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Monday, July 28, 2014

Transfer Market update: Goalkeeper (Updated)

While this wasn't a focus at the beginning of the transfer window, it has now become one of the areas to explore. When Alves renewed his contract, it was seen as a statement of intent from the club declaring the first choice goalkeeper. It ended the debate on who is better to cover this position. We knew one of them has to go and it appears Guaita is now on the exit door.

There was interest at the beginning of the window from Spanish clubs Real Sociedad (to replace Bravo), Sevilla (to compete with Beto) and Getafe (to replace Moya). Both Sociedad and Sevilla have already signed new keepers so the interest has faded. Getafe is the only one that remains. As such, Guaita thought about staying and settling for the fact that he has to compete with Diego Alves. The friendly game against Alianza Lima, made him think otherwise. With Diego Alves injured in the first half, Jaume was chosen as a replacement over Guaita which made it seem as if Guaita has fallen down further to third place in the pecking order.

Guaita's only option now is Getafe which is involved in the same number of competitions as Valencia CF next season, only La Liga and Copa del Rey but it would guarantee his playing time. The problem is that Getafe aren't willing to pay the demand of Valencia CF for Guaita and the player has reportedly urged the club to lower the asking price. The deal in negotiation now sees Valencia CF terminate his contract, as it did with Costa, but Guaita has to forgive his the amount Valencia CF has to pay to break the contract.

Valencia CF have already lined-up a replacement (pretty quick) in 26 year old Celta de Vigo goalkeeper Yoel Rodriguez. In fact, Valencia CF has already submitted an offer, which further indicates Guaita is on his way out. With this Valencia CF would have a third goalkeeper to compete with Alves and Jaume. While Yoel is praised to be quite good, he is another keeper who is in his prime, the same as with Guaita which could cause problems later.

Valencia CF have reached an agreement with the player for the next four seasons. The price will be about 2 million euros but Valencia CF is still negotiating with Celta Vigo. The club hopes to announce the signing before the team returns to Valencia from Chile (for the friendly game tomorrow).

Any thought on Yoel Rodriguez? Good enough replacement or not? Any thoughts on the goalkeeping situation in general?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Villareal interested in Luciano Vietto

While 20 year old Argentine and Racing striker Luciano Vietto is not a Valencia CF player, this interest means an important decision. When purchasing Rodrigo de Paul from Racing, Rufete also wanted to sign Vietto.

He instead opted for a first refusal option which means that should a team become interested in him, Valencia CF have the right to match that fee and take him instead if they want. Villareal's bid is around 4 million euros, which is not that much considering Vietto is a young player will really high hopes. In fact, Vietto, de Paul and Zuculini (Valencia's other transfer target) were all part of the same golden generation at Racing.

A really creative and powerful striker, he would be a great reinforcement for our Valencia B team and could in a few years become one of the future stars of the team. We said a few posts ago, that this project was about strengthening all aspect of Valencia CF including the youth team and this could be a good step in that if Valencia CF is willing to invest. When Villareal submit an official bid, Valencia CF have only 48 hours to activate the first refusal option.

Any thoughts on Luciano Vietto? Worth the investment or not?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Transfer Market Update: Defense

It should be no surprise that this area of the squad needs reinforcements. First off, we conceded 53 goals last season, and a lot of blame has fallen on poor defending. It really was silly at times, where a Valencia CF lead would disappear in the span of a few minutes of bad defending. In addition, we lost our best defender in Mathieu, Bernat was sold to Bayern, Costa's contract was terminated and Rami was sold to Milan. This leaves, Vezo, Otamendi and Ruiz. I don't know about any of you, but I don't want to see a midfielder filling in for defense as Fuego did last season at times. It was really bad to watch but had to be done.

