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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Marcos Andre is Valencia CF latest target

Marcos Andre is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Valladolid. He is 24 years of age, but so far he has played mostly for lower level clubs and B teams. The best Marcos Andre has done is with Mirandes with which he featured 38 games and scored 12 goals. 

He is a very cheap player though, he would come in at about 2-3 million euros and these are the type of players Valencia CF are looking at right now to "reinforce" the club with, they are hoping that Bordalas is a magician and can turn low level players into top level players. 

Personally I'd just keep Maxi Gomez and hope that Bordalas is able to get the most out of him, he is still a bigger talent, rather than go with some unknows who haven't had any sort of good seasons and hope that Bordalas can magically make them top level, its just too unrealistic. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

New sponsor for Valencia CF

Valencia CF has a new main sponsor that will be printed on the front of the shirts after the club was forced to part ways with Bwin due to overburdening regulations preventing displaying betting sponsorship on shirts. Extremely bad law that will negatively affect sports teams and will have no discernable impact on actual gaming, especially when traditional video games are literally having slot machines in their games and young kids are using their parents credit cards to purchase "packs" and/or ingame items.

Kids are being exposed to essentially gambling at 10yo through video games, but they are going after advertisement for sports clubs, talk about having no clue! 

Anyways the good news for Valencia CF is that they've found a new sponsor, is an online company creating some sort of interaction for clubs and fans, not sure what that is all about, but regardless the most important thing is that VCF has a new sponsor and won't lose out on too much money! 

We don't know the amount of money Valencia CF will be getting with this new deal, I have the feeling that its probably less than the 5 million euros the club was getting from Bwin, but you can't compare a powerful betting company with some new online website. If I had to guess I'd say Valencia CF are getting about 4 million euros per season.

Angulo appointed coach of Valencia Mestalla

Valencia CF legend Miguel Angel Angulo has been named the head coach of Valencia CF B team the Mestalla, he replaces coach Óscar Fernández who oversaw one of the worst seasons for the Mestalla team in its history, losing most of the games and being relegated to Spain's fifth division.

Angulo is one of the most recognizable names in recent Valencia history, he played for Valencia CF for 12 seasons and was part of the squad that reached two Champions league finals and won the Spanish league. He is one of the most decorated Valencia CF players ever and one of the most known names. 

I wish him all the best, plenty of success, and hopefully after several successful years leading the Mestalla maybe even becoming Valencia CF coach.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sporting CP on the verge of buying Wass

Sporting CP is reportedly on the verge of buying Daniel Wass and media from Portugal claim that the two clubs have agreed for the transfer of Daniel Wass to Sporting CP.

Valencia CF has supposedly agreed to a 5 million euros deal for Daniel Wass and is now up to the player to decide his future. Daniel Wass was contemplating leaving for Denmark and playing out the rest of his years there, but this could be an interesting turn of events for him.

Daniel Wass is a versatile player and I think Bordalas would want to keep him if he can, especially we have have Diakhaby, Cheryshev, Guedes, Kang-In Lee leave also. That is a lot of players and a lot of positions to cover, so I'm sure he'd like to keep most of the players unless the absolute need to sell to reach 30 million. It could actually be much less, because Valencia CF did get some money from the transfers of some of our former players as we've retained either certain share of the player or had clauses for more money which they reached. Now Rodrigo De Paul has been sold for close to 40 million euros and Valencia CF is going to get another 3-4 million euros for that sale, so that means those 31 million that we had to get would become more like 23-24 million euros.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Valencia CF after Robert Kenedy

Valencia CF coach wants Robert Kenedy from Chelsea FC who played last season on loan at Granada CF in which he scored 4 goals and provided 3 assists. He is also one one of the fastest sprinters in La Liga and Jose Bordalas has identified the Brazilian as the replacement for Guedes, and valued at only 10 million euros the club would be able to afford him after the sale of Goncalo Guedes.

As I've reported previously Goncalo Guedes is on his way out, after his father's interview saying his son's future is away from Valencia CF, Guedes has not denied his fathers claims and by bot denying them, has basically confirmed he wants to leave this summer. He is likely to net around 40 million euros, especially if he has a good euro performance, and with a small portion of the money Valencia CF will be looking to find a replacement for him and Robert Kenedy seems like Valencia's preferred target to replace Guedes! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Ezequiel Ponce on Valencia CF radar

Argentinian football player Ezequiel Ponce who currently plays for Spartak Moscow is on Valencia CF radar. His main position is center forward, but can also play on both wings and is currently valued at 6-7 million euros. Ezequiel Ponce also has Spanish citizenship which makes him an interesting option for Valencia CF as the club are looking at relatively cheap players with low wages and having Spanish citizenship really makes him an attractive option for Valencia CF.

