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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Granada CF 1-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF came into the Granada match following an emphatic victory over Getafe CF with Valencia CF looking to extend their run of wins against a weaker side in Granada CF, but Granada had other plans. Early in the first half Granada CF would take the lead through a powerful counter attack with Luis Suarez getting on the cross of Carlos Bacca, escaping Alderete and firing a precise show low into the corner, beating our new goalkeeper Giorgi and putting Granada one up.

Valencia CF would not lose confidence though and would continue attacking, with the determination to get one back in and equalize the match. This would result in several good chances for Valencia CF, mainly through Maxi Gomez and Goncalo Guedes, but Cheryshev and others had decent opportunities as well. 

Guedes would fire a good shot after a good pass to him by Maxi, but his shot was weak and the ball was cleared with Maxi and Cheryshev also having shots at goal, but failing to convert. Valencia CF would keep attacking and passing the ball mostly through the wings with Gaya and Correia constantly joining the attack and sending in crosses and passes.

None of the attack would pay off though as Valencia CF did not have finishers this match and all of their efforts ended up being wasted in front of goal. If this match proved anything it is that no matter what coach or playing style Maxi Gomez just isn't our goalscorer and the sooner Valencia CF can get an attacker the better, though the timeframe is getting shorter and shorter. 

Valencia CF would continue with its attacks in the second half and once again most of its attacks went through Guedes, but unfortunately no end ball or a goal and it seemed as if Valencia CF would lose this match, but then Gaya decided to take matters into his own legs and act out a foul, which not only tricked the referee, but the VAR observers too, awarding Valencia CF a penalty. Maybe they were just trying to  compensate for the terrible calls Valencia CF had last season, but they gave the penalty and once again Carlos Soler was precise from the penalty spot.

Just as soon as Valencia CF scored, Granada scored once again, as if the universe punishing VCF for a false penalty. But the referees were on our side once again and VAR once again determined a hand play and the goal was disallowed. This was a proper decision though and the end result stood at 1-1. Valencia CF is still unbeaten in La Liga, but there is much improvement to be made if Valencia CF is going to have any chance for European football and we are only talking about Europa league, no chance for CL it seems this season!

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Valencia CF 1-0 Getafe CF Match Report

Valencia CF first 2021/22 season match started with a hard fought win over Jose Bordalas former team in what was an eventful and intense match. Right off the bat the match turned bad for Valencia CF as Hugo Guilamon was shown a red card for a high leg collision with Maksimovic after VAR reviewed the incident. Truth be told it was not a straight red card for me, both players had their leg up, both lunged towards the ball and both sort of hit each other with the leg, Hugo actually lifted his leg second after Maksimovic and therefore it was higher at the point of impact, making it look worse, but it was no worse than what Maksimovic did. 

Terrible call from VAR, why is it even used to judge cases like this? Isn't it supposed to be for extremely questionable things like hair splitting goal line calls and hair splitting offside calls, not for fouls or stopped play. 

Anyways this did not prevent Valencia CF from launching counter attacks and on one occasion Cheryshev got the ball wide on the left flank, moved inwards towards the penalty area, he had two Getafe defenders on him and when he reached the penalty area he was fouled and a penalty was awarded to Valencia CF. 

Soler stepped to take the penalty, backed away a short distance from the ball, engaged in a slow run towards the ball and placed a low right sides shot towards the goal, with the Getafe CF goalkeeper misjudging the direction Soler would shoot and lunging at the wrong side. Soler scores and Valencia CF get a lead on Getafe CF in what was otherwise a bad situation for the team.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Valencia CF 3-2 Villarreal CF Friendly Match

Valencia CF just played its first preseason friendly match against Villarreal CF and it was Jose Bordalas first game in charge of Valencia CF as the team took on the yellow submarine in what was a tough first preseason friendly. 

Valencia CF starting eleven was Cillessen, Thierry Correia, Alderete, Paulista, Musah, Racic, Hugo, Sobrino, Fran Perez, Vazquez and Diego Lopez.