First up we have none other than 24 year old Argentinean international and Sporting defender Marcos Rojo. Like Mathieu he is a left-back that has been played as center back in recent times. His price range used to be somewhere from 7-10 million but after a great World Cup could reach 15 million euros. Should he reinforce the side, I would like to see him more as a left-back since he is very attack minded. He could cover as CB in case of injury or whenever needed. He is fast and also has a physical presence which is great for a left-back. He doesn't have a EU passport so it would count towards our foreign player limit which is now at 4 (limit is 3) with Jonas, Araujo, de Paul and Otamendi. With Jonas on his way out, Araujo likely to be loaned, and de Paul to get an EU passport before the start of the league, we'll have 2 slots left. One is for Enzo Perez and the other one can be used for this transfer or any other. Rojo appears to be the main target so far since he is left-footed and versatile.

Next on the list is 22 year old Swiss international and Basel defender Fabian Schar. He was part of the Swiss team for the World Cup but his team-mate Djourou would get some starts over him. He was also part of the Basel team that Valencia CF beat 5-0 in the great comeback on aggregate. He did have some great performances though including the first leg where Basel beat Valencia CF 3-0 and is generally seen as a great future prospect. His passport is not an issue. His price is between 5-7 million euros with competition from many Bundesliga clubs. His contract expires next year so this would be the best time to go for him.

Then there is 21 year old Colombian international and River plate defender Eder Balanta. He was part of the World Cup squad at such a young age but spent most of the time on the bench and didn't get much of a chance to impress. Another great future prospect that is yet unproven but his potential have seen so many giants of football go after his signature. He is priced between 8-10 million euros and if Valencia CF want any chance for his signature they have to act fast before losing out. His contract still has three years left before expiry in 2017 and he doesn't have an EU passport.

There is also Konstantinos Manolas, 23 year old Greece international and Olympiacos defender. He has been offered to Valencia CF after the departure of Mathieu. He doesn't have much of a reputation other than in Greece where he is a known for his aerial prowess and phyiscal presence. His contract expires in 2 years (2016) and he would cost from 4-6 million euros.

Finally, there is Martin Demichelis, 33 year old Argentine and Manchester City defender. With Mangala rumored to joining Manchester City, his place in the team is likely gone despite only having arrived this year. The most experienced player on this list and I'm personally not a fan of his. He has had solid performances for Malaga, Argentina and Manchester City in the past. While he would be the cheapest, going for 3 million euros, any ability he has left will continue on its decline, not a good investment. As I mentioned before, especially while playing 4-4-2 with two box-to-box midfielders, we need a fast defender and he doesn't fit that. He has an Italian passport so he wouldn't affect the foreign player limit. There are a lot of other players interested, most recently Napoli.

You may notice that the first four names are really young players, and Rojo is the only one that is actually proven between them. The rest are just future prospects. My guess is that it will be Rojo and one of the others, probably Schar due to the passport issues with Balanta and Manolas being the least proven. The rest will depend on if Nuno wants experiences in the back line (having lost Mathieu and Costa) or a promising talent. The first four are also all both large in stature and quick which is really what is required now. Personally, I would also like to consider Raul Albiol if he's willing to return.

Any thoughts? Rojo, Schar, Balanta, Manolas or Demichelis? Do you think we're looking at the right people? Who else to look at?

Transfer market update: Midfield

After the capture of Rodrigo's signature, Enzo Perez's signature appears to be next and reports say it is close. The Argentinean midfielder fits the profile that Nuno wants in a midfielder capable of playing as part of a box-to-box duo. With the departures of Keita, Michel, and Romeu in addition to  Fuego's transfer looking more likely, the midfield now needs at least two reinforcements. Nuno wants at least 5 midfielders and if Fuego leaves we would have only three in Banega, Parejo and Gomes.

In addition to Perez, Valencia CF seem to be keeping an eye on 21 year old Argentinean Bruno Zuculini, who recently transferred from Racing to Manchester City. He is a close friend of Rodrigo de Paul (they both played for Racing) and Nuno wants him to reinforce the midfield as well. He needs to get playing minutes since their midfield is already packed with players. However, since Manchester City just signed him it, they will be reluctant to give up for anything other than a loan deal. Sevilla and Deportivo la Coruna are also interested. Valencia CF is hoping to use Roberto Fabian Ayala influence to convince him to join since he rates him very highly. He also has an Italian passport meaning he won't affect our foreign player limit.

