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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Javi Gracia set to leave

We have another confirmation that Javi Gracia is set to leave in the summer, this time through Marca, who are reporting that Valencia CF are looking at 3 options to replace Javi Gracia. I've already reported that Valencia CF were looking at Diego Martinez with the other two potions being José Bordalás and Michel. 

Jose Bordalas is the current coach of Getafe and he has been at the helm since 2016. Supposedly he is looking to make a change. 

The third option is Michel González, he is currently without a team and available, his last coaching job was with Pumas UNAM, but he resigned due to personal reasons, before that he coached Malaga unsuccessfully. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Juventus interested in Kang-In Lee

Juventus FC interested in Kang-In Lee, the South Korean player has come through Valencia's youth ranks and achieved first team status, impressing in many of his games. He is only 20 years old and is seen as one of the most promising youngsters in Spain, attracting the attention of several big clubs around Europe already. 

Juventus FC coach Andrea Pirlo is keeping an eye on his contract situation with his current deal set to expire at the end of the 2021/22 campaign and negotiations over an extension on his contract all but stalled. Valencia CF have so many players with their contracts close to running out, its unreliable how incompetent the current management is. Yesterday I reported about another youth player potentially getting snatched from us, so its just a mess right now. 

Juventus FC are supposedly thinking about testing the waters with an initial offer of 15 million euros, which they could increase to 20 million euros, or might add one of their players to the deal to push through the deal. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

FC Barcelona to poach Fabio Blanco from Valencia CF

Fabio Blanco Valencia CF
Barcelona are reportedly interested in signing Fabio Blanco from Valencia, the player is only 17 years old and is supposedly one of the biggest talents coming from Valencia's academy. His contract runs out this summer with Anil Murthy himself conducting the negotiations to try to extend his contract.

FC Barcelona want to sign Fabio Blanco for their B team and slowly develop him into first team player. Apart from FC Barcelona, Juventus and few others clubs are also interested in the player, so its interesting to see if Valencia CF can manage to extend his contract. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Jasper Cillessen to be sold in the summer?

 As I've reported previously Valencia CF will need to come up 30 million euros the following summer in order to balance its books. As such players with high wages are being planned for sale, as not only will their transfer fee be decent, but the savings on their salaries will be huge. 

Valencia CF is planning on selling Goncalo Guedes and the club would save something like 5 million a year on wages, so in 4 years that is 20 million euros saved solely on wages on one players. Another big earner is Jasper Cillessen and with the fact that he has been quite injury prone and getting injured yet again with Netherlands on a practice match, means that he is likely the other player who is going to be sold this summer. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Valencia CF interested in Florian Thauvin

Valencia CF are interested in signing Marseille’s midfield star Florian Thauvin, who's refused to sign a contract extension with Marseille and is looking for offers to join another club. Valencia CF has supposedly been interested in the player since last summer, but failed to snatch him from Marseille and they didn't make any significant attempts due to his sales fee, but since his contract is running out this summer he will be a free agent and Valencia CF are hoping to lure the player to the Mestalla.

Another team linked to the player is Valencia's Spanish rival Sevilla who are in better position to acquire the player as they have the money and quality necessary to lure top talent to their club. Its going to be a tough order for Valencia CF to sign Florian Thauyin as the team needs to first make over 30 million euros in order to meet financial obligations, and as I reported Valencia CF is looking to offload Goncalo Guedes this summer to make those money!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Valencia CF to appoint Diego Martinez this summer?

Granada's feats this season haven't gone unnoticed, as they reach the quarter finals in the Europa league and are very competitive in the league this season as well, being higher position than Valencia CF at this stage of the competition. Reports are saying that Granada's coach Diego Martinez who's contract with Granada ends in the summer is the primary target of Valencia CF who are going to have a change of coach the upcoming summer and want Diego Martinez to be Javi Gracia's replacement.

Diego Martinez is holding out on extending his contract with Granada and is waiting to see if a better offer comes along and if reports can be trusted, Valencia CF will come in with a better offer to try and lure him to join Valencia CF.

