any of the European competitions and we all know the reason for that, but Guedes has had very poor spells where people have questioned just how could Valencia CF pay such amount for him for such low return. So its not like he's been a standout performer all this time and carrying Valencia CF on his back, he's at times been part of the problem, so its unfair of his father to now disrespect the club like that. Yeah the club is run very poorly and we all know that, but again its not like certain players have risen up and carried the team on their backs, they've faltered even before many of the bad decisions. 

Guedes had a great first season, especially the first 6 months, but really slowed down towards the end and then in the second season after his injury he never recovered, a whole season he played poorly. 

Monday, May 31, 2021

Paco Alcacer in exchange for Goncalo Guedes?

There are reports from Spanish media about a possible swap of players between Valencia CF and Villarreal CF. Villarreal CF won the Europa League which netted them 8 million euros, but for each previous win they also earned quite a bit of money, so overall they would have earned anywhere between 20-25 million euros, plus they qualified for the Super cup which nets them additional 4 million euros and they qualified for the Champions League which will net them 19 million euros just by being in the group stage.

So they've got quite a bit of money and they want to improve their squad for the next season and have identified Goncalo Guedes as the perfect option for them. While they have received quite a lot of money its still not enough to outright purchase Guedes, so they are offering Paco Alcacer in addition to a large sum of money to facilitate the move. 

Would you accept this offer or do you think Guedes is not an option to sell, tell us in the comments.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Valencia CF interested in David Timor

With the arrival of Jose Bordalas as coach of Valencia CF there has been a lot of speculation about possible arrivals from Getafe CF, players which the coach is keen to bring to Valencia CF and who would really strengthen the squad. One of the most talked about names is David Timor who is a defensive midfielder, but has been used by Bordalas as a center back and even an offensive midfielder, a variety player similar to Daniel Wass who can be used at few positions depending on the need.

His market value is also very low and he would be an realistic option for Valencia CF as David Timor is valued at only 1.5 million euros, even if is valued at 2.5 million euros its something that Valencia CF can afford and would be a solid value based deal. 

Goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili to join Valencia CF?

It seems like Georgian goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashivili is going to join Valencia CF, in fact according to the players agent the deal has all but been done and its just a matter of closing down the final touches. The goalkeeper will arrive on a one year loan deal with a purchase option at the end of the season.

If we do sign this new goalkeeper that tells me that the club is planning on selling Cillessen, there is no other option. Jaume is a low earner and selling him would barely bring any money to the club, while Cillessen is a high earner and if he has a good Euro with the Netherlands his price might as well reach 15 million euros, with addition of cutting his salary the club is going to gain a lot of money.

I think they are hoping that between Jaume Domenech and Giorgi Mamardashivili one will turn out solid and able to establish himself at the nr.1 keeper.