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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cillessen injured, Gonzalo Villar continues to shine

 Bad news for Valencia. Just when he'd returned and was beginning to play well, Jasper Cillessen got injured while on international duty with the Netherlands. 

He's expected to be out for 2-3 weeks, missing the game away to Cadiz and probably the home game versus Sociedad. It's a blow because he's looked more convincing than Jaume between the sticks.

Meanwhile in the internationals, Gonzalo Villar scored for Spain under-21s. Valencia let him join Elche in 2018, with the club retaining 80% of the rights, which meant that 3.2 million was earned when he joined Roma in January last year. That's the end of the good news. Valencia no longer has any rights in the player, who is now a regular defensive midfielder for Roma and whose value has reached at least 15 million. It's another failure of Valencia's often chaotic youth policy under Meriton, who claim to be interested in developing youth but often let promising ones slip away for next to nothing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Valencia CF interested in Florian Thauvin

Valencia CF are interested in signing Marseille’s midfield star Florian Thauvin, who's refused to sign a contract extension with Marseille and is looking for offers to join another club. Valencia CF has supposedly been interested in the player since last summer, but failed to snatch him from Marseille and they didn't make any significant attempts due to his sales fee, but since his contract is running out this summer he will be a free agent and Valencia CF are hoping to lure the player to the Mestalla.

Another team linked to the player is Valencia's Spanish rival Sevilla who are in better position to acquire the player as they have the money and quality necessary to lure top talent to their club. Its going to be a tough order for Valencia CF to sign Florian Thauyin as the team needs to first make over 30 million euros in order to meet financial obligations, and as I reported Valencia CF is looking to offload Goncalo Guedes this summer to make those money!

Valencian groups boycoting Valencia CF

Opposition to Peter Lim is heating up and more and more groups are boycotting Valencia CF. From organized fan groups and associations to former Valencia CF staff and players calling for boycotts and even governmental intervention against Peter Lim.

The 'From Torino to Mestalla' platform loses more than half of its partners in a few weeks, recently Santiago Canizares spoke out against Peter' Lim's running of the club and even called on government official to do something. Former players and staff have also spoken out publicly against Peter Lim, not to mention the protests organized by different fans of the club over the past months. 

We have confirmation that shirt sales have plummeted this season, as well as other merchandise and part of that is because people just aren't enthusiastic about the team, but part of it is a concentrated effort to financially squeeze Valencia CF so much that Peter Lim would have no choice but to sell the club at any cost, because remember Valencia's costs are now Meriton's costs, so if VCF ends up losing a ton of money, Peter Lim loses that money! 

Is that a good idea, does that hurt the club or Lim more? Who knows, only time will tell, but what do you guys and gals think about it, is it a good strategy to boycott the club in order to try and force Lim to sell? 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Eduard Navarro: I want to purchase Valencia CF

Yesterday I wrote how another party wants to buy Valencia CF and now we have direct confirmation by the people of that group. Eduard Navarro gave a statement to Las Provincias that his intentions are to purchase Valencia CF from Peter Lim. He is the founder and CEO of Gerrers Net investment and alongside several investors from Spain are serious in their desire to purchase Valencia CF.

They have an offer of 244 million euros through the ATCA fund to Peter Lim, but so far Lim has not accepted the offer, though he hasn't rejected it either! The investment group is solely focused on real estate, but considering Valencia CF has two stadiums and large land under its name, its a lucrative deal for Gerrers Net, and owning a club like Valencia CF if managed properly can bring success and money to them! We also have other investors from Spain and Valencia CF who are bringing in big amount of money.

Personally this is a solid offer, Valencia's value has diminished since Peter Lim took over and we still have huge debts to various banks, we still have an unfinished stadium and we don't even have big names like we used to have in Silva, Villa, Mata, Soldado, etc... who the team was able to sell for huge amounts of money.