Villarreal CF had the initiative for most of the match and were awarded two goals for it, but Valencia CF rallied later in the second half after quite a few substitutions and ultimately managed to win the match. Jose Bordalas will be slightly worried about the performance for the first 60 minutes, there were some positives and standout individuals, but it was only after dozen of changes on both sides that Valencia CF managed to find the back of the net, twice through Manu Vallejo who came in as a substitute.

It was Denis Cheryshev who gave Valencia CF the win late in the 94th minute after positioning well and intercepting a cross from Jason, then going forward a bit and scoring.

Valencia CF is still missing quite a few players though, with Guedes, Soler, Gaya and others yet to return and start their preseason preparations. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

SD Huesca 0-0 Valencia CF Match Report

So a bit of a surprise with the starting eleven, I was expecting Voro to give some of the peripheral players some run out in the last match of the season, but Voro has always been very conservative and he decided to pretty much field mostly the strongest starting eleven (Maxi's inclusion aside), with Gaya being out of the starting eleven as well, with Toni Lato being given a chance here and Wass also being given a rest with Racic starting in his position. 

It was the same setup he's used as well with a back line of 3 players with Correia and Lato acting as both wingers and wide defenders depending if the team is attacking or defending, in the mid we have the trio of Racic, soler and Kang-In Lee and up front Guedes and Maxi Gomez. 

SD Huesca needed a win to stay in the first division, but unfortunate for them they only managed a draw with Valencia CF, while their relegation rival Elche won their match by two goals to zero against Atletic Bilbao.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Valencia CF 4-1 SD Eibar Match Report

Valencia CF 4-1 SD Eibar Match Report

Valencia CF trashed SD Eibar 4-1 in what was a goal fest for VCF fans. Its been a while since Valencia CF won by more than one goal difference and with such a convincing scoreline. Even though we won by a lot, it was still a fairly competitive match, SD Eibar did have more control of the ball, they did have the initiative as well, but Valencia CF defended well and hit them hard on the counter attack. This formation and system is basically designed to absorb attacks and then hit them back on the counter, relying on our fast paced players to do some damage. 

As soon as the match started Valencia CF scored a goal. Soler moving towards Eibar box, releases a powerful through ball that reaches Guedes and he is precise and scores.

Eibar would try and return the favor as they gained the initiative and started looking for a goal, they would have few longer range efforts, but nothing would come out of it. Valencia CF would basically defend mostly and have a few tries on the flanks. Then in the 19th minute Carlos Soler would score the second goal for Valencia CF.

The third goal would come in the 30th minute, once again Carlos Soler with the goal to essentially seal the match. SD Eibar would not have it though and got one back in the 38th minute after a tap in from Bryan

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Sevilla FC 1-0 Valencia CF Match Report

Unfortunately second shift at work again and these midweek games are really hard for me to watch, work gets in the way. From the play by play, reports and highlights from the match it seemed like a really close match, with both teams having chances to score, but Sevilla FC just barely managing to edge out Valencia CF. Again it seems as if Valencia CF did compete really well with Sevilla and if the team had been a bit more lucky the result might have been different, a draw would have been a fair result, but Sevilla FC is riding their luck and tempo this season. 

Mistake from Ferro for Sevilla's goal, he was the ones marking the player and he allowed his mark to get away and receive the ball in a great position, even have time to setup and shoot wherever he wanted, Cillessen had no chance. I'm not going to be too hard on him though, he's barely played and all of a sudden put in such a big game against a very good Sevilla side. Plus anyone can make that mistake, VCF were setup to mostly defend, and hit them on the counter, and it mostly worked except for their one goal.

If Valencia CF can maintain a similar level against every opponent I think the team has solid chances to think about Europa league. I won't overstate things after two games and we know Voro is going to be at the helm for these matches and next season would be a new coach and we might even see a big sellout again, so it might even be a different team.