Valencia CF interested in Uros Djurdjevic

Valencia CF interested in Uros
Valencia CF are looking at Serbian striker Uros Djurdjevic as a potential signing this coming season, as Kevin Gameiro seems to be on his way out and Uros Djurdjevic potentially being his replacement. Those are the reports as of now. Personally I think Valencia CF is going to sell Maxi Gomez as he can bring in more money than Kevin Gameiro, though Gameiro still might go as a way to save on his wages as well. 

So Valencia CF is targeting Uros Djurdjevic who plays for Sporting Gijon in the second division and has scored 19 goals in 28 matches for Sporting Gijon this season, with my personal belief that he is going to replace Maxi Gomez in the team.

Durđević made his senior debut for Rad on 28 August 2011, under manager Slavko Petrović, coming on as a substitute for Luka Milivojević in a 1–2 home league loss to Sloboda Užice. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Valencia CF to offload Goncalo Guedes this summer

Peter Lim is in deeper trouble every single day, with the city of Valencia CF now demanding that Valencia CF fulfil their obligations to the city as part of the deal to purchase the ground where the new Mestalla was built, which Valencia CF has not done anything thus far and would cost the club at least additional 20-30 million euros. With fans not returning to the stadium anytime soon by the looks of it and considering the dwindling popularity of the club and dwindling prestige that means less money from sponsors next season and less money from fans buying the club's merchandise. Therefore Peter Lim is already making plans of selling our most valuable players in the summer to try and raise over 50 million euros, so he can maybe settle some of the city disputes and he himself will take away a big part of that money as his firm Meriton has loaned Valencia CF money for the purchases of back in the day the likes of Moreno and Negredo! 

Goncalo Guedes is the highest paid player in Valencia CF right now, his salary being about 5 million euros per season and he is still one of the highest valued players in our squad, at about 25 million euros. So if Valencia CF sells Guedes for 25 million euros and saves 5 million more that season by not having his wages, then than is a 30 million gain for Peter Lim who is getting pressured from all sides to pay up. 

He knows that Goncalo Guedes is not the favorite among fans, apart from his first season he's had two suspect seasons where he hasn't contributed too much, so the fans are probably not going to make a big deal out of his sale and the club can net about 30 million euros, assuming they can sell him for 25 million euros. 

Personally I think that would be a big loss, because he is one of our most famous players and that has value too, he attracts fans, he sells shirts, he brings in Portuguese fans, etc... So his value is not just sporting, but financial as well. Also you usually want to build your team around players like Guedes, rather than sell them, if they are not performing optimally you surround them with players who lift their game and play well with each other. I think Gaya, Soler, Guedes, Paulista right now form the core of our team and we have to build a team around them, I still see Kang-In as a huge talent, but he kid needs support and the current coach isn't giving him the proper support and play time he deserves. 

Other than Guedes we have Soler, Gaya, Gomez, etc... who are some of the highest paid players in our squad, so maybe they are next as well, with Lim at the helm we are probably going to lose them all either next summer or the one after. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Transfer Market Closes: Disaster for Valencia

The transfer market has officially closed and it can only be summed up as an absolute failure for Valencia.

Upon Javi Gracia's signing for the club, he was made aware of the plans to cut down on expenses which meant finding other destinations for players with significant salaries, as well as those whose sales can fetch a good price. He was also promised that this was a necessary action but (cheaper) signings will be made to fill the gap and reinforce the squad. Javi Gracia evaluated the team and thought he needed around 5 signings, 3 certain - a central defender, a central defensive midfielder and a right-back, and 2 conditional - a goalkeeper (if Cillissen leaves) and a forward (if Gameiro leaves). 

Murthy had made public that there was a lack of liquidity at the club and that sales had to made to balance the budget, especially with COVID's impact on ticket sales and revenue. What was also made public was a "blacklist" of players that Valencia was willing to offload in the transfer market. With these two pieces of news, other clubs knew it was a bargain sale at Valencia.