The other name on the agenda is 28 year old Swiss international and Napoli midfielder Blerim Dzemaili. If you watched the World Cup, you probably remember him for that last minute miss against Argentina. That wasn't a reason to exclude him from potential targets as he is known to be able to drive forward well with the ball, an essential component to Nuno's counterattacking strategy.

As for Gargano and Cambiasso, it appears only Cambiasso is still considered a target.

Any thoughts? Who would you like to see at Valencia CF, Zuculini? Dzemaili? Or maybe someone else?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getafe want Javi Fuego

After Getafe have taken Michel on loan for two-years, they now look to bring in Javi Fuego on loan with a purchase option. With Nuno switching the formation to a 4-4-2 with two box-to-box midfielders, Javi Fuego is reduced to a spot on the bench. In fact Nuno only keeps him just so that the option of a defensive midfielder is available to him. After Rodrigo's signing is completed, Enzo Perez is rumoured to be next, which will give Javi Fuego a tougher time to get some minutes. Should Javi Fuego decide to go to Getafe, Valencia CF could look to bring in yet another midfielder yet one that has similar characteristics to Seydou Keita.

A loan might not be that bad. In the rare occasion that Nuno wants to play a CDM, I guess he could try Ruiz there, it was his most promising position in recent times. To be honest, Javi Fuego hasn't really impressed me during his time at Valencia CF. Sure he had a couple of solid performances but he screwed up a lot. In terms of the replacement of similar profile to Keita, one of Walter Gargano and Cambiasso were rumored to be the ones scouted by the club a month or so ago. I don't know if that has changed yet.

What do you think of Javi Fuego? His loan? Good or bad idea? Any replacements in mind?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Valencia CF and Barcelona agree Mathieu deal

Well, this game of cat and mouse was bound to come to an end and so it does. Valencia CF gave Mathieu and ultimatum which gave Barcelona has till Tuesday to cough up the 20 million euros (his release clause) and if it doesn't then he will start training as normal, no more sitting and waiting. This has reportedly worked as Barcelona have raised the 16 million euros offer to 20 million euros. In fact the signing is set to be announced tomorrow with Mathieu to be presented on the same day.

With that Valencia CF get their money and their terms in this deal, and Barcelona get their center back as requested by their new coach Luis Enrique. Mathieu also just got his dream transfer to cap off his career. Just got to say Bravo to President Salvo for fighting till the very end. That's the type of commitment I wanted to see.

 Mathieu has had a good time in Valencia CF. Under Emery, he was part of a great combination on the left flank with Jordi Alba, where the two would play there seamlessly and interchangeably. Now the two find themselves on the same team again. It was only recently that Mathieu was used a center back, (I think it was under Valverde that tried it first). He has had solid performances this year and took over the captain's role from Costa. With this, we also lose our third center back following Costa and Rami. With Ruiz probably on the way out too, we need major work on defense.

Any thoughts on Mathieu? His transfer? Good move or bad move? Any good memories you have of his time at Valencia CF? Any ideas for replacements to our defense?

Official: Ricardo Costa contract terminated

Ricardo Costa is  the 2nd player  out of Valencia CF this transfer window with the club terminating his contract today. The 33 year old Portuguese defender joined in 2010 from Wolfsburg and has earned the respect of his team and coach and became captain of Valencia CF. His contract was due to expire in June 2015 but he didn't fit into Nuno's plans, and so his contract was terminated. Costa took this in good sporting manner and thanked the club for giving him so many good moments. Despite his declining form, he did give a lot to the team during his four years, great headers and even some solid performances. There was certainly no lack of effort on his part, I guess age had its toll on him. His commitment to his team was evident, and he had a good time in defense at the World Cup. The picture on the left sum's it up. Head held high and proud to be a Valencianista.

All the best to the captain! And a big thank you! Amunt!