Prince Ismail: Peter Lim won't listen to other offers

The prince of Johor Ismail Idris has spoken to Spanish newspaper As and cleared things up about his dealings with Peter Lim and Valencia CF. We now have a very clear and complete picture of what was happening and what the plan was.

So the prince had never planed to purchase Valencia CF outright, he said that his goal was to purchase a significant portion of Peter Lim's shares and be a significant shareholder of Valencia CF, but Peter Lim would still have been the majority shareholder and ultimately control the club. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Another party to buy Valencia CF

Seems like the prince of Johor isn't the only interested party to purchase Valencia CF. There have been some reports about another party circling around, but they didn't seem as credible, so I've avoided writing about it, but its been reported several times from different sources that it it does seem real. 

So at the center of this party is Net de Gerrers an alternative investment manager focused on cross-boarder investments in real assets, investing US & EMEA capital in the Spanish-speaking world, along with other Valencian and Spanish investors, we even have names like Enrique Lucas, Javier Guerola, José María Mas Millet and others who are leading the charge to buy Valencia CF from Peter Lim. 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Valencia CF to appoint Diego Martinez this summer?

Granada's feats this season haven't gone unnoticed, as they reach the quarter finals in the Europa league and are very competitive in the league this season as well, being higher position than Valencia CF at this stage of the competition. Reports are saying that Granada's coach Diego Martinez who's contract with Granada ends in the summer is the primary target of Valencia CF who are going to have a change of coach the upcoming summer and want Diego Martinez to be Javi Gracia's replacement.

Diego Martinez is holding out on extending his contract with Granada and is waiting to see if a better offer comes along and if reports can be trusted, Valencia CF will come in with a better offer to try and lure him to join Valencia CF.

Valencia CF interested in Uros Djurdjevic

Valencia CF interested in Uros
Valencia CF are looking at Serbian striker Uros Djurdjevic as a potential signing this coming season, as Kevin Gameiro seems to be on his way out and Uros Djurdjevic potentially being his replacement. Those are the reports as of now. Personally I think Valencia CF is going to sell Maxi Gomez as he can bring in more money than Kevin Gameiro, though Gameiro still might go as a way to save on his wages as well. 

So Valencia CF is targeting Uros Djurdjevic who plays for Sporting Gijon in the second division and has scored 19 goals in 28 matches for Sporting Gijon this season, with my personal belief that he is going to replace Maxi Gomez in the team.

Durđević made his senior debut for Rad on 28 August 2011, under manager Slavko Petrović, coming on as a substitute for Luka Milivojević in a 1–2 home league loss to Sloboda Užice. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Valencia CF purchase meeting a bust

Two days ago the prince of Johor Ismail Idriss and Peter Lim were seen together in Singapore, the prince traveled to Singapore in order to negotiate the purchase of Valencia CF. I've written about it here and the meeting was supposed to bring the two sides closer to reaching an agreement, but new reports from sources close to both men are now saying that the meeting was a bust and there was no agreement reached over anything. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Charitable and fun event by VCF foundation

Hey guys, so it seems like the Valencia CF foundation and matchwornshirt are doing a charitable auction, in which you can bid for a players shirt and you will get an original worn and signed shirt by the players of Valencia CF. Its a chance for fans across the globe to get their hands on the ultimate Valencia fan-item: a worn & signed shirt of their favorite player. The shirts worn in the match against Levante will all be signed by the players and have been put up for auction straight from kick-off. This way fans who can't go to the stadium can bring a piece of the match home.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Peter Lim and the prince of Johor seen together

Current Valencia CF owner Peter Lim and would be owner Ismail Idriss have been seen together in Singapore, and sources close to both men say that this is another round of negotiations, with the prince of Johor being serious in his desire to purchase the club. 

Reports have been swirling online for almost two weeks now about the takeover of Valencia CF, with the prince of Johor starting the speculations himself by announcing his wish to purchase Valencia CF and also promising certain things if he is to take over the club over social media.