Garay had already left as the club didn't renew his contract in the previous season. Ferran left to Manchester City for 25 million euros plus bonuses. Parejo went to Villareal free of charge while Coquelin followed to the same destination for 12 million euros. Rodrigo would return to the Premier League with Leeds for a 30 million euro fee. These were core players for the team in previous season. Additionally, Jaume Costa returned to Villareal, Piccini was loaned to Atalanta and Florenzi wasn't renewed. 

Arriving to Valencia were players returning from there loans like Racic, Jason Remeseiro, and Toni Lato. To cope with the shortage of players, Javi Gracia gave Guillamon, Yunus Musah, Alex Blanco and Esquerdo game time with the first team. 

After three weeks in charge and slightly before the first game of the season against Levante, Gracia made his thoughts clear in the press conference that he was losing confidence in the managements ability to deliver quality signings, if any. This drew some anger from Anil Murthy who reportedly stormed out of a meeting between the two of them. The communication between the two, at least with regards to transfers, stopped completely after that. Javi Gracia took the word of the management and refused to comment further in press conferences.

 A few rounds into the new season and the weaknesses as well as the lack of depth in the squad become evident. Even in games that the team would walk away with a positive result, the team looked vulnerable. 

Recently, even the Mestalla B team had transfers out of the club. Javi Jimenez was loaned at the beginning of the window to Albacete. This last week Alex Carbonell was let go on a free transfer to FC Luzern with percentage reserved on future sales. Alex Centelles, free transfer, to Almeria also with a percentage reserved on future sale. It looks likely that Esquerdo will also be on the way out, with Almeria the most likely destination.

A lot of fans figured that, similar to previous years, transfers would likely come at the very last few days of the window. They watched as the club failed to secure player after player with which they have been linked. 

Now that the transfer market has closed, Javi Gracia got nothing. He was lied to, left in the cold, abandoned, betrayed, deceived. It seemed like he as figured as much from his demeanor.

Now, Plazadeportiva reports that Gracia has requested a meeting with Murthy and is seriously considering resignation. Previous coach Prandelli had the patience to wait 3 months for the club to get its act together, Gracia is fed up already.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Valencia's transfer issues

We are now 2 weeks away from the end of La Liga's transfer window. Given Valencia's financial situation, little was expected but, with 5 key players departing, some movement was expected well before the season started.

How did we get here? The lack of European football is a factor. Even Europa league would have given us some 15 million to spend on transfers. A key issue people have missed is the Cillessen situation. The club were clearly banking on him leaving and for a reasonable transfer fee. (20 million?) His injury means it's very questionable if he should leave. He was rubbish pre-Covid and then found his groove after that. But besides, what a lot of people miss is that the financial problem goes back further than that. 

With money still owed for the transfers of Zaza, Guedes, Kondogbia etc, Valencia were short nearly 30 million in the 2018-19 accounts. The obvious way to solve that would have been to sell a player like Rodrigo. Instead, the club took a more creative approach, doing a financial fiddle with Barcelona. The latter had a surplus for that season due to still getting money from the Neymar move but needed cash to fund Greizmann's arrival.

The solution? 

At Barcelona, Cillessen was fed up being a useless bench warmer and wanted regular playing time.

At Valencia, Neto was fed up having regular playing time and wanted to be a useless bench warmer.

So Neto moved to Barcelona for 28 million with the transfer effective in the 2018-19 season. Cillessen moved to Valencia for 35 million with the transfer effective in the 2019-20 season. 

That's important because effectively it meant Valencia "kicked the can down the road" (=delayed the problem to a later date.) We all applauded that at the time, allowing us to keep key players, but it caused probably more good than bad, as it added 35 million of problems this summer.

Where do we stand position by position now?

At goalkeeper, Cillessen look decent if we can keep him. Jaume has always looked a solid number 2. If the club wants to dispose of the first and rely on the second, our problems will only worsen. Jaume is not a top four keeper.