Any thoughts on Ricardo Costa? His departure? Any good memories you have of his time in Valencia CF?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Michel out, Tiago Mendes in?

As I said in the previous post, this is the decisive week for squad selection by new coach Nuno. He specified that he wants 5 different central midfielders. So far that is: Javi Fuego, Michel, Parejo, Banega and Andre Gomes.

Michel could be one of those on their way out, especially now with Getafe interested in taking him on loan. This would be the third loan period for Michel in his two spells at Valencia CF. The previous two were to Deportivo (one year) and Hercules (one year), then he was sold to Levante, after which Valencia CF activated the buy-back option. However, Michel hasn't impressed either Djukic or Pizzi. He did get some playing time under Djukic at first but spent long periods on the bench after. He barely showed glimpsed of the form he had while playing for Levante. Although you could argue that the form of the other midfielders kept him out, especially with Seydou Keita and Romeu available this past season as well.

Now we come to the replacement. He is 33 year old Portuguese midfielder Tiago Mendes. His contract for Atletico expired this year and he was all set to move to Chelsea. However, licensing issues have got in the way of the signing and Tiago now has to wait for them to be resolved or renew with Atletico Madrid. His agent gave him a third option by offering him to Valencia CF. Atletico Madrid are offering more wages that Valencia CF (his wages are outrageously high, about 5 million euros per season). Valencia CF have offered less money but a guarantee a two-year contract. Tiago insists that he wants a two year contract (which the would have got under Chelsea) as well as wanting to work as part of the coaching staff when his contact is up. Tiago had 24 appearances for Diego Simeone's La Liga winning side.

Any thoughts on Tiago Mendes? Is he an upgrade or downgrade from Michel? Do you support loaning Michel? If not Tiago, who should replace him?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Decisive squad selection week

The 3-1 loss to Nurnberg yesterday brings an end to Valencia CF's Germany-based part of the preseason. In the two preseason friendlies we got a chance to see every Valencia CF player with the exception of those on the World Cup squads as well as Mathieu, who is hoping for a move to Barcelona. Some players met expectations, others impressed and a few disappointed. The final word though goes to coach Nuno, who will finalize his squad selection before traveling to Peru. The members of the squad that travels to South America will be the ones that Nuno has plans for, and will rely on this season. Everyone else, will be not be joining on the trip and will be told try their luck elsewhere.

This will also be a crucial week for Mathieu who's future will also be resolved this week. It simply has to be. He cannot stay on the bench like this for every preseason game. The coach needs to know if he can count on him or should a replacement be brought in. Apparently, Nuno has said that the issue will indeed be settled this week so we can look forward to that.

So who has impressed you in these two games? Who disappointed? What's your starting line-up in a 4-4-2 formation?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Preseason Coverage: Nurnberg 3-1 Valencia CF

The second preseason game ends in a 3-1 loss to Nurnberg, who were recently relegated from the Bundesliga first division. Valencia CF took the lead through Viera and then after six minutes, Nurnberg scored three times in 5 minutes to win the game. The key thing to note from that game is that all three goals were conceded from wing play. The Nurnberg wingers would drive a low cross into the box and the strikers smash it. Anyway, just a preseason friendly and the team has to move on. Andre Gomes did get some time but only for the final 20 minutes. Mathieu did not play at all.


0-1 Jonathan Viera, 50'
1-0 Sylvestr, 56'
2-0 Colak, 60'
3-0 Colak, 61'

Next games for the team will be in South America in the Euro-American Cup (click here for preseason schedule).

Transfer Market:

The signing of Rodrigo is said to imminent now despite interest from both Atletico Madrid and AS Monaco who are both willing to pay around 32 million euros for him. He will reportedly arrive on Wednesday of this week.

Yet again, Mathieu has not participated in this game. Last time he justified it as him not wanting to get injured in the midst of a major move.