Yunus Musah chooses to represent the USA

Valencia CF player Yunus Musah has chosen to represent the USA national team, instead of England, boosting the USA squad a bit and also giving himself a bigger opportunity to play. 

The player was born in New York and has a dual passport, he had already featured for England's under 18 team, and he also represented the USA, making his debut for them last December against Wales. 

The player announced his decision on social media and is hoping to be a regular in the USA national team.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Valencia CF to offload Goncalo Guedes this summer

Peter Lim is in deeper trouble every single day, with the city of Valencia CF now demanding that Valencia CF fulfil their obligations to the city as part of the deal to purchase the ground where the new Mestalla was built, which Valencia CF has not done anything thus far and would cost the club at least additional 20-30 million euros. With fans not returning to the stadium anytime soon by the looks of it and considering the dwindling popularity of the club and dwindling prestige that means less money from sponsors next season and less money from fans buying the club's merchandise. Therefore Peter Lim is already making plans of selling our most valuable players in the summer to try and raise over 50 million euros, so he can maybe settle some of the city disputes and he himself will take away a big part of that money as his firm Meriton has loaned Valencia CF money for the purchases of back in the day the likes of Moreno and Negredo! 

Goncalo Guedes is the highest paid player in Valencia CF right now, his salary being about 5 million euros per season and he is still one of the highest valued players in our squad, at about 25 million euros. So if Valencia CF sells Guedes for 25 million euros and saves 5 million more that season by not having his wages, then than is a 30 million gain for Peter Lim who is getting pressured from all sides to pay up. 

He knows that Goncalo Guedes is not the favorite among fans, apart from his first season he's had two suspect seasons where he hasn't contributed too much, so the fans are probably not going to make a big deal out of his sale and the club can net about 30 million euros, assuming they can sell him for 25 million euros. 

Personally I think that would be a big loss, because he is one of our most famous players and that has value too, he attracts fans, he sells shirts, he brings in Portuguese fans, etc... So his value is not just sporting, but financial as well. Also you usually want to build your team around players like Guedes, rather than sell them, if they are not performing optimally you surround them with players who lift their game and play well with each other. I think Gaya, Soler, Guedes, Paulista right now form the core of our team and we have to build a team around them, I still see Kang-In as a huge talent, but he kid needs support and the current coach isn't giving him the proper support and play time he deserves. 

Other than Guedes we have Soler, Gaya, Gomez, etc... who are some of the highest paid players in our squad, so maybe they are next as well, with Lim at the helm we are probably going to lose them all either next summer or the one after. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Rodrigo Moreno: Six years of good and bad at Valencia CF

Rodrigo Moreno who left Valencia CF last season for Leeds in the Premier league gave an interview with AS in which he referenced his time here at Valencia CF.

He told AS: "I had been with Valencia for a long time; three summers in which it seemed that I was leaving and then I was staying. The time had come to close a six-year stage, which I describe as very positive. And in that context appeared Leeds, the Premier… and the challenge of working with a coach like Marcelo Bielsa. That caught me a lot.

"The Premier is very attractive for its sporting and economic potential. Also, Leeds is a landmark. In terms of structure and infrastructure, it is an elite club at the level of others in which I have been (Benfica or Valencia). In addition to what I was telling you, my decision was influenced by the project they presented to me. Leeds approached the promotion like a new cycle.

"They were six very intense years in Valencia. For me and for all of us who live them. We had very good years and very bad years. I think I had nine coaches, six sports directors, three presidents… I needed to change and the club also wanted to enter a new stage. Many of us left that we had been there for a long time… and that's how it all happened.

"I needed a change of airs, in Valencia it was six very intense years, and the Leeds appeared; with a project, with the Premier, with Bielsa..."

But you will know how Marcellin is doing in Bilbao...

"Of course I do. I recognize that since Marce's been at Athletic... I've been at least more aware of their results. And I've seen some matches, like the Super Cup victory... I'm infinitely happy for him and his technical staff. I hope they do great in both Cup finals.