Left back is one of the only positions that looks solid. Gaya is one of our few remaining world class players. Lato and Centelles offer great cover. Lato has been linked recently with an exit, with Espanyol rumoured to be interested, but if he stays that would be one of the last three positions to cover.

Central defence is a fiasco. Paulista looks the only solid option. Guillamon looked good in the limited games he played but we need more time to judge him. Diakhaby must be doing something right to earn the coach's trust. Mangala has no one's trust. At least one experienced body is needed here.

Right back looks shaky. By common consent, after looking way out of his depth pre-Covid, Thierry might have something to offer, but it's still a maybe as he's only played around 180 minutes post-Covid competitively. Wass looks very shaky at right back and looks better in midfield. A new body is needed here.

Left wing looks more or less covered. Guedes continues to be an expensive bust, but Cheryshev (if he doesn't leave), Kang-In, Soler, Vallejo etc can cover that.

Central midfield has been significantly weakened. I miss Coquelin as much as Parejo. The failure to land Herrera is an indictment of the club's "act first, think later" planning. Esquerdo is not a player I'd give up on, but I'd like him to be brought in gradually. Kondogbia, let's face it, will get injured for a month or two sooner or later. Soler seems to play wide. Racic looked good but again, it's early days (let's remember that players like Orellana and Sobrino etc had blinding debuts for us: Sobrino scored and assited in his first game) so we need an extra body at least.

Right wing has seen a great debut by Musah but a young player like that does not yet have the stamina. With Soler there and Wass possible an extra addition would be good but is not a priority. EDIT: As pointed out in the comments, Jason is also an option here.

Up front, Maxi has been good so far. Kang-In and Vallejo had very good starts. Gameiro is still to play, is injury prone, and may leave. Depending on his wage and offers, I'd probably keep him, not because I think he's great but because I doubt we get any improvement in the market and Gameiro is a decent sub option. Sobrino is as useless as tits on a boar and even with the shortness of bodies I'd move him on.

So, overall positions to reinforce in order are:

Central defence

Central midfield

Right back

Right wing


Will we get anyone? A big worry for me is that clearly, like Prandelli before him, Gracia was promised a certain number of reinforcements only to find the club has lied to him. It's spectacularly stupid since we're running out of people stupid enough to take the job and it will only decline as our league positions decline. All these managers talk to each other and if they do end up pushing Gracia out, the people they interview will naturally turn to him for advice only to be given the truth: Meriton are not to be trusted.

For me, 2 or 3 good and experienced replacements could give us a shot at European places (6th is needed for Europa league if the cup winner is in the top 5 and 7th gets us the new UEFA Conference league.) No replacements means we're looking at 10th to 12th and losing our young talents. I'd like to be confident but these guys have let us down so many times that my confidence is shot. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

The future after Covid19

La Liga's two-week shutdown has been extended indefinitely and given the situation in Spain, it's hard to see any resumption in the near future. If it does happen, it will likely see games played behind closed doors.

Various options have been discussed for the future. These include:

1) Cancel and void the season.
From a Valencia perspective, this has superficial appeal. This season has been so-so by Valencia standards with the constant injuries preventing any consistency. VCF are the only La Liga team that hasn't fielded an unchanged line-up in consecutive games. The team sits outside the Champions league places in 7th and while the team is only 4 points off fourth, it has never shown the ability to string together the series of results needed to overcome its rivals, making top 4 seem unlikely. Cancelling the season and starting again, with Valencia in the Champions league, sounds appealing, but it would be with the same seeding as last year. meaning another tricky group and wiping out the coefficient points that we gained with the heroics at Ajax and Chelsea. The biggest problem with this would be money. TV companies would undoubtedly demand their money back for an incomplete season and since that money has already been paid in salaries and running costs it would create huge financial issues for the majority of La Liga clubs. For that reason, this option is one that authorities are seeking to avoid.