Any thoughts on this preseason game? The transfer market and Rodrigo?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Valencia CF interested in David Ospina

A while back Valencia CF was rumored to be interested in Jan Oblak of Benfica where Valencia CF were going to pay the 20 million euro release clause. An outrageous amount for a substitute goalkeeper. That deal was fortunately interrupted by an interest from Atletico Madrid in the player and they have indeed gone to sign him to replace the departed Courtois. Now, Valencia CF is interested in 25 year old OGC Nice and Colombia keeper David Ospina.

This deal is way more feasible than the one for Oblak. With a contract that is expiring next year, David Ospina would cost Valencia CF in the region of 4 million euros, a small fraction of Oblak's price. In addition, Ospina's quality was apparent in this year's World Cup and as such this price is a bargain. However, there is also interest from Premier League club Arsenal who look to replace Fabianski (sold to Swansea City). Arsenal can offer more playing time due to the fact that they are in more competitions, and just as importantly playing time in the Champions League. Arsenal have expressed interest in the player but haven't pushed through to force the signing yet. The player himself prefers either Arsenal or Juventus. So we aren't exactly in pole position.

With Jaume looking to break into the first team this season, this move may dash his hopes. This move would also force Guaita to look elsewhere for playing time since Alves is now number 1.

Any thoughts on David Ospina? The goalkeeping situation or any of our goalkeepers in general?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nuno to give Postiga a chance

Nuno has called for all the World Cup players to join the preseason. One surprise call was also asking Postiga to join with reports saying that the new coach wants to see if there is room for Postiga in his plans for the squad next season. The rumors arrival of a new striker with the caliber of Jackson Martinez or Javier Hernandez made it seem like his departure was on its way, especially having been loaned to Lazio in the winter transfer window.

Postiga has shown some potential but in very few games but overall he has failed to reproduce a fraction of what he did for Real Zaragoza (which wasn't that impressive either). The only one I remember him standing out in, was the 2-3 loss to Barcelona at the Mestalla where he scored two consecutive goals at the brink of half-time to restore hope to Valencia CF after being down 0-3 in the first half. Other than that, he has been really slow, bad movement, dull and lack luster. It was painful watching him play. Even in this World Cup, he hasn't played well although to be fair he didn't get much time and Portugal was struggling as a whole. The only role I can see for him is a bench warmer since there are no lack of possible number '9's on the team with Alcacer, Araujo, Rodrigo and the long awaited Martinez possibly on the way. Even if Araujo was loaned, he simply wouldn't get playing time and would get overshadowed by all the other talent if he does. I think it's time for him to go, its been long overdue and I think Nuno will see the same.

Any thoughts on Postiga? Should we even consider keeping him? Does he even have a chance to succeed at Valencia CF?

Rodrigo to be a Valencia CF player next week

With the signing of Andre Gomes complete and presented today, the club looks to sign his Benfica teammate Rodrigo. Valencia CF is very optimistic in his signing and President Salvo said the deal should be done next week. There are two reasons why this is slightly more complicated and thus taking more time. First, there is another bid from Atletico Madrid of 32 million euros for Rodrigo. They are able to offer him the Champions League football that Valencia CF cannot. Valencia CF and Lim don't want to force the player to play for them against his wishes. There is optimism that he will choose Valencia though. Second, the deal with Rodrigo doesn't involve Benfica alone, it also involves Real Madrid since he is a former player there. They have the right to be involved in future transfers as such. However, this is a time issue more than anything, simple.

I also want to take this chance to clarify the nature of the deals for Andre Gomes as well as a future deal for Rodrigo. Where is the money from? Lim hasn't taken over yet so there is no way he can purchase the players for Valencia CF. Any such move, would be punished by UEFA. However, both players will be taken on loan from Benfica and when Lim takes over they will be offered a full deal. In the case of Andre Gomes, it will be a four year deal. We will know Rodrigo's next week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Valencia CF look for defensive replacements

Valencia CF is planning a major reformation in defense this summer transfer window. With Mathieu strongly linked away from the club day after day, and Barcelona rumored to be willing to pay the full amount, it could now be a matter of time only. In addition both Victor Ruiz and Ricardo Costa are on the sales list of the club. Should those three be sold, then we will be left with new signing Otamendi and youngster Ruben Vezo. That's it. As such, the club is planning to reinvest the money from Mathieu into reinforcing the defense with two signings.