I'm just hoping we get to keep Gaya, Paulista, Soler, Correia and Guedes, I think these are the players we need to build a successful team around. Maxi is very replacable, Cheryshev, Gameiro, Diakhaby, Jason, etc.. are all replaceable, but they are also the ones who can bring the least amount of money to the team from their sales and that is where the issue lies. 

What did you think of the match, did Valencia CF deserve a draw here?

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Valencia CF 3-0 Real Valladolid Match Report

Valencia CF with a convincing win over a combative and really solid Real Valladolid team. If you'd ask me in the first 30 minutes of the match if Valencia CF would win, I would have doubt it and even a draw would have been fine with me, but two solid goals from Gomez changed the whole game. Its been at least 3 months I think since Maxi Gomez last scored a goal and in this match he scored two and from two. He had two chances and scored from both, amazing performance, where was this guy the whole season?

I didn't expect too many changes from Voro, but I was surprised by the changes. It wasn't numerically many changes, but the concept was different. He started with 3 central defenders, 5 players in midfield with Correia and Gaya also serving as defenders when Real Valladolid attacked, but serving as wingers when Valencia CF was in attack. Wass and Soler completed the midfield with a forward 3 of Kang-In Lee on the right flank, Guedes on the left and Gomez in a central forward position. 

Real Valladolid started well, better than Valencia and had few quick chances. Valencia CF would counter and mount few chances of their own, but noting would come out of them. The match sort of slowed down a bit from the 25th minute, with Real Valladolid having control of the ball and trying to create something, but all of their efforts were stopped and they did not have any serious chances.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Valencia CF 2-3 FC Barcelona Match Report

Valencia CF plan against FC Barcelona was to sit back and defend with numbers, park the bus type of strategy and hit FC Barcelona on the counter, all good, but you need to have a solid defense for that and Valencia CF doesn't! The team did hold out for about 55 to 60 minutes truth be told, but then the flood gates opened and Barca scored three goals in succession. 

Valencia CF wasn't without its chances, Gaya had an early chance which he blew, Guedes had a good chance later on, Racic, Guedes in the second half, etc... We had our chances, there were good chances as well, but we didn't manage to score from them! Its also shameful when our defenders seem to have more goals than our attackers, though our defense is with its own set of issues!

It was a fairly close game all and all, yeah Barca had a little bit more chances and complete ball control, but Valencia CF was with its own serious chances and the result could have easily been 3-3 or 2-2 or 4-4 or whatever had Valencia CF took at least one of its early chances! 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Valencia CF 1-1 CD Alaves Match Report

Classic Valencia CF! We can't seem to be able to win a straight match, today was an overall good performance, Valencia CF had most of the possession and was a lot more dangerous with that possession as well, creating dozen of chances mostly through Guedes who was really on fire in this match, but Valencia players were really wasteful in front of goal. 

Guedes provided several good passes to Gameiro and Maxi Gomez who failed to score time and time again. We had at least 4 solid chances in the first half to get ahead, had we converted some of those chances the team could easily have been up by two goals, possibly even more, but again we were very wasteful in front of goal and failed to score. 

The second half was similar to the first in that Valencia CF had the initiative, had opportunities, but again very wasteful and casual in front of goal. Gameiro would score in the 56th minute what was in my opinion a legitimate goal, but for some reason it got checked by VAR and they decide it wasn't a goal, how, why, I have no clue! It wasn't an offside, literally millimeters to decide, I don't think a human can really make that decision that its offside based on millimeters, and even if it was, it wasn't reflective on the play, meaning the offside didn't affect the goal at all. I don't understand why was the goal even being checked? Why even have referees on the field if every goal and every things is going to be checked by VAR? 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Real Betis 2-2 Valencia CF Match Report

The game played out as expected, Real Betis was considered the favorite coming into this match and they affirmed that position by playing slightly better. They had more possession and a little bit more attacks, though overall Valencia CF was pairing them fairly well.