2) End the season with the current standings.
This was another option discussed and is one that the Belgian league has taken. However, UEFA responded by threatening their clubs with expulsion from European competitions, which shows that it's an option they want to avoid. It's also inevitable that that would see a slew of legal cases, given how close La Liga is. Sure. it would be fun to see Getafe miss out on the Champions league by goals scored, but Real Madrid would miss out on the title by 2 points, Atletico Madrid on Champions league by 1 point, Mallorca and Leganes relegated, despite being only a win away from safety, while our European hopes would depend on whether Sociedad won the cup. For those reasons, this isn't going to happen.

3) A play-off system to decide the title, Europe and relegation.
An option suggested several times. But since no one can agree who would qualify for such a play-off system (top 2? top 4? top 8? 2-legged or one-legged games?) it isn't going to happen, which leaves....

4) Finish the season later.
This is the option being actively pursued by football authorities. It's the fairest, but creates numerous logistical issues. It would be mid-June at the earliest before La Liga could resume which would mean a rushed schedule to finish in late July. While Valencia would at least recover injured players, their fragility would be severely tested. It would also mean hardly any pre-season before starting again in August. There is also the question of players contracts which finish on 30 June. Finally, the qualifying rounds of the Champions league and Europa league usually take place in July. While that would only feature the 7th placed Spanish club, currently us, they would need to be pushed back, putting pressure on next year's schedule as well. I'm not sure if they could alleviate that by, for example, scrapping next season's Copa del Rey, but it produces a major challenge.

Obviously, news has been slow during all this, but there has been chatter about which players leave and join us.

The debate about the goalkeeping position is now live. Cillessen has been a disappointment. When he joined most of us viewed him as an upgrade on Neto, but he's been worse. One option being considered is the return of Vicente Guaita, now a more experienced and better goalkeeper than when he left us.

In defence, Diakhaby, after showing some promise in his first season, has become a liability and is a strong candidate to exit. He is still well regarded enough that the club could probably make a profit on the 15m they paid for him. Not much was expected from Mangala and he didn't disappoint, looking sluggish and unconvincing. The question of whether to renew Garay's contract remains, most sources indicate we will. Thierry has looked another Mendes bust, but would benefit from going out on loan before a final decision is made. Strong rumours are coming that Valencia will buy Diogo Leite of Porto for 20m. This looks like another questionable move. He has only played 3 senior games, so paying such a sum for a 20-year-old Mendes prospect looks like a big gamble and another potential disaster. Valencia have also been linked with River Plate's Gonzalo Montiel (right back) and Lucas Quarto (central defender.)

In midfield, Kondogbia has been linked with Tottenham. After a terrific first season, his last two have been hampered by injuries and inconsistency. He would bring in much needed cash for transfers. Ferran's contract saga lingers with conflicting reports. Some say the player himself wants to leave, others blame it on the agent, saying Ferran wants to re-sign but the agent is demanding a salary far beyond what Valencia can afford.

Up front there is little change. The club will look to offload Sobrino, while Gameiro's future remains up in the air.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Murillo leaves / Maxi Gomez deal close

Jeison Murillo's time at Valencia is at an end. We signed him as one of the centre backs for the 2017/18 campaign and he had a fair few starts in the early months, playing 8 of the 12 games after he signed before getting injured for 3 months.

When he returned he got a few games, but that was because Garay was injured and by that point, Garay and Gabriel were Marcelino's main choices. In 2018/19 he was mostly sidelined, playing in the home games against Juventus and Celta before playing his final game in the Copa at Ebro. He then joined Barcelona on loan as part of a joke with his agent. Sadly, it also didn't work out for him as he played just 1 full league game, another as a late sub and a couple of games in the Copa. The deal takes him to Sampdoria on loan, with them paying 2 million, which will mostly cover his wages. They then have an obligatory buy of 13.5 million. Many of us wanted him to stay as one of four defenders but given that Marcelino clearly doesn't count on him, this is for the best and at least Valencia make a small profit of 1.5 million on the deal.