The one name suggested by Nuno was Marcelo dos Santos of Nuno's former club Rio Ave FC. He is a 24 (turning 25) year-old Brazilian right-sided center back (Mathieu is left-sided) who seems to have the trust of Nuno so much that he's willing to give him a chance at Valencia CF. While no price has been given yet, I think he would be available for very cheap considering Rio Ave FC is not that big and the player himself is willing to join.

I don't know who the other signing would be since there wasn't a second name given. However, I would like to give a chance to Tendillo of Mestalla B instead of someone from Rio Ave FC. If the coach has this much confidence in this guy, I hope he's worth it.

Any thoughts about Marcelo dos Santos or other defensive replacements?

Official: Andres Gomes is a Valencia CF player

Valencia CF has completed what is now the fourth signing this transfer window, following the arrivals of Otamendi, de Paul and Dani Ramirez. Andres Gomes is a 20 year old midfielder who plays for S.L.Benfica and is said to be one of the gems of the Portuguese league, a great prospect. The statement from the club did not provide info on the duration of the deal or the cost. The signing of Rodrigo Moreno will take slightly longer since it is a bit more complicated. Andres Gomes should be set to join the team in the training camp at Germany. He will land tomorrow to undergo the medical.

With this we see a sign of optimism that the club is indeed making progress with signings and it is a reassurance to the imminent arrival of Peter Lim. With this however, we see Banega's place in the team taken and he could very well be on his way out.

Any thoughts on the new signing?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Preseaon Coverage: SpVgg Bayreuth 1-5 Valencia CF

Valencia CF started the pre-season well with a 1-5 win against 4th division German team SpVgg Bayreuth. The game featured all the players currently on the squad with the exception of those that participated in the World Cup as well as Jeremy Mathieu. The team generally played well as evident by the scoreline except for the one goal conceded which was due to horrendous defending. But that's what pre-season is for to find your mistakes and fix them, and to work on new tactics as well as fitness. Better now than during the season.


0-1 Jonathan Viera (21')
0-2 Jonathan Viera (28')
0-3 Piatti (32')
0-4 Javi Fuego (51')
0-5 Michel (55')
1-5 Ulbricht (83')

Before the game, the new kits were presented and they look nice but are still missing the sponsor. Here is the team picture:

Transfer Market:

Valencia CF is now confident enough in the sale of the club by the end of the month that management has decided to go ahead with Lim's transfer plans. That, and the fact that, they simply cannot wait anymore, the player can't miss out on valuable training time with the new coach and new teammates. As such the club is currently prioritizing the signing of Andres Gomes and Rodrigo Moreno from Benfica and the players have been reportedly told to be ready to leave at any time. The reports say that the deals are close to completion and we could see the two new players feature in Saturday's game against Nurnberg.

Mathieu's absence from this game has fueled speculation that he could be on his way out but Valencia CF are remaining firm on the 20 million euro release clause and demand the full amount in cash. It remains to be seen. Apparently, Spurs have also joined as suitors. Although I prefer he goes to Spurs than Barcelona (we shouldn't make the opposition stronger), Mathieu himself dreams of playing for Barcelona and it would be his final chance to do so. Plus, I don't know if he's willing to go to England.

Formation change:

Nuno has suggested that Valencia CF's formation will change from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-2 saying he prefers to play two forwards. In addition, he wants take out the role of the defensive midfielder and play two box-to-box midfielder to make the team more dynamic and unpredictable. The idea is to make those two midfielders Enzo Perez and Parejo. Also, while one striker would be a traditional '9', the other one would serve as a striker and a play-maker. It seems that role will be given to Rodrigo de Paul. This could be a very interesting change in formation that could see Valencia CF playing a more attractive and unique style of football.