His best showing has been for AEK Athens in the Greek league in which he scored 16 goals in 27 league matches, he's had lesser impact at Spartak Moscow, but at 24 years old he still has time to improve. Forwards usually get in their prime at 25-28 years old. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

City council to fine Peter Lim 2 million euros

Valencia's local authorities are considering a 2.3 million euros fine on Peter Lim because of the breach of the ATE, which the club agreed to when it got the land for the new Mestalla. Ximo Puig who previously been very lenient on the issue has done a 180 degrees and would probably be in favor of a fine. 

The plan is to actually fine Meriton and its owner Peter Lim as basically the owner of Valencia CF, rather than the club itself which functions as a subsidiary of Meriton. 

Jonathan Ikone to join Valencia CF?

Jonathan Ikone to join Valencia CF?
Jonathan Ikoné is a French footballer who plays as a winger for Ligue 1 club Lille and the France national team. The French talent was one of the best players last season and as such became champion with Lille SC. He is currently valued 30 million by transfermarkt, but reports from Spain media suggest his realistic price is closer to 20 million euros. He plays as a right winger, but can play in any forward position.

Valencia CF are preparing for the loss of Goncalo Guedes who's father as many of you know said in a recent interview that his son is essentially finished at Valencia CF, and recent interviews with the player have only exacerbated that feeling as he has not denied leaving Valencia CF this summer.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Denis Cheryshev to leave Valencia CF?

Denis Cheryshev is on his way out of Valencia CF, as the club is looking to sell him and bring in a younger and inexpensive player to replace him, or maybe even rely on the younger players like Vallejo, Yunus, etc... Denis Cheryshev is in the upper echalon of earners in Valencia CF and while not quite the high earner like Maxi, Cillessen, Guedes, Gaya, etc... he is earning a lot comparatively how many times he's featured for Valencia CF.

Valencia CF are aware that they aren't going to get a lot of money from his sale, but even a modest 4-5 million euros will be enough when coupled with the reduction in his salary. The club has an issue in selling some of the players it planned to like Cillessen and Maxi Gomez as there doesn't appear to be any good offers for them and Cillessen has also fallen out of the Dutch squad due to testing positive to covid19, so that makes it unlikely that Valencia CF are going to receive any big offers for the player. I predicted that he is not going to fetch more than 12-14 million euros, goalkeepers usually don't fetch very high prices especially when they are older and if they are not considered in the best 5 goalkeepers in the region. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Joaquin Fernandez on Valencia CF radar

Real Valladolid central defender Joaquin Fernandez is on Valencia CF radar as the team is looking to strengthen the defense in accordance with Jose Bordalas wishes and demands. 

Real Valladolid have been relegated to the second division this season and they will have to sell a number of players as they want to continue playing in the first division and some might even have options in their contract to be able to join other teams in case of relegation.

Joaquin Fernandez will come in cheap at 3 million euros and a low salary, so just the type of player Valencia CF wants. He's played for Real Valladolid since 2018/19 season as a central defender, though can also play as a defensive midfielder. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Bordalas wants Mauro Arambarri at Valencia CF

Valencia CF coach Jose Bordalas is keen to bring at least one player from his former club to Valencia CF and his number one priority is Mauro Arambarri. Mauro Arambarri is a central midfielder who has played for over 4 years at Getafe CF, coming in first on a loan deal and after a successful year at Getafe CF they decided to purchase him for 2 million euros. Since then the player value has skyrocketed with superb performances from the midfielder. 

Jose Bordalas has already contacted the player and tried to convince him to join Valencia CF, but the biggest issue for Valencia CF is going to be Getafe's asking price. They value Mauro Arambarri at 20 million euros, though Valencia CF do have some options here and they can offer them a player plus cash deal. Getafe CF are interested in Jason, but Valencia CF can also offer them Cheryshev and even Wass who still has one year on his contract at Valencia CF. 

He is a good player and would be a welcome introduction, but what would happen to Racic in that situation, where will Daniel Wass play? With Javi Gracia it was mostly Soler and Racic in central midfield, with Voro in the end matches it was usually Soler and Wass in the center, will is be Mauro and Soler under Bordalas? 