The other news is that the long drawn out saga of Maxi Gomez seems to be over. Valencia first expressed their interest in late May but Celta understandably decided to wait until Copa America was over on the off-chance that his value would rise. It didn't as he didn't play but when the tournament finished, West Ham had renewed their interest in signing a player that they first tried to get in January. While Valencia seemed the obvious choice, due to language and Champions league football, West Ham were able to put a much higher salary on the table. That a club that finished 10th, never gets near Champions league football nor challenges for anything is able to do that is a serious indictment of La Liga's lousy financial model in the last decade that has allowed C-list English clubs to outbid us.

Just yesterday, it seemed that West Ham had won the race but, credit to Celta, they were more interested in honouring their agreement with us and maintaining good relations than chasing the money. Of course, their motives are not all altruistic, they regain Santi Mina and get Jorge Saenz on loan for 2 years as part of the expected deal. I think this will be good business for Valencia when confirmed.

There are still many questions to be answered. Will Rodrigo and Piccini stay? If not, who replaces? Who will be the fourth defender? Who will Valencia sign as Parejo's understudy, if anyone? Who will take remaining unwanted players (Abdennour, Medran, Nacho Gil, Sobrino etc) off Valencia's hands? Plenty to do, but I think the Murillo and Gomez deals would be a good step forward.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cheryshev in ; Vezo out

With the Neto/Cillessen swap deal done and solving Valencia's financial fair play problem, we are starting to see some movement in the transfer market.

While pending official confirmation, the first two deals are Cheryshev joining permanently and Vezo joining Levante permanently.

Cheryshev completed his second loan spell with us last season, netting 4 goals with 5 assists on top. Valencia's buy option rose from 7.5 to 10 million as a result of Champions league being achieved, but we'd been clever enough not to make it compulsory. As a result, with the player wanting to continue with us and Villarreal wanting him off the books for FFP reasons, it looks like the amount will be around 6 million.

He was a solid alternative to Guedes and is a back-up option for the forward line, as he showed in the game against Celtic. He also led the way in "key passes" being second only to Messi among the top 6.

Of course, the elephant in the room is his injury record, which affected both his loans with us. He was unavailable for 17 of the 61 games last season, so it will be ok, if he stays fit.

The second piece of business is the departure of Ruben Vezo. As he's only 25, it's hard to believe he's a grizzled veteran of Valencia. Only Parejo, Jaume and Gaya have been with the team longer. Djukic signed him in the autumn of 2013, with the transfer going through the start of the following year. His opportunities at Valencia were always limited and he remained a back-up player. He did get more playing time in Marcelino's first season, as the coach used him as a right back in the away games, but he featured less and less this season, with Marcelino using Wass instead at right back. Following a successful loan at Levante, it looks like they'll pay us 5m plus a possible 1m more for the permanent transfer. His previous club gets 25% of that.

The signing of Cheryshev almost certainly means that Denis Suarez won't be joining and it looks like he'll join Celta instead. Rafinha, however looks likely to be coming and that's similar to Cheryshev: a good player but dogged with injury issues.

Valencia are still negotiating with Celta for Maxi Gomez, with West Ham still offering competition. There are reports that a deal could be struck but the figures seem unacceptable. 15 million plus Mina, Jorge Saenz (with a buyback option) and another player (Racic or Villalba) on loan. I've said many times that I think Gomez would be an excellent signing, but he's not worth that much. Maybe a swap of Mina and 10 million absolute maximum.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Manchester City interested in Jose Luis Gaya

Manchester City are set to redesign their defense this season as they are looking to offload their older players and bring in young and talented players that are going to last them for the next decade. Guardiola is a keen follower of Valencia CF left backs, having worked with Juan Bernat in Bayern Munich and closely followed Jordi Alba in VCF and Barcelona, at one point he was also interested in Jose Gaya, but had other priority positions.

Jose Luis Gaya has been one of our best players this season though and probably for the past several seasons as well, so Valencia CF is not going to let him go on the cheap, with the club supposedly only willing to release Gaya if an offer of 70+ million euros arrives.