Valencia's troubles started due to terrible defending once again, Real Betis with a throw in to a player, this one finds Joaquin alone and unmarked on the left flank and passes the ball to him, Joaquin runs forward and towards the goal, gets a cross and finds Fekir who is also unmarked for some reason, gets a shot in and the ball goes into the net. 

Valencia CF would fire back through Guedes who's thankfully playing some solid football, really impressive stuff and has scored or provided an assist in the last 5 matches in a row I believe. He got the ball from Uros Racic, ran past his marker and as he was being pulled to be brought down on the ground he managed to fire a shot and scored. It was a very impressive goal. 

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Valencia CF 2-2 Real Sociedad Match Report

Valencia CF had such an advantage going into this match, with almost half of Real Sociedad squad out injured, the rest fatigued from a mid week match against Bilbao, Valencia CF with pretty much all of its players available for selection and it still isn't enough. 

Andoni from Real Sociedad handles the ball with his hand and gives away a penalty, Soler sets up to take it and he misses. We were served a goal on a platter and still couldn't take advantage of it. Then as a punishment for the missed penalty Real Sociedad instantly score a goal. The first real attack by Real Sociedad and our defense makes a mess out of it, and Uros Racic loses his mark, then Soler rushes in but is tricked also and loses the player, Diakhaby comes to cover, but again he doesn't apply enough pressure and Guevara is able to send a shot wide and low, Jaume fails to reach the ball and its a goal.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Cadiz CF 2-1 Valencia CF Match Report

The match came up to an abrupt stop after what seems a racist incident to have occurred towards Diakhaby, with Valencia CF leaving the pitch. There is still some discussions going on, I don't know if its over or what. The cameras are still rolling, the players are still on the stands, I don't know if the match will actually continue. 

Seems like the match will continue with Hugo Guillamon instead of Diakhaby. The players are warming up again. 

What a joke, classic Valencia CF. We are attacking all match, have possession, have chances, but can't score and Cadiz get A chance and score a goal. Why can't this team string more than one win? I can not believe how bad our defense was, with the exception of Correia who played very well. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Valencia CF 2-1 Granada CF Match Report

What a match. First time in a long time I felt good watching Valencia CF play. I think that early 3rd minute goal changed so much, it allowed Valencia CF to settle in very well and get really comfortable and play some really good football. Valencia CF was attacking and controlling the match for most of the first half, it was really good.

The first goal came really early in the third minute, when Gaya got the ball on the left flank, rushed forward, got away from his marker and send a good cross into the penalty area, Wass fought away his marker and managed to get a leg to the ball sending it into the net. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

La Liga Matchday #26: Valencia CF 2 - 1 Villareal CF Match Thread


Valencia come into this game off a heavy 3-0 away defeat to Getafe. The team failed to show up or put in the required effort. That, paired with an early red card in the second half, made for an embarrassing game altogether.

Villareal have been poor recently as well, having not won a game in La Liga since early January. Their previous game was 0-2 home loss to Atletico Madrid. Despite dominating the game's possession and overall shots, they weren't effective in front of goal. An own goal in the first half and a great strike from Joao Felix in the second made the difference.

Valencia are currently 14th with 27 points from 25 games while Villareal are 7th with 37 points from just as many games.


Diakhaby will miss this game due to the red card he picked up last game. This should provide an opportunity for Guillamon or Ferro to start. 

Cheryshev and Piccini are the only two players left on the injury list.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

La Liga Matchday #25: Getafe CF 3 - 0 Valencia CF Match Thread


Alex Blanco's contract has been renewed to 2022. There was a clause in the player's contract that will automatically trigger the renewal should he play 10 games this season and that has been fulfilled in the Copa del Rey game against Sevilla. 

The club is trying to secure Kang In's contract renewal with new interest coming from other clubs. These are rumored to be Juventus and Real Madrid.