Any comments about the pre-season, the transfer market or the formation change? Share your thoughts below.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Official: Fede loaned to Cordoba

Fede Cartabia has been loaned to newly-promoted La Liga club Cordoba. The Argentine youngster broke into the Valencia CF first team under Djukic but has failed to impress new coach Nuno. Therefore, the club now seeks to loan him out for more experience at a club where he can get playing time. After all, we have Guardado, Viera, Carles Gil, Piatti and Rodrigo de Paul all who can play that postition so there won't be much time for the youngster to develop.

The loan is a one year deal till June 30, 2015 with a purchase option of 8 million euros. It's quite ridiculous to include a purchase option for a club talent. However, I don't think Cordoba can afford that amount considering they have been in second division for a while.

About the other player who is on his way out, Rami. With the price difference between the two clubs settled by Rami who was willing to pay the rest of the amount, Valencia CF now want the amount in one installment while Milan want three installments. This frustrated Rami since he feels the club has no place for him but it harder for him to leave. Meanwhile, while this is settled he is to train by himself.

Any thoughts on loaning Fede? What about the purchase option? What to do with Rami?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rami to help fund his own sale

The output operation began last week in an unexpected fashion when Juan Bernat surprised everybody by moving to Bayern Munich. Now, Adil Rami is the next player out in this operation. Adil Rami's release clause is 10 million euros and no one was willing to meet that. That, and the fact that he made insulting comments to the coaching staff and his team mates, made the club seek a way out for him. He was loaned to AC Milan the last six months with a purchase option of 7 million euros. However, AC Milan were unable to meet that amount and decided against the purchase option. Their interest in Rami did not die however, and they immediately went the negotiation table trying to get lower the amount to around 3.75 million. Valencia CF accepted lowering the amount, however the limit was 4.25 million. With neither side backing down and with Rami desperate to move away, he has now decided to fund the rest of the move out of his own pocket. The deal should be announced anytime soon since the only thing missing is Rami's signature. He will not join Valencia CF's squad in the pre-season but will head to Italy to join Milan's pre-season.

Diego Alves renews till 2019

The goalkeeping role has been up for grabs under recent years at Valencia CF, with both Guaita and Diego Alves fighting it out for the spot. Each had their spell under the reign of different coaches but in the end Diego Alves earned the spot after being one of Valencia's best performers this season. The deal sees Alves remaining at the Mestalla for 5 years till 2019 plus a wage increase.

What happens of Guaita now? Well that depends. An interest in Jan Oblak of Benfica and willingness to pay his 20 million euros buy-out clause (dependent on Lim buying the club) would have Guaita certainly looking for a way out. However, Atletico Madrid took advantage in the delay of the sale (which could now go all the way to the end of July) to beat Valencia and sign Oblak to replace Chelsea-bound Courtois. Guaita is still no short of suitors however, with Sevilla (to compete with Beto) and Real Sociedad (to replace Bravo) both reportedly interested. Watching Jaume from the Mestalla B team, he looks ready to replace Guaita should he decide to leave.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Official: Juan Bernat sold to Bayern Munich

Well, that's what happens when you leave contracts till the last minute. There goes another Valencia CF star in the year that we hoped we thought we wouldn't sell our best players as has been the case previously. Since it was the last year before his contract expired in 2015, and with the sale of the club being delaying every week, Bernat sought to play elsewhere. Bayern Munich have signed our left-back for about 11 million euros plus variables, slightly more than half of his 20 million euro release clause to avoid giving him away for free next year. The deal sees him stay for 5 years at Bayern Munich.

Now, there is no shortage of left-backs at the club with Guardado, Cissokho and Gaya all available. However, Bernat was our first choice and performed quite well. It's sad to see him leave. At least he didn't leave to a rival club in the La Liga. With Guardado and Cissokho rumored to be out of the club during the summer transfer window, one of them will have to stay with Gaya as the back-up or we sign a new left back.

Anyways, good luck to the player in this new challenge in Bayern Munich and I hope he can succeed and excel there.

What do you think of Bernat leaving? Who should replace him? Guardado, Cissokho, Gaya, or perhaps someone new?