Manchester City don't really have a problem with money and even FFP hasn't seem to have affected their transfers, so they have the monetary ability to facilitate the transfer. Other clubs that are following the situation and might potentially make a play for Gaya are Real Madrid, who've been chasing the player for quite a while now, but have always prioritized other positions. Manchester United are also redesigning their squad this season and Solskjaer is set to start with the defense, bringing in high quality players in the defense.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Ruben Sobrino to be sold

Valencia CF is looking to offload Ruben Sobrino this summer transfer window even though the player only arrived in January this year. Truth of the matter is that Ruben Sobrino didn't impose himself on the coach and failed to displace Rodrigo or Gameiro or Mina out of their position even though they were all struggling for goals in the first half of the season.

This is why he is not surplus to requirements, as he was only brought in to displace any of our misfiring forwards in January and having failed to do that he is now our 4th striker and one which Valencia CF don't have a need of.

Facundo Roncaglia to return to Celta Vigo

Facundo Roncaglia will return to Celta Vigo after the expiration of his loan deal and Valencia CF won't be purchasing the player. As you all remember he was brought in January as a defensive cover, after Valencia CF loaned out Murillo to FC Barcelona, though Roncaglia barely ended up featuring as the trio of Gabriel, Garay and Diakhaby covered the CB role and Wass ended up being cover and even a starter at rear back. 

Right now it seems that Murillo will complete the central defense, unless Valencia CF has an interesting offer for him, in which case the club might sell and have Ruben Vezo as the fourth player in central defense. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Denis Suarez to join Valencia CF?

Valencia CF is looking to build upon the success of this season and strengthen the squad for next season, and Valencia CF administration believes Denis Suarez from Barcelona CF is the ideal man to do so. The player has had limited time on the pitch for Barcelona CF and is aware that his playing minutes are going to be even more limited next season and is looking for a way out himself.

Reports suggest that Denis Suarez would love to join Valencia CF and that he is willing to take a certain pay cut to facilitate the move. Barcelona CF have a rather large squad these days and is likely to offload some of the redundant and periphery players in order to make room for few more specific signings.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rodrigo Moreno to move to SSC Napoli

Rodrigo Moreno to Napoli
The season has ended and every Valencianista can celebrate and enjoy in the achievement our team has accomplished. With that said the transfer market is about to open and with it creating the new team for next season.

Rodrigo Moreno seems to be the first of our players that is going to leave, with him penning a farewell type social media post after the cup win, and several sources have confirmed that SSC Napoli have been negotiating with Valencia CF for a while now on bringing Rodrigo Moreno to SSC Napoli. The transfer talks are supposedly in an advanced state with the current price offered to Valencia CF being 40 million euros, but demanding around 50 million euros to release Rodrigo Moreno.

He's been a player of contention amongst our community and has always churned out big discussions on the comment sections, due to the nature of his spell here at Valencia CF, with him having very inconsistent seasons. He's never really convinced with his performances and has truly had only one breakout season and that was last one's.

So if we can get 50 million euros for him, I'd be willing to let him go. Yeah he is an important player for us and has been basically the undisputed started for most of his time here, partnering different players, but he's never really achieved many goals, he's been hit and miss.

So 40 to 50 million euros for him is plenty and I think we can probably use 20 million of that to get a proper replacement for him. I'd be willing to bring in Simeone Zaza again, don't know about Marcelino, but I'd take him back in a heartbeat.

Friday, February 8, 2019

News round-up

Quite a bit of news has been pushed to the background recently with the club focused on Copa and the Barcelona game.

Diakhaby, of course, was suspended for four games, after being sent off after provocation at the end of the Getafe game. That should have been the end of it, but instead the president of Getafe, Angel Torres, relit the fires with an extraordinary tirade, lambasting Marcelino for events a decade ago when he was at Gijon, criticising Valencia for celebrating "as if they had won the world cup" and, most crucially, deriding Diakhaby as "morenito" a racially derogatory term. In response, Valencia have been considering filing an official complaint, even though Torres apparently phoned the club to apologise. I keep an eye on opposing fan forums and on the Getafe ones, though they're coming off with the usual ones about biased referees etc, most of them are saying he should just shut up and let it go.