Pablo Longoria has been hired as the President of Olympique Marseille.

There were also rumors that Valencia maintain their interest in Pepe Bordal├ís as coach. With Getafe also struggling for form, his position has been questioned and Valencia is reportedly keeping an eye on the situation. Apparently, the choice made in the summer was between him and Javi Gracia, and management settled on the latter since he was without a team and could be lured easier.


Getafe come into the game on the back of a 1-0 defeat away to Real Betis. The home team dominated the possession and chances but Getafe managed to hold on up until the 84th minute when they conceded a penalty. 

Valencia arrive with a 2-0 home against Celta Vigo in their previous fixture. While Valencia played better than in their past few games, the game was at a deadlock until injury time where Valencia scored twice. The goals came from Manu Vallejo and Gamerio, both introduced as second half substitutions, with set ups from Kang In and Correia who put in some good work this game.

Getafe are currently 15th in the standings with 24 points from 24 games. Valencia are 12th with 27 points from the same number of games.

FORM (all competitions)

Getafe: LLLLD

Valencia: WLDWL


Diakhaby has recovered and expected to be in the squad that travels to Getafe.

Javi Gracia has served his suspension and will return to the sidelines.

Piccini requires many weeks to get back to match fitness according to Javi Gracia and will likely not appear until close to the end of the season.

Cheryshev still deals with some discomfort and will not be part of this week's squad.


6' - Yellow card shown to Theirry Correia for a tactical foul on Mauro Arambarri to stop the counter-attack
13' - Yellow card shown to Enes Unal for an arm to the face of Gaya
28' - Yellow card shown to Djene for an off-the-ball challenge on Kang In before the corner
31' - Yellow card shown to Cabaco for a challenge on Kang In Lee who had robbed him off the ball in a dangerous position
39' - Goal for Getafe. 1-0. Mauro Arambarri gathers the attempted clearance from Correia, takes on touch and shoots from quite a long way out. Cillissen gets his fingertips to it but cannot keep it out.
45' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages


Half-time stats. 8-2 shots, 1-0 shots on target, 42-58% possession, 54-64% pass accuracy.

Rough half for both teams with 4 yellow cards already. Both teams struggled for chances and the difference is a long range strike that not much could be done about.

That being said, Getafe picked up a lot of yellow cards and two of them went to their central defenders. Under more pressure, this will force them to back away from challenges or get a red card which Valencia can capitalize on.


51' - Red card shown to Diakhaby for pulling down Maksimovic as the last man, thereby denying a goal-scoring opportunity. First game back and a costly error.
53' - First change for Valencia. Guillamon replaces Musah to reinforce the defense after the card.
54' - Unal with a 1 v 1 chance against Cillissen but he cannot score. That was very fortunate.
55' - Goal for Getafe. 2-0. Jaime Mata finishes a good pass from Unal
57' - Yellow card shown to Cucurella for a rough challenge on Paulista
64' - First change for Getafe. Chakla replaces Cabaco
68' _Second change for Valencia. Gameiro on, Racic off
73' - Second change for Getafe. Cucho Hernandez on, Enes Unal off 
75' - Red card shown to Paulista but overturned by VAR. That would've been really bad.
76' - Yellow card shown to Nyom for a challenge on Gaya. Yellow card shown to Gaya for dissent against the referee after that challenge.
81' - Double substitution for Valencia. Cutrone and Oliva on for Maxi Gomez and Carlos Soler
85' - Triple substitution for Getafe. Alena, Kubo, and Timor come on for Nyom, Mata and Arambarri
86' - Goal for Getafe. 3-0. Cucho Hernandez with a cross that was volleyed by Alena past Cillissen.
89' - Cillissen with good save to deny a fourth goal.
90' - Five minutes added by the referee for stoppages.
90+5' - Gullamon with a brilliant through ball to break down the defense. Gameiro pull its back for Kang In but he takes too many touches and the chances fizzles out.