And how do you feel when you see Valencia fight to get away from the descent?

"It's a complicated season. I've been there for years and in similar situations. The club is in a complicated situation, a lot of instability. I hope the season ends in the best possible way, because I have many friends and a lot of affection for the club and its fond."

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Negotiations for the takeover of Valencia CF are ongoing

So, as I reported in the previous article, Valencia CF president Anil Murthy is completely clueless about what is really going on in the club(as always), and is just a useless yes man to Peter Lim. So it seems that negotiations are ongoing with Prince Ismail Idriss and Peter Lim and that the prince's intentions are to takeover the club and be the majority shareholder. 

He has posted on several social media platforms his intentions of purchasing the club and basically being in charge of what goes on, rather than as some reports wrongly claimed that he is just buying a minority stake and being a piggy bank for Peter Lim to continue running the club into the ground! The prince has posted himself the intention to purchase the club, to be the majority shareholder and lead the team. He has even named names of potential sporting director and club president, but since its way too early for that, I won't mentions any names here as the chances of them being the same names are slim, even if Ismail would like them to lead the club. 

Prince Ismail Idriss said that while he may own shares, the club will belong to the supporters. He also wrote about the sheer passion, determination and love for the ball that guided his plans, he ended with the sentence: "No politics, and no b * * * * * *."

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Peter Lim to remain largest shareholder and owner

There was much talk about the prince of Johor purchasing Valencia CF, or at least some stake in the club, but it seems now as if that won't happen after all. In a shareholders meeting today Valencia CF president Anil Murthy basically said that Peter Lim won't be selling his shares in the club and that he is committed long term.

This wouldn't be the first time Anil Murthy doesn't know about stuff and being left out himself with no information about what is going on at the club. We know Peter Lim likes to take action singlehandedly without telling anyone and basically all the staff at Valencia CF finding out through the media, so there are still chances that the prince could purchase some shares or majority shares, I guess will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts, do you trust Peter Lim to turn this ship around, tell us in the comments section! 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Is the prince of Johor buying Valencia CF?

There are new reports floating online that the prince of Johor Tunku Ismail is basically only an investor and would purchase just a portion of the shares, leaving Peter Lim still the majority shareholder and having a controlling stake at the club.

This could be for a number of reasons, he might want to find out how the club operates first, you know get in the water with his feet first, before diving head on or it could be that he just doesn't have liquid money in what Peter Lim values the club. Even though he is worth 750 million, that is mostly value of businesses and stuff and doesn't mean he has liquid assets(money).

Either way the new rumors are that he is going to be an investor with Peter Lim still controlling the majority stake at the club, which from my point of view is the worst thing, means that Peter Lim can still run the club into the ground, but this time around its with another guy's money!

Personally I can't wait for Peter Lim to leave, he is a terrible businessman, terrible human, he acts out of personal vendettas and disagreements when he doesn't know the first thing about running a football club and basically is too arrogant, too brazen to run a successful club.

What do you guys think about these reports? Is Valencia CF going to get a new owner, would you like a new owner, what are your thought, tell us in the comments section!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Prince of Johor to buy Valencia CF?

Reports are swirling that the prince of Johor has reached an agreement with Peter Lim for the purchase of Valencia CF. The prince is a friend of Peter Lim and they've been seen eachother on numerous occasions, so considering Peter Lim is pretty much hated by every Valencia CF fan, and he has been unable to work his scheme to make Valencia CF a selling club, he has supposedly reached out to the prince to sell the club to him. 

Prince Tunku Ismail Idris has been interested in Valencia CF for some time as a big football fan and with the opportunity presenting itself it seems as though he has or is willing to purchase the club. His net worth is estimated to be in the 750 million range and that is his personal wealth, he is part of the royal family of Malaysia who is worth billions. 

The prince of the southern Malaysian state has already said to Marca: “I am not someone to change the crest or the tradition of your club, as I said before. I am not a businessman. I am here for the glory.”