Of existing players, both Kangin Lee and Parejo saw extended contracts, which is important for the club. In the case of the former, besides being a promising talent, the commercial potential of having a rising star of Korean football is immense. In the case of Parejo, he will always be divisive, but he has been at Valencia a ridiculously long time and is a motor through which the team moves. His renewal extends his contract to 2022 instead of next year, with the release clause staying the same at 50 million. He's currently 24th on the list of Valencia players who have played most games with the likelihood of him overtaking people like Quique Sanchez Flores and Carlos Marchena to break into the top 20 by the season's end.

Valencia confirmed several rumoured transfers recently. The official exit of Aderlan Santos was one. Good luck to him, he was utterly rubbish when here.

More importantly, VCF have secured, or are close to securing, the addition of several young players. It has to be said that Valencia's attempts to secure promising youth on the cheap in recent years has been more miss than hit. Bakkali and R De Paul arrived to fanfare, but were judged not good enough, though the latter may have been a mistake in hindsight. Medran, Racic and Maksimovic all have some sort of link to the club, but it looks unlikely they'll ever feature again. So the signings come against that backdrop.

The most important is Manu Vallejo, who turns 22 next week. He has a similar playing position to Guedes, playing as advanced left winger or centre forward. With Cadiz B, he netted 58 times in 94 games, before making the jump to Segunda, where he's been probably the breakout young player this year in the whole division, with 8 goals and 3 assists in 26 games, pretty credible for a midtable team and I'm optimistic about this one. The transfer fee was 5.5 million, with a further 3.5m in add-ons, 10% of any future sale and Cadiz having first option on any Valencia players sent to Segunda on loan.  

The second, joining us on a free transfer, is Salva Ruiz. He was once touted as a great promise at left back, making his debut at age 17 playing the full game in the second leg of the Copa Del Rey in 2012. By coincidence, Gaya had made his first team debut in the first leg of that game. Ultimately, Ruiz was let go, but the club has decided to give him a second go, though he'll rejoin the reserves.

Strongly rumoured, though not yet officially confirmed, are the additions of Jason from Levante and Jorge Saenz from Tenerife. The first has done well as a winger with Levante and would join on a free, while the latter would be 2 million and is a promising Spain under-21 central defender.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Transfers and transfer speculations

A lot to catch up on. First, news that went virtually unnoticed. Valencia finally got rid of Aderlan Santos, who joined Saudi club Al-Ahli. I haven't been able to find a transfer fee, so it's likely he went for free and if we did get anything it was peanuts and the club just had to take the loss of nine and a half million euros. Santos was a disaster from start to finish, probably the worst signing of the Lim era and, along with Abdennour, forming one of our worst defensive duos of recent times.

In a surprise move, Ruben Vezo went on loan to Levante for the rest of the season without a buy option. He's almost a veteran of the club, with only Parejo and Gaya in the senior team longer. He's never really convinced but was usually a handy back-up. His role this season has been more limited, with Wass preferred as the alternative to Piccini (who, it has to be said, has done better in recent weeks.) Alex Blanco was also loaned out to Alaves.

Kang-In has been confirmed as a member of the first team and sees his release clause bumped up from 20 million to 80 million.

For replacements, Valencia are said to be very close to an agreement to take Roncaglia of Celta on loan for the rest of the season with a buy option as the central defender. Ruben Sobrino of Alaves now looks the likely choice for the fourth forward. Neither one really excites me, but after last summer's spending binge, funds are limited. Valencia are still trying to get rid of Batshuayi, with English clubs Everton and West Ham reported to be interested.

More interestingly, recent speculation has linked us with Manu Vallejo of Cadiz, one of the breakout stars of Segunda division, who has scored 8 goals and 3 assists in 23 games this season, operation either as a winger or forward. He's 22 next month. The suggestion is that Valencia will pay 6 million, rising to a possible 10, with Cadiz keeping him for the rest of the season.

The window closes a day from now, so all will soon be clearer.