Full-time stats. 15-5 shots, 4-0 shots on target, 42-58% possession, 58-68% pass accuracy.

Another embarrassing game. A defeat to rivals that allows them to go ahead in the league standings. And yet again, not a single shot on target for Valencia. The team failed to build on the positive result of the previous game.

The result of the first half was rescuable especially with the vulnerable central defenders of Getafe (both on yellow cards). However, it would be Valencia who would pick up the red card first, taking away any chance at a comeback and would widen the gap between teams. Getafe would grab a second goal soon after. The situation was comparable to a challenge by Getafe in the first half and they walked away with only a yellow card.

Valencia almost picked up a second red card after Paulista's challenge but the situation was rescued by VAR which overturned the decision. 

Getafe kept up the pressure sensing weakness and grabbed a third, and almost a fourth. Valencia almost produced a goal in the final minute but there was no finish.

Paulista in the post-match interview was in tears as he reflected on the current situation of the team. Where do they go from here?

Next match is on Friday March 5 against Villareal at Mestalla.

Friday, February 19, 2021

La Liga Matchday #24: Valencia CF 2 - 0 Celta Vigo Match Thread


Following the last game, the club captains, ambassador and president to discuss the result and the state of the team. As usual, the statement that came from this meeting is that the team is united and focused on changing the result moving forward. 

Speaking of the president, Murthy has flown to Singapore a few days ago, with the intention of staying 2 weeks (due to COVID-related restrictions). While he is staying there, Joey Lim is responsible for local duties. This trip has sparked quite a few speculations, with some saying the Murthy might not come back, while others compare this to the time leading up the sacking of Celades when Murthy also travelled back to Singapore. It remains to be seen what comes of it.


Valencia come into this game on the back of an embarrassing 2-0 away defeat to Real Madrid. The team failed to show up and the home team managed to win comfortable while barely breaking a sweat. Both goals came in the first half, the first a strike from distance from Benzema, while the other was a team effort that was passed into the net by Kroos. Valencia was never in the contest.

Celta Vigo played out a 3-1 home win against Elche in their last fixture. Celta scored 2 goals just on the brink of half-time which gave them a comfortable lead going into the second half. Elche pulled one back early in the second half but Celta Vigo restored their 2 goal margin. Santi Mina scored 2 of the goals for Celta.

Valencia are 13th in the league standings with 24 points from 23 games. Celta Vigo are 9th with 29 points from 23 games.

FORM (all competitions)

Valencia: LDWLL
Celta Vigo: WDDDL


Cillissen and Mangala are in the final stages of recovery and could be selected depending on readiness. Guillamon returns having served his suspension last game while Gracia still has a game left to finish his suspension. Cheryshev and Diakhaby are still in recovery and are expected to be back as soon as next game. 

It is reported that Gracia has practiced with the same 11 as last game but with Musah instead of Guedes and Kang In instead of Vallejo.


12' - Yellow card shown to Nolito for a late challenge on Kang In
22' - Goal for Valencia is overturned for offside. It was good team play. Correia was lightning quick on the break with lots of space ahead. He takes an early cross to find Maxi Gomez who passes on the volley to Alex Blanco but the ball goes through to Wass who strikes it first time at goal and beats the keeper. Wass was returning from offside position though.
29' - Murillo gives possession away with a poor pass from the back which Wass intercepts. Wass carries the ball forward and threads a nice pass to Kang In Lee who had made a run into the box. Tapia just manages to get a touch on it to take it away from Kang In and into the arms of the keeper.
31' - Yellow card shown to Santi Mina for a foul on Correia
44' - Well-timed run by Kang In into the box. Correia spots him and plays a decent through-ball. The keeper comes off his line and races to the ball, getting there just before Kang In.
45' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages
45+1' - Good play by Valencia on the break following a Celta Vigo free kick. Unfortunately, Alex Blanco overhits the pass to Kang In and allows the defense to get into place. Kang In keeps going and finds Wass on the opposite flank. Wass passes to Racic who picks out a through ball to find Gaya. Gaya puts in the cross but nobody is there to attack the ball.


