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Monday, January 3, 2022

Valencia CF to sign Diego Godin

Valencia CF to sign Diego Roberto Godín Leal? Since leaving Atletico Madrid Diego Godin went on to play for Inter in the Italian league featuring 23 games for them and finishing second with his team just behind Juventus, but that was not enough for Inter to keep the player and they parted ways the next season. Since then he has been playing at Cagliari and in his first season there he featured 28 times for them in the league, but has been relegated to the bench in his second season there. At 35 years of age Diego Godin isn't getting any younger, but with central defenders especially the age is not such a big factor as is the experience. 

Valencia CF is lacking experience as the team is comprised of mostly young players, with few players as Cheryshev, Wass and Paulista being a tad on the older side, but predominantly its a young team with limited experience. Joe Bordalas wants to bring in players with experience who can help the team with their vast knowledge of the game and even serve as a mentor to the younger players, as such he sees Diego Godin as the perfect reinforcement in the winter transfer window to help Valencia CF with their defensive woes. 

Diego Godin has already announced that is leaving Cagliari and will announce his next team early in January, so maybe a week before we find out if Diego Godin is joining Valencia CF. I think this is a good signing as he can share some of his experience with the younger players and might even be able to displace some of our defenders if he is in good physical shape. 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Alexis Sanchez to join Valencia CF

Alexis Sanchez to join Valencia CF?
Alexis Sanchez has had a disastrous season over at Inter Milan and the Italian giants are looking to offload him this transfer window and save on his rather bloated salary. He has featured only 12 times for Inter this season and has only scored 2 goals in those appearances with Intel's patience with the striker running over. He is said to be keen to return to Spain and a club like Valencia CF would be a project that he is interested in, though Valencia CF does not have nearly the amount that Inter Milan are asking, which is 10 million euros, at best Valencia CF spare maybe 4-5 million euros paid over 2-3 instalments and so a transfer will depend on how much Inter are willing to lower their asking price.

Inter Milan are desperate to get rid of him though, so they would be willing to lower the asking price and the good relations these teams have can make this transfer a possibility. As you know Valencia CF also has troubles in attack as Maxi Gomez has been a gigantic failure at Valencia CF and it wouldn't surprise me if Valencia CF just trades him off for Alexis Sanchez. 

Would Alexis Sanchez be an upgrade over Maxi Gomez? Its hard to say, but at this point it seems like Alexis wouldn't be able to do worse, after all Maxi has only scored few goals per season for the past 2 or so seasons at Valencia CF, so a very low bar set. 

Alexis Sanchez would also need to take a decent pay cut if he is to join Valencia CF as the club is severely cash strapped and is under pressure by the Valencian government to have the new stadium finished in the next few years. 

Daniel Wass and Jason on the exit door

Valencia CF is looking to offload several players this winter in order to free up space for one or two arrivals which the coach has requested. 

On the chopping block are players like Daniel Wass, Jason, Manu Vallejo, Alex Blanco and Piccini, all of whom have their contracts ending in the summer except for Daniel Wass who can leave now, though he will probably wait till the end of the season to make that decision.

Jose Bordalas has requested a central midfielder and a central defender to strengthen the squad as he knows that Wass's time is ending at Valencia CF, Uros Racic has not impressed him to be a starter and due to injuries at the back Hugo Guilamon has been moved back to a defensive role from the midfield one. 

Bordalas stated even publicly that he isn't happy with Valencia's defense and has been pushing for defensive reinforcements both publicly and privately. The team is looking to accommodate the coach, but before they can do so they need to offload several players in order to reduce the wage bill before they can sign new players. 

Jason and Manu Vallejo already have some interested teams in them with Rayo Vallecano and UD Levante asking about the players, but it remains to be seen if a deal can be reached and if the players are even willing to move to different clubs during this transfer window. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Valencia CF after Mubarak Wakaso

Valencia CF is planning to acquire Mubarak Wakaso who currently plays for Chinese football club Shenzhen FC in a bid to reinforce its midfield, which has been the weak link in many of the matches this season. Reportedly Bordalas is desperate for to strenghten the midfield and doesn't see Uros Racic or Daniel Wass as adequate for what he needs. He is valued at about 2 million euros and he would jump at the chance to return to Spain, especially for a team like Valencia CF. 

He is described as a midfield destroyer and someone who is predominantly defense oriented, so its unclear how technical he is and if he is going to be able to help with control of the midfield which in my opinion has been the biggest issue for us this season. I don't think a defensive minded player is exactly what we need, but rather a technical player that can help us retain possession and pass the ball around with accuracy. 