I doubt Valencia CF would go after Mauro Arambarri, he is just way too expensive for us, the only other option I see if to offer them someone like Cheryshev or Racic himself as that is going to be the most we can undercut Getafe in terms of value, but we are going to be kind of this on the flanks, especially that left one. Manu Vallejo is more of a forward, Guedes is also much better as a second striker, Kang-In can play there, but he is also on his way out, so without Cheryshev there, who do we have left on the left flank, especially in a 4-4-2 formation? 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Carlos Soler is called up as a back-up for the Spain squad

Spain's preparations for Euro 2020 have been badly disrupted. Sergio Busquets tested positive for COVID he has gone into 10 days' isolation and the rest of the squad, including Gaya, also in isolation pending COVID testing. The friendly against Lithuania tomorrow will now be played by Spain's under-21s, who include Guillamon. As it will count as a full international, that means Hugo could get his first senior cap.

With Spain's first game in 8 days' time, there are now significant doubts whether Busquets will take part. As a precaution, Spain have called up Rodrigo Moreno, Carlos Soler, Pablo Fornals and Brais Mendez, who will train in a parallel bubble.

It remains to be seen if Soler will make it to the final squad as an emergency replacement, but this is the first official acknowledgement that he is definitely very close to becoming a full international. With his star rising, hopefully the club are not mad enough to consider a sale.  

Jeison Murillo to return to Valencia CF?

There are reports coming from Spanish media that Jeison Murillo might return to Valencia CF as the club plans to sell Mouctar Diakhaby and bring in another central defender to take his place, with David Timor also coming in as a backup in midfield and central defender. If all goes according to plan then Valencia CF will have Paulista, Hugo, Murillo and David in central defense, and David would also cover in midfield, especially if Daniel Wass is sold as he only has a year remaining on his contract.

Anyways Jeison Murillo first joined Valencia CF on a loan deal from Inter Milan, after a successful season on loan the club purchased the player, but then he never really played that season and the next he was loaned out to FC Barcelona and then in the second half of the season to Sampdoria, who then purchased him in the summer after he made 10 appearances for them, but then loaned him out to Celta de Vigo after being unused in the first half of their season.

Valencia CF gets to keep the bat logo

Just to show how crazy some of these giant corporations are, DC Comics which is under Warner media sued Valencia CF for using the bat in its designs and products. The legal issues started in 2014 and have been going on for years. How can a comic character "Batman" who uses a fictional "bat" sign on his fictional costume be considered means to sue Valencia CF who's used the bat in its logo and all sorts of promotions and stuff for over a hundred years is beyond me.

But just goes to show the lack of self awareness of these giant corporations who think they own everything and everyone. Anyways the two companies have reached an agreement and that means that Valencia CF can use the bat sign, all sorts of variations of it in all of its products, except fictional characters. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Jose Luis Gaya to FC Barcelona

Jose Luis Gaya seems to be on his way out of Valencia CF with interest from FC Barcelona increasing exponentially as they are trying to find a long term replacement for Jordi Alba. FC Barcelona have been interested about the player for a few years now, but only this season have they've shown big interest in acquiring Gaya as Jordi Alba is now into his final years of his career and is likely not going to continue at FC Barcelona past the next season. 

I wrote in April about Barca's interest in Jose Luis Gaya and that Valencia CF was trying to tie him up for longer, but it seems like that contract extension hasn't happened and while Gaya loves the club and is happy here, its questionable how much longer can he avoid interest from big clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Manchester City and others. 

Jose Luis Gaya is now one of the longest playing players for Valencia CF, its especially important as he comes from our youth system and is a Valencian success story. He is also one of the highest earner at Valencia CF, but again with all of these big clubs knocking on his door and being much well off financially than VCF, how long can he just ignore their calls? VCF former sporting director Alemany is now Barca's sporting director and he can easily if he really wanted to convince Gaya about switching to FC Barcelona. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Valencia CF to sell Mouctar Diakhaby

Valencia CF wants to sell Mouctar Diakhaby and rebuild the back line in accordance to what the new coach Jose Bordalas wants. The new coach has identified Mouctar Diakhaby as the weakest link at the back and thus Valencia CF will try and sell the player and bring in al alternative with the money from the sale. While Diakhaby is not viewed in high regard in Spain, there are still some French clubs that view him in a positive light and might want to acquire the player.