“I am a prince, not a businessman. Money does not motivate me, glory motivates me and make history. It is not a secret that I love football, I am passionate about it.”

Tunku Ismail opened a few days ago the possibility of his arrival at Valencia by posting on social networks extracts of what appeared to be an economic report on the club and making a series of reflections on what in his opinion the entity needs.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

La Liga Matchday #25: Getafe CF 3 - 0 Valencia CF Match Thread


Alex Blanco's contract has been renewed to 2022. There was a clause in the player's contract that will automatically trigger the renewal should he play 10 games this season and that has been fulfilled in the Copa del Rey game against Sevilla. 

The club is trying to secure Kang In's contract renewal with new interest coming from other clubs. These are rumored to be Juventus and Real Madrid.

Pablo Longoria has been hired as the President of Olympique Marseille.

There were also rumors that Valencia maintain their interest in Pepe Bordalás as coach. With Getafe also struggling for form, his position has been questioned and Valencia is reportedly keeping an eye on the situation. Apparently, the choice made in the summer was between him and Javi Gracia, and management settled on the latter since he was without a team and could be lured easier.


Getafe come into the game on the back of a 1-0 defeat away to Real Betis. The home team dominated the possession and chances but Getafe managed to hold on up until the 84th minute when they conceded a penalty. 

Valencia arrive with a 2-0 home against Celta Vigo in their previous fixture. While Valencia played better than in their past few games, the game was at a deadlock until injury time where Valencia scored twice. The goals came from Manu Vallejo and Gamerio, both introduced as second half substitutions, with set ups from Kang In and Correia who put in some good work this game.

Getafe are currently 15th in the standings with 24 points from 24 games. Valencia are 12th with 27 points from the same number of games.

FORM (all competitions)

Getafe: LLLLD

Valencia: WLDWL


Diakhaby has recovered and expected to be in the squad that travels to Getafe.

Javi Gracia has served his suspension and will return to the sidelines.

Piccini requires many weeks to get back to match fitness according to Javi Gracia and will likely not appear until close to the end of the season.

Cheryshev still deals with some discomfort and will not be part of this week's squad.


6' - Yellow card shown to Theirry Correia for a tactical foul on Mauro Arambarri to stop the counter-attack
13' - Yellow card shown to Enes Unal for an arm to the face of Gaya
28' - Yellow card shown to Djene for an off-the-ball challenge on Kang In before the corner
31' - Yellow card shown to Cabaco for a challenge on Kang In Lee who had robbed him off the ball in a dangerous position
39' - Goal for Getafe. 1-0. Mauro Arambarri gathers the attempted clearance from Correia, takes on touch and shoots from quite a long way out. Cillissen gets his fingertips to it but cannot keep it out.
45' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages


Half-time stats. 8-2 shots, 1-0 shots on target, 42-58% possession, 54-64% pass accuracy.

Rough half for both teams with 4 yellow cards already. Both teams struggled for chances and the difference is a long range strike that not much could be done about.

That being said, Getafe picked up a lot of yellow cards and two of them went to their central defenders. Under more pressure, this will force them to back away from challenges or get a red card which Valencia can capitalize on.


51' - Red card shown to Diakhaby for pulling down Maksimovic as the last man, thereby denying a goal-scoring opportunity. First game back and a costly error.
53' - First change for Valencia. Guillamon replaces Musah to reinforce the defense after the card.
54' - Unal with a 1 v 1 chance against Cillissen but he cannot score. That was very fortunate.
55' - Goal for Getafe. 2-0. Jaime Mata finishes a good pass from Unal
57' - Yellow card shown to Cucurella for a rough challenge on Paulista
64' - First change for Getafe. Chakla replaces Cabaco
68' _Second change for Valencia. Gameiro on, Racic off
73' - Second change for Getafe. Cucho Hernandez on, Enes Unal off 
75' - Red card shown to Paulista but overturned by VAR. That would've been really bad.
76' - Yellow card shown to Nyom for a challenge on Gaya. Yellow card shown to Gaya for dissent against the referee after that challenge.
81' - Double substitution for Valencia. Cutrone and Oliva on for Maxi Gomez and Carlos Soler
85' - Triple substitution for Getafe. Alena, Kubo, and Timor come on for Nyom, Mata and Arambarri
86' - Goal for Getafe. 3-0. Cucho Hernandez with a cross that was volleyed by Alena past Cillissen.
89' - Cillissen with good save to deny a fourth goal.
90' - Five minutes added by the referee for stoppages.
90+5' - Gullamon with a brilliant through ball to break down the defense. Gameiro pull its back for Kang In but he takes too many touches and the chances fizzles out.


