Saturday, April 24, 2021

Valencia CF 1-1 CD Alaves Match Report

Classic Valencia CF! We can't seem to be able to win a straight match, today was an overall good performance, Valencia CF had most of the possession and was a lot more dangerous with that possession as well, creating dozen of chances mostly through Guedes who was really on fire in this match, but Valencia players were really wasteful in front of goal. 

Guedes provided several good passes to Gameiro and Maxi Gomez who failed to score time and time again. We had at least 4 solid chances in the first half to get ahead, had we converted some of those chances the team could easily have been up by two goals, possibly even more, but again we were very wasteful in front of goal and failed to score. 

The second half was similar to the first in that Valencia CF had the initiative, had opportunities, but again very wasteful and casual in front of goal. Gameiro would score in the 56th minute what was in my opinion a legitimate goal, but for some reason it got checked by VAR and they decide it wasn't a goal, how, why, I have no clue! It wasn't an offside, literally millimeters to decide, I don't think a human can really make that decision that its offside based on millimeters, and even if it was, it wasn't reflective on the play, meaning the offside didn't affect the goal at all. I don't understand why was the goal even being checked? Why even have referees on the field if every goal and every things is going to be checked by VAR? 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Valencia CF vs Deportivo Alaves Match Preview


Valencia vs CD Alaves - Predictions, Betting Tips & Match PreviewCD Alaves

CD Alaves

Date 2021-04-24 GMT+1 18:30

Valencia CF suffered an embarrassing loss in midweek against an Osasuna side that made us look like Division 2 team. Sure Valencia CF had slightly more possession and through Guedes we mustered up several chances, but Osasuna played like a team, they defended all together and did it really well and move up the field together. 

The two goals Osasuna scored in the first half were the usual blunders that Valencia CF players do in defense, or the minimal pressure they do when they track a player. Valencia CF as usual went down 1-0, then bounced back with a goal and again through a defensive blunder gave away Osasuna a second goal. 

You just can't win games when opponents don't even have to outplay you to score, when you just give them goals for free, that is what is happening every match with Valencia CF, our players are giving away goals for free. Doesn't matter that we score more than Osasuna, doesn't matter that we have more ball possession than Osasuna, doesn't matter if we have more overall shots, etc... Osasuna doesn't gift their opponents free goals that they can't overcome later and lose the matches. 

Jose Mourinho in talks with Valencia CF

Jose Mourinho to Valencia CF?
Jose Mourinho has begun talks with Valencia CF about his arrival to the Mestalla in what appears to be a big friendly push by Jorge Mendes to setup Jose Mourinho with a new job as quickly as possibly, and hookup his friend and business partner Peter Lim with a solid manager.

Jose Mourinho's salary at Tottenham was huge, much more than Valencia CF can afford, but because he was sacked he is set to receive a huge compensation which would leave him extremely well of financially, so he will be looking for an ambitious sporting project and of course doing a favor to his agent and friend Jorge Mendes. Peter Lim is also looking at the possibility of using some of the summer player sales money to increase the budget for the coach and make available 4 million euros for a seasonal salary, with big bonuses if Valencia CF qualify for the Champions league, in the region of additional 1.5 million euros.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Kang-In Lee for Rafa Mir swap

Kang-In Lee will not renew his contract and thus Valencia CF will be looking to sell him in the summer when the transfer window opens! I've written in previous article about some of the reasons Kang-In Lee isn't renewing his contract, but the main reason is the lack of playing time he's gotten under Gracia. Since he didn't want to renew his contract without improved playing time, the team saw it fit to punish Kang-In Lee by instructing Gracia to never play him until he renews, but that just put things into a never ending negative circle and basically cemented Lee's wishes to continue elsewhere. 

With Kang-In Lee's contract expiring next year, Valencia CF must sell him this year and get as much possible for him, otherwise he would just leave for free next season. Valencia CF been asking around about Rafa Mir and showing interest in our former player, so that gives Valencia CF the option to offer Kang-In Lee for Rafa Mir. The current Valencia CF player is valued higher, but he also has much less playing time this season, while Rafa Mir has been featuring regularly and scoring goals, increasing his market value slowly but surely, with his value surely to reach 15 million euros in the summer. 

Diakhaby shouldn't play anymore

I couldn't watch the match against Osasuna as I was working second shift, but I watched the highlights, looked at the stats, the match reports and our comment section and its the same old story, the same issues week after week since the start of this season. Last season if you remember Valencia CF sacked Albert Celades essentially with 6 games to go, though quite a bit later as there was a big pause due to Covid19, but essentially in a normal season it would have been around this time he would have been sacked and Valencia CF was actually eight place when he was sacked. Valencia CF now is at 14th place, let that sink in, we are 14th place right now, when we were 8th place last season and Celades was sacked due to poor results! 

Javi Gracia has not only not improved the team, but he has regressed it and even though some players keep on making the same mistakes game after game and keep causing the same issues, he neither changes the players, nor the system to better protect them and cover for the weaker players! 

How many big mistakes should Diakhaby make in order to lose his starting spot in this team? I can count at least 6 big mistakes in each of the last 6 matches he's played, in each match he essentially makes at least one big mistake, not to mention all the smaller mistakes he keep on making that thankfully get dealt with or don't result in goals! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Osasuna vs Valencia CF Match Preview


Osasuna vs Valencia - Predictions, Betting Tips & Match PreviewValencia


Date 2021-04-21 GMT+1 19:00

Valencia CF managed to break the away curse last match against Real Betis, managing a 2-2 draw, and now they have a chance to  get a win away from home. During the last match there were several players who got injured, so Correia will be out for a month, for him this season has basically ended, while Soler is doubtful and will likely not feature for this match.

Osasuna and Valencia CF are fighting for the same spots on the table, both teams have similar amount of points and if Valencia CF win today it would jump over Osasuna, anything else and we fall further behind. A win against Osasuna would actually put us temporarily in 9/10th place.

Osasuna are a team that doesn't score too many goals, but they are also solid defensively and they rely on scoring a goal and then defending their lead for most of the matches, so we are going to see them attacking, especially at home, but I actually expect a bit more counter attacks, rather than direct attacks, while they try and don't concede. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Thierry Correia out for a month, Cillessen back

Valencia CF managed to break the away 'curse'  and get a draw against Real Betis, but in doing so 3 players limped off the field and had to be replaced as they all got injured. 

The first one who got injured was Thierry Correia, he jumped to block a possible cross from an opposition player, but dropped down awkwardly, with his feet and knee at an awkward angle. He was diagnosed today with a sprained lateral ligament from the knee and will be out for a whole month. 

Good thing that we just got Piccini back from injury, so we have a replacement now, even though it would have been fine if Wass played there as well. 

Carlos Soler limped off in the second half, he suffered some sort of thigh injury and its been confirmed that he still has discomfort, so he is most likely going to miss our next match in midweek, though should be healed by the weekend for our second match this week.

Finally we hace Uros Racic who also suffered an injury, but from the looks of it was just muscle cramps, even with that sometimes it can damage the muscle and you'd need at least 3-5 days to recover, but from what we know so far it looks like he is going to be okay and is likely to feature in the next match.

Now for some good news in the injury department, Jasper Cillessen trained with the group and has been recovering well, so apart from his fitness level he should be otherwise ready for our next match.