Mouctar Diakhavy is worth about 10 million euros, I think that is a bit on the high side, so realistically more like 7-8 million euros. One of the names mentioned to arrive at Valencia CF was David Timor from Getafe CF and while he is generally a defensive midfielder he does also play center back and could easily slot in that position. He is also valued at only 1.5 million euros, but even if realistically his price is 3 million that is still worth it for Valencia CF, as the club would get a replacement for Diakhaby and be up 4-5 million euros.

Friday, June 4, 2021

30 million might not be enough

While Valencia CF needs about 30 million euros to balance its budget, the club also needs 50 million euros to pay off Peter Lim. He loaned Valencia CF 50 million euros and if the club does not return the money to him in the established period, which is this year then he will take ownership of several players. What a deal eh? Loan 50 million, earn players worth possibly 80 million euros. 

Now we don't really know the details of the loans, we don't know which players he'll get the rights to, but its clear that his plan with Valencia CF was to be a seller club and make him money. Say what you say, but his actions speak louder than words. 

The loans were also for players that he chose, he decided to buy, its all his doing. What next, we learn that Peter Lim actually owns the Mestalla stadium personally? What does the club own? No one on planet earth would want to even buy the club if Peter Lim owns half our players rather than the club itself. 

Peter Lim has said that he plans to use the guarantees and essentially get to own several players when Valencia CF defaults on the loans. Its two loans in essence, one for about 32 million euros and another one for 16 million euros. 

So the options are Valencia CF defaults and he gets to own several players, is it Guedes, Soler, etc...? Which players does he get? The other option is for Valencia CF to essentially have a massive sellout much like last season and sell Guedes, Cillessen, Maxi, Gaya and try and get 80+ million euros in order to pay its debts. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Jefferson Lerma to Valencia CF?

Jefferson Lerma to Valencia CF? According to Spanish reports Valencia CF is considering the purchase of Jefferson Lerma who plays for English Championship club AFC Bournemouth and the Colombia national team.

He is a defensive midfielder who occasionally plays as a right back and is good all across the midfield, so a versatile player who can play several positions and has quite a bit of experience playing for his nation and few Spanish clubs as well before arriving to AFC Bournemouth in 2018. 

The biggest issue for Valencia CF though is that the player is valued extremely high, we all know players in England are almost always overvalued and this is once again the case, but even if Valencia CF somehow manage to negotiate a lower fee we are still looking at about 10 million euros.  

Cillessen will miss the Euros

 Very bad news from a Valencia perspective...

Cillessen will miss the upcoming Euros. He tested positive for Covid, has had to self-isolate and was forced to miss the team's training camp as a result. He was expected to be the Netherlands' first choice goalkeeper in the tournament but Frank De Boer has therefore decided to omit him altogether.

Cillessen is one player I really don't want to sell as finding a good goalkeeper is tough, but as he is one of the highest wage earners in the squad, he's a prime target for an exit. Valencia would have been hoping that he'd have a good tournament and that would push the price up, so this is a real setback.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Valencia earns €6 million in "prize" money

 Cadenaser report that Valencia have earned €6 million in "prize" money. I used " " because, of course, Valencia did zero of note to earn any prize money. It comes instead from bonus clauses in the contracts of players that we gifted last summer and season to other clubs.

Starting off, there's "El Capitan" Parejo. Villarreal's Europa league win brought us €2.25m from him. It doesn't really take away the sour taste of him being gifted to a rival for free but at least it's some money.

Coquelin is the second. We at least got some transfer fee for him, though it mostly cancelled out debt we still owed Villarreal for Cheryshev. To that we can now add €600,000, again from their Europa league win.

While those sums are nice, the whole situation is still a huge net negative. Even if they lose all Champions league games by hefty margins, Villarreal are guaranteed 31 million for participation, plus €1 million per point and around €8 million for TV money. Make it 40 million minimum with possibility of 20m more. That allows them to both outspend us and to attract players.

A last case which brought in even more money than those was Kondogbia. Valencia got €2 million due to Atletico's league win and €1 million because they reached the quarter finals of the Champions league. Again, better than nothing, but it would be far better to see Valencia earning money on its own rather than getting drips and drabs from rival teams' success.

Ultimately, this money does reduce the amounts needed to close the accounts. Instead of nearly €31 million, €25 million in player sales will now balance the books.