Half-time stats: 3-1 shots, 0-0 shot on target, 52-48% possession, 77-72% pass accuracy

The team showed up in the first half, contrary to the last game. There were a few spells that looked good at various points in the half. The final product is still lacking though. The team put together some great passing sequences on the counter but the danger often fizzles out in the final third.

Both teams gave up the ball very frequently which means less time on the ball for both teams and a comedy of errors to give the ball away back and forth.

Great work ethic from Kang In in the first half. He seems intent on capitalizing on this opportunity and making a mark. Cannot say the same for many other players.


53' - Yellow card shown to Tapia for a foul on Wass to stop the counterattack
55' - Yellow card shown to Kang In Lee for kicking the ball away after a foul.
61' - Kang In with a through ball to Maxi Gomez setting him for a run into the box. The keeper comes out and Maxi gets to the ball first and goes to ground. VAR is checking if the keeper made contact with him.
62' - Yellow card shown to Gaya for dissent against the referee. He feels it should be a foul.
63' - VAR rules that there was contact. Red card shown to Ruben Blanco for denying a goal scoring opportunity with a foul. Free kick given at a good position just outside the box.
66' - First change for Celta Vigo, goalkeeper Ivan Villar replaces Facundo Ferreyra
71' - First substitution for Valencia. Kevin Gameiro replaces Alex Blanco
75' - Gaya breaks down the opposition defense with a through ball to Kang In who takes a turn and then plays the ball across goal. Villar gets a touch to the ball and Gameiro attacks at the far post but cannot make contact.
80' - Second substitution for Valencia. Racic off, Vallejo on
81' - Second substitution for Celta, Aidoo replaces the injured Solari
82' - Throw-in from Celta finds Santi Mina on the left edge of the box after a touch from Paulista. Mina attempts to go through Guillamon and Soler. In the process, Soler pokes the ball towards Nolito right in front of goal but thankfully Cillissen is quick off his line to smother the ball.
89' - Final change for Celta. Nolito off, Beltran on
90' - Seven minutes added by the referee for stoppages
90+3' - Goal for Valencia! 1-0! Vallejo starts the play exchanging passes with Gaya just outside the box. He receives the ball back, passes to Kang In and continues his run forward. Kang In threads the ball through the defense to find Vallejo again who pokes the ball past the incoming keeper and into the goal at the far post.
90+6' - Final change for Valencia. Kang In Lee off, Ferro on
90+7' - Goal for Valencia! 2-0! Correia receives the ball wide and cuts inside past one defender and then another before playing the ball behind the defense to find Gameiro who strikes the ball into the roof of the net.


Full-time stats. 7-4 shots, 57-43% possession, 82-76% pass accuracy

A valuable 3 points, a clean sheet and a much needed win for Valencia. It took a red card and 7 minutes of extra-time to do it but the result is what will matter at the end of the day.

Gracia's substitutes were the difference makers alongside Kang In who showed great work ethic since the start of the match. Correia also deserves credit for pushing on for a second rather than playing it safe.

Next game for Valencia is on Saturday the 27th away to Getafe.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

La Liga Matchday #23: Real Madrid CF 2 - 0 Valencia CF Match Thread


Real Madrid's previous fixture was midweek at home against Getafe - a game that they won 2-0. The game was fairly one-sided with Real Madrid dominating possession and the vast majority of chances. A header from Benzema to meet a cross from the right wing put the home team in front, before Mendy extended their lead with a tap in from a cross from the opposite flank.

Valencia played out a 1-1 draw at home against Athletic Bilbao in their last fixture. An own goal by Hugo Guillamon put the away team in front just before half-time. Valencia equalized in the second half through a corner set piece delivered by Soler and converted by Paulista.