Either way before Mubarak Wakaso can join Valencia CF the club needs to sell some of its players to make room for new arrivals. Valencia CF already has plans to offload players like Jason, Manu Vallejo, Rivero and Fabio Blanco, but it remains to be seen if all of these players have suitors lined up to acquire them.

FC Barcelona to sign Jose Luis Gaya

FC Barcelona to sign Jose Luis Gaya

FC Barcelona are in search for a long term replacement for Jordi Alba at the left flank and have placed their attention to their long term target Jose Luis Gaya. Those of you reading this site regularly will know that FC Barcelona have been a frequent suitor to Jose Luis Gaya and have been trying to acquire him for at least few years now, but without success. FC Barcelona are hoping that a big money swoop in for the player would sway Valencia CF this time around, as Valencia CF is strapped for cash and Peter Lim is under severe pressure to finish the new stadium, so they are hoping a big initial offer would sway Valencia CF to part with the player, and if not they have a secret weapon with their director of football Mateu Alemany who used to be Valencia's sporting director for two and a half years and presided over two very successful seasons along with coach Marcelino, so they are going to use his connection with Valencia CF to convince the club and player to transfer him to FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona are having troubles at the back and they are in desperate need of new blood with Xavi desperate to create a new FC Barcelona to lead into the next century that is able to win trophy's. FC Barcelona want to sign Gaya in order to bring their new vision to life and Xavi has given the green light for them to sign Gaya. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Ruben Sobrino to join Cadiz CF

Cadiz CF want to buy Valencia CF striker Ruben Sobrino and Valencia CF want to oblige as the player isn't in Jose Bordalas plans, especially now that Valencia CF bought Marcos Andre. Ruben Sobrino is worth some 1-2 million euros, but Cadiz CF are set to want to purchase the player for half a million euros, while Valencia CF are holding out on at least a million or 30% of the players rights.

Valencia CF does want to facilitate the move at any cost though as they are trying to bring in another player in, some reports suggest that it might be Granada's defender Foulquier, while other reports suggest that Valencia CF is still looking for another striker and that Jonathan Calleri is their last target.

Valencia CF management should have planned the transfers much better, doing last minute transfers and much of the arrivals depending on how many departures we can have in the last day of the transfer season is way too chaotic. Not to mention the botched transfer of Kang-In Lee who was let for free just to make room for another foreign spot for Marcos Andre. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Sampdoria going after Kang-In Lee

Italian football club Sampdoria are interested in Valencia CF midfielder Kang-In Lee and reportedly want to purchase the player, with Valencia CF being in the precarious position of being forced to sell the player this season or lose him for free the next one!

Kang-In Lee contract expires next summer and he has made his intentions that he wants to move on clear with no intentions at least publicly of changing his mind, therefore Valencia CF needs to sell him now in order to make some money off of him. He is valued at about 16-18 million euros, though Sampdoria isn't a financial powerhouse and will likely go in with a much lower offer between 11-12 million euros. 

Friday, July 23, 2021

James Léa Siliki the poor man's Jefferson Lerma

Valencia CF are moving focus away from Jefferson Lerma and onto James Léa Siliki a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Ligue 1 club Stade Rennais.

James Léa Siliki has played for Rennais since 2017 and has featured a total of 123 times for them, with 84 of those in the domestic league. He is currently valued at about 3-4 million euros and has a contract with them till 2023. 

Valencia CF have hit a brick wall in with the arrival of Jefferson Lerma as the club is unable to meet the players transfer fee, so they are turning to cheaper options. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Jefferson Lerma close to signing with Valencia CF

Colombian midfielder Jefferson Lerma is very close to joining Valencia CF with the player's agent having agreed personal contract details and waiting on both clubs to reach an agreement over the fee and payment method of the player. Since Valencia CF is strapped for cash and the player is worth some 14-15 million euro the club is looking for alternative ways to pay for the player including player swap deal, loan with a mandatory purchase option at the end of the season or just paying out in 4 increments over 4 years! 

Valencia CF is also looking to lower the fee of the player as we know English clubs tend to overvalue all of their players, so realistically his price is more in line with 9-10 million euros and if Valencia CF can add in a player swap with someone like Cheryshev or Alex Blanco then they would only need to pay 3-4 million euros.

Valencia CF is still working on selling a bigger player to try and gain some money and be able to balance the budget, but with governments all over the world shutting down the economy and preventing most human interaction from taking place, stadiums have been shut down over one and a half year now and clubs have had to deal with a huge reduction in earnings, which means clubs are only willing to pay big money for big stars or big upcoming talents, someone who is hot and cold like Guedes is not attracting too much money. 