Full-time stats. 15-5 shots, 4-0 shots on target, 42-58% possession, 58-68% pass accuracy.

Another embarrassing game. A defeat to rivals that allows them to go ahead in the league standings. And yet again, not a single shot on target for Valencia. The team failed to build on the positive result of the previous game.

The result of the first half was rescuable especially with the vulnerable central defenders of Getafe (both on yellow cards). However, it would be Valencia who would pick up the red card first, taking away any chance at a comeback and would widen the gap between teams. Getafe would grab a second goal soon after. The situation was comparable to a challenge by Getafe in the first half and they walked away with only a yellow card.

Valencia almost picked up a second red card after Paulista's challenge but the situation was rescued by VAR which overturned the decision. 

Getafe kept up the pressure sensing weakness and grabbed a third, and almost a fourth. Valencia almost produced a goal in the final minute but there was no finish.

Paulista in the post-match interview was in tears as he reflected on the current situation of the team. Where do they go from here?

Next match is on Friday March 5 against Villareal at Mestalla.

Friday, February 19, 2021

La Liga Matchday #24: Valencia CF 2 - 0 Celta Vigo Match Thread


Following the last game, the club captains, ambassador and president to discuss the result and the state of the team. As usual, the statement that came from this meeting is that the team is united and focused on changing the result moving forward. 

Speaking of the president, Murthy has flown to Singapore a few days ago, with the intention of staying 2 weeks (due to COVID-related restrictions). While he is staying there, Joey Lim is responsible for local duties. This trip has sparked quite a few speculations, with some saying the Murthy might not come back, while others compare this to the time leading up the sacking of Celades when Murthy also travelled back to Singapore. It remains to be seen what comes of it.


Valencia come into this game on the back of an embarrassing 2-0 away defeat to Real Madrid. The team failed to show up and the home team managed to win comfortable while barely breaking a sweat. Both goals came in the first half, the first a strike from distance from Benzema, while the other was a team effort that was passed into the net by Kroos. Valencia was never in the contest.

Celta Vigo played out a 3-1 home win against Elche in their last fixture. Celta scored 2 goals just on the brink of half-time which gave them a comfortable lead going into the second half. Elche pulled one back early in the second half but Celta Vigo restored their 2 goal margin. Santi Mina scored 2 of the goals for Celta.

Valencia are 13th in the league standings with 24 points from 23 games. Celta Vigo are 9th with 29 points from 23 games.

FORM (all competitions)

Valencia: LDWLL
Celta Vigo: WDDDL


Cillissen and Mangala are in the final stages of recovery and could be selected depending on readiness. Guillamon returns having served his suspension last game while Gracia still has a game left to finish his suspension. Cheryshev and Diakhaby are still in recovery and are expected to be back as soon as next game. 

It is reported that Gracia has practiced with the same 11 as last game but with Musah instead of Guedes and Kang In instead of Vallejo.