Real Madrid are currently 3rd with 46 points from 22 games. Valencia are 12th with 24 points from 22 games.

FORM (all competitions)

Real Madrid: WWLWL

Valencia: DWLLD


Javi Gracia and Guillamon will both serve their suspensions this game, having delayed it for the past two games. This will be the first of two games for Gracia and the only one for Guillamon. With Diakhaby and Mangala injured, Ferro will certainly start this game.


12' - Goal for Real Madrid. 1-0. Benzema with an effort from just outside that box that travelled across and into the goal at the far post. 
27' - Yellow card shown to Guedes for a tackle from behind on Varane
28' - First change for Real Madrid. Vazquez replaces the injured Carvajal.
30' - Modrid receives the ball wide on the right and plays a first-time cross to Benzema who attempts to flick the ball past Jaume. Paulista throws his who body in front of the shot to deny the goal.
40'- Modric gets free from Soler at the edge of the penalty area with a couple of touches before firing at goal. Jaume punches the ball back into play towards Modric who wins a corner after his shot deflects off of Paulista.
42' - Goal for Real Madrid. 2-0. No urgency from Valencia as Madrid pass the ball around. Kroos to Asensio to Modric while Gaya does little to pressure.  A pull-back to Vazquez and another to Toni Kroos who hits it low and into the net at the near post.
44' - Yellow card shown to Racic for a rough challenge on Vinicius
45' - One minute added by the referee for stoppages


Half-time stats. 10-0 shots, 5-0 shots on target, 67-33% possession, 91-79% pass accuracy.

The stats speak for themselves. This was very poor from Valencia. Despite the urgency of the situation the team is in with the standings, and the quality of the team in front of the them, they have failed to step up. 

Real Madrid got away with playing at a very tame pace without challenge or punishment. Even still, they managed to get 2 goals doing so. Valencia meanwhile, not a single shot, let alone any on target. 

Gracia needs to wake the team up in half-time or else this could get really bad in the second half.


45' - Double substitution for Valencia. Musah and Gameiro on, Guedes and Vallejo off
46' - Yellow card shown to Theirry Correia for a challenge on Vinicius
53' - Maxi Gomez gets the first shot on target from a long way out and forces a save out of Courtois
61' - Goal over-ruled. Real Madrid put the ball in the back of the net but he was offside when he received the ball.
64' - Double substitution for Valencia. Kang In and Oliva replace Wass and Soler.
71' - Second change for Real Madrid. Asensio is taken off, Sergio Arribas takes his place.
78' - Double change for Real Madrid. Benzema and Modric are replaced by Mariano and Isco
82' - Final change for Valencia. Cutrone on, Maxi Gomez off.
90' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages.


Full-time stats. 16-4 shots, 7-1 shots on target, 61-39% possession, 91-84% pass accuracy.

Valencia barely managed to contain the damage to the 2 goals conceded in the first half. They also managed to get a shot on target and test Curtois. Other than that, it was more of the same lethargic team that showed up in the first half. 

The commentary on beIN sports was saying how embarrassing the first half was for Valencia and that they would struggle to find another game that was this easy for one team this season as the one they've seen today. That about sums it up.

Next game for Valencia is on the 20th at home against Celta Vigo.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

La Liga Matchday #22: Athletic Bilbao 1 - 1 Valencia CF Match Thread


Athletic Bilbao come into this game having played the Copa del Rey Quarter Final away against Real Betis mid-week. A late goal from Juanmi in the 84 minute put the home team in front, before Raul Garcia rescued his side in the 4th minute of injury time to extend the game into extra-time. After two scoreless halves of extra time, Athletic beat Betis 1-4 in the shootout to qualify to the semi-finals.

Valencia had no game mid-week and their most recent game was a narrow 1-0 win at home against Elche. The header from Daniel Wass from Guedes's cross would be the only thing separating the two teams for the game.

Athletic Bilbao are 11th in the league with 24 points from 20 games while Valencia are currently