Latest reports have it that Atletico Madrid and even Sevilla FC are interested in Guedes, but they aren't willing to pay more than 25 million in cash and prefer deals with players added to bridge the gap in money, while Valencia CF wants pure cash in order to balance the books and have a little bit of leftover money to cover for incoming transfers.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Valencia CF sign Omar Alderete

Valencia CF have signed an agreement with Paraguayan professional footballer Omar Alderete who currently plays as a center back for German football club Hertha BSC, as well as the Paraguayan national team! 

Valencia CF now needs to negotiate with Hertha for the arrival of the player and Valencia CF are focusing on securing the player on a one year loan deal with an option to purchase the player at the end of the season! Valencia CF want to see how the player performs before they make a permanent move for him, but Hertha want to get some monetary gain out of it, so they are pushing for a clause if the player features a certain amount of games in all competitions to trigger an automatic purchase. Valencia CF also seems okay with such a clause. 

Valencia CF coach Jose Bordalas has also approved of this deal and seems happy with his first signing, if this is it. If VCF manage to sell Mouctar Diakhaby then the club will look to bring in Jason Murillo as the last center back.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Martin Braithwaite to join Valencia CF?

Martin Braithwaite to join Valencia CF? Valencia CF are supposedly in negotiations with FC Barcelona over the purchase of Martin Braithwaite. He is a Danish forward who joined FC Barcelona in 2020 on an emergency exception after the long term injury of Ousmane Dembele.

They paid off his release clause of 18 million euros and he has since featured 40 times for FC Barcelona and scoring 3 goals in the process. Since the arrival of Aguero from City to Barcelona this summer, they are looking to offload Martin as he is seen as an expensive substitute that will only be used sparingly. FC Barcelona are using Valencia's interest in the player to try and sway them to part ways with Gaya in what would be a player plus cash type of deal. They are hoping to pay Valencia CF 25 million euros, just as much as VCF need to balance the books for this year and give us Martin Braithwaite who they still value at 18 million euros. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Marcos Andre is Valencia CF latest target

Marcos Andre is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Valladolid. He is 24 years of age, but so far he has played mostly for lower level clubs and B teams. The best Marcos Andre has done is with Mirandes with which he featured 38 games and scored 12 goals. 

He is a very cheap player though, he would come in at about 2-3 million euros and these are the type of players Valencia CF are looking at right now to "reinforce" the club with, they are hoping that Bordalas is a magician and can turn low level players into top level players. 

Personally I'd just keep Maxi Gomez and hope that Bordalas is able to get the most out of him, he is still a bigger talent, rather than go with some unknows who haven't had any sort of good seasons and hope that Bordalas can magically make them top level, its just too unrealistic. 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sporting CP on the verge of buying Wass

Sporting CP is reportedly on the verge of buying Daniel Wass and media from Portugal claim that the two clubs have agreed for the transfer of Daniel Wass to Sporting CP.

Valencia CF has supposedly agreed to a 5 million euros deal for Daniel Wass and is now up to the player to decide his future. Daniel Wass was contemplating leaving for Denmark and playing out the rest of his years there, but this could be an interesting turn of events for him.

Daniel Wass is a versatile player and I think Bordalas would want to keep him if he can, especially we have have Diakhaby, Cheryshev, Guedes, Kang-In Lee leave also. That is a lot of players and a lot of positions to cover, so I'm sure he'd like to keep most of the players unless the absolute need to sell to reach 30 million. It could actually be much less, because Valencia CF did get some money from the transfers of some of our former players as we've retained either certain share of the player or had clauses for more money which they reached. Now Rodrigo De Paul has been sold for close to 40 million euros and Valencia CF is going to get another 3-4 million euros for that sale, so that means those 31 million that we had to get would become more like 23-24 million euros.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Valencia CF after Robert Kenedy

Valencia CF coach wants Robert Kenedy from Chelsea FC who played last season on loan at Granada CF in which he scored 4 goals and provided 3 assists. He is also one one of the fastest sprinters in La Liga and Jose Bordalas has identified the Brazilian as the replacement for Guedes, and valued at only 10 million euros the club would be able to afford him after the sale of Goncalo Guedes.

As I've reported previously Goncalo Guedes is on his way out, after his father's interview saying his son's future is away from Valencia CF, Guedes has not denied his fathers claims and by bot denying them, has basically confirmed he wants to leave this summer. He is likely to net around 40 million euros, especially if he has a good euro performance, and with a small portion of the money Valencia CF will be looking to find a replacement for him and Robert Kenedy seems like Valencia's preferred target to replace Guedes! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Ezequiel Ponce on Valencia CF radar

Argentinian football player Ezequiel Ponce who currently plays for Spartak Moscow is on Valencia CF radar. His main position is center forward, but can also play on both wings and is currently valued at 6-7 million euros. Ezequiel Ponce also has Spanish citizenship which makes him an interesting option for Valencia CF as the club are looking at relatively cheap players with low wages and having Spanish citizenship really makes him an attractive option for Valencia CF.