12' - Yellow card shown to Nolito for a late challenge on Kang In
22' - Goal for Valencia is overturned for offside. It was good team play. Correia was lightning quick on the break with lots of space ahead. He takes an early cross to find Maxi Gomez who passes on the volley to Alex Blanco but the ball goes through to Wass who strikes it first time at goal and beats the keeper. Wass was returning from offside position though.
29' - Murillo gives possession away with a poor pass from the back which Wass intercepts. Wass carries the ball forward and threads a nice pass to Kang In Lee who had made a run into the box. Tapia just manages to get a touch on it to take it away from Kang In and into the arms of the keeper.
31' - Yellow card shown to Santi Mina for a foul on Correia
44' - Well-timed run by Kang In into the box. Correia spots him and plays a decent through-ball. The keeper comes off his line and races to the ball, getting there just before Kang In.
45' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages
45+1' - Good play by Valencia on the break following a Celta Vigo free kick. Unfortunately, Alex Blanco overhits the pass to Kang In and allows the defense to get into place. Kang In keeps going and finds Wass on the opposite flank. Wass passes to Racic who picks out a through ball to find Gaya. Gaya puts in the cross but nobody is there to attack the ball.


Half-time stats: 3-1 shots, 0-0 shot on target, 52-48% possession, 77-72% pass accuracy

The team showed up in the first half, contrary to the last game. There were a few spells that looked good at various points in the half. The final product is still lacking though. The team put together some great passing sequences on the counter but the danger often fizzles out in the final third.

Both teams gave up the ball very frequently which means less time on the ball for both teams and a comedy of errors to give the ball away back and forth.

Great work ethic from Kang In in the first half. He seems intent on capitalizing on this opportunity and making a mark. Cannot say the same for many other players.


53' - Yellow card shown to Tapia for a foul on Wass to stop the counterattack
55' - Yellow card shown to Kang In Lee for kicking the ball away after a foul.
61' - Kang In with a through ball to Maxi Gomez setting him for a run into the box. The keeper comes out and Maxi gets to the ball first and goes to ground. VAR is checking if the keeper made contact with him.
62' - Yellow card shown to Gaya for dissent against the referee. He feels it should be a foul.
63' - VAR rules that there was contact. Red card shown to Ruben Blanco for denying a goal scoring opportunity with a foul. Free kick given at a good position just outside the box.
66' - First change for Celta Vigo, goalkeeper Ivan Villar replaces Facundo Ferreyra
71' - First substitution for Valencia. Kevin Gameiro replaces Alex Blanco
75' - Gaya breaks down the opposition defense with a through ball to Kang In who takes a turn and then plays the ball across goal. Villar gets a touch to the ball and Gameiro attacks at the far post but cannot make contact.
80' - Second substitution for Valencia. Racic off, Vallejo on
81' - Second substitution for Celta, Aidoo replaces the injured Solari
82' - Throw-in from Celta finds Santi Mina on the left edge of the box after a touch from Paulista. Mina attempts to go through Guillamon and Soler. In the process, Soler pokes the ball towards Nolito right in front of goal but thankfully Cillissen is quick off his line to smother the ball.
89' - Final change for Celta. Nolito off, Beltran on
90' - Seven minutes added by the referee for stoppages
90+3' - Goal for Valencia! 1-0! Vallejo starts the play exchanging passes with Gaya just outside the box. He receives the ball back, passes to Kang In and continues his run forward. Kang In threads the ball through the defense to find Vallejo again who pokes the ball past the incoming keeper and into the goal at the far post.
90+6' - Final change for Valencia. Kang In Lee off, Ferro on
90+7' - Goal for Valencia! 2-0! Correia receives the ball wide and cuts inside past one defender and then another before playing the ball behind the defense to find Gameiro who strikes the ball into the roof of the net.


Full-time stats. 7-4 shots, 57-43% possession, 82-76% pass accuracy

A valuable 3 points, a clean sheet and a much needed win for Valencia. It took a red card and 7 minutes of extra-time to do it but the result is what will matter at the end of the day.

Gracia's substitutes were the difference makers alongside Kang In who showed great work ethic since the start of the match. Correia also deserves credit for pushing on for a second rather than playing it safe.

Next game for Valencia is on Saturday the 27th away to Getafe.