His best showing has been for AEK Athens in the Greek league in which he scored 16 goals in 27 league matches, he's had lesser impact at Spartak Moscow, but at 24 years old he still has time to improve. Forwards usually get in their prime at 25-28 years old. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Jonathan Ikone to join Valencia CF?

Jonathan Ikone to join Valencia CF?
Jonathan Ikoné is a French footballer who plays as a winger for Ligue 1 club Lille and the France national team. The French talent was one of the best players last season and as such became champion with Lille SC. He is currently valued 30 million by transfermarkt, but reports from Spain media suggest his realistic price is closer to 20 million euros. He plays as a right winger, but can play in any forward position.

Valencia CF are preparing for the loss of Goncalo Guedes who's father as many of you know said in a recent interview that his son is essentially finished at Valencia CF, and recent interviews with the player have only exacerbated that feeling as he has not denied leaving Valencia CF this summer.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Denis Cheryshev to leave Valencia CF?

Denis Cheryshev is on his way out of Valencia CF, as the club is looking to sell him and bring in a younger and inexpensive player to replace him, or maybe even rely on the younger players like Vallejo, Yunus, etc... Denis Cheryshev is in the upper echalon of earners in Valencia CF and while not quite the high earner like Maxi, Cillessen, Guedes, Gaya, etc... he is earning a lot comparatively how many times he's featured for Valencia CF.

Valencia CF are aware that they aren't going to get a lot of money from his sale, but even a modest 4-5 million euros will be enough when coupled with the reduction in his salary. The club has an issue in selling some of the players it planned to like Cillessen and Maxi Gomez as there doesn't appear to be any good offers for them and Cillessen has also fallen out of the Dutch squad due to testing positive to covid19, so that makes it unlikely that Valencia CF are going to receive any big offers for the player. I predicted that he is not going to fetch more than 12-14 million euros, goalkeepers usually don't fetch very high prices especially when they are older and if they are not considered in the best 5 goalkeepers in the region. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Joaquin Fernandez on Valencia CF radar

Real Valladolid central defender Joaquin Fernandez is on Valencia CF radar as the team is looking to strengthen the defense in accordance with Jose Bordalas wishes and demands. 

Real Valladolid have been relegated to the second division this season and they will have to sell a number of players as they want to continue playing in the first division and some might even have options in their contract to be able to join other teams in case of relegation.

Joaquin Fernandez will come in cheap at 3 million euros and a low salary, so just the type of player Valencia CF wants. He's played for Real Valladolid since 2018/19 season as a central defender, though can also play as a defensive midfielder. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Jeison Murillo to return to Valencia CF?

There are reports coming from Spanish media that Jeison Murillo might return to Valencia CF as the club plans to sell Mouctar Diakhaby and bring in another central defender to take his place, with David Timor also coming in as a backup in midfield and central defender. If all goes according to plan then Valencia CF will have Paulista, Hugo, Murillo and David in central defense, and David would also cover in midfield, especially if Daniel Wass is sold as he only has a year remaining on his contract.

Anyways Jeison Murillo first joined Valencia CF on a loan deal from Inter Milan, after a successful season on loan the club purchased the player, but then he never really played that season and the next he was loaned out to FC Barcelona and then in the second half of the season to Sampdoria, who then purchased him in the summer after he made 10 appearances for them, but then loaned him out to Celta de Vigo after being unused in the first half of their season.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Jose Luis Gaya to FC Barcelona

Jose Luis Gaya seems to be on his way out of Valencia CF with interest from FC Barcelona increasing exponentially as they are trying to find a long term replacement for Jordi Alba. FC Barcelona have been interested about the player for a few years now, but only this season have they've shown big interest in acquiring Gaya as Jordi Alba is now into his final years of his career and is likely not going to continue at FC Barcelona past the next season. 

I wrote in April about Barca's interest in Jose Luis Gaya and that Valencia CF was trying to tie him up for longer, but it seems like that contract extension hasn't happened and while Gaya loves the club and is happy here, its questionable how much longer can he avoid interest from big clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Manchester City and others. 

Jose Luis Gaya is now one of the longest playing players for Valencia CF, its especially important as he comes from our youth system and is a Valencian success story. He is also one of the highest earner at Valencia CF, but again with all of these big clubs knocking on his door and being much well off financially than VCF, how long can he just ignore their calls? VCF former sporting director Alemany is now Barca's sporting director and he can easily if he really wanted to convince Gaya about switching to FC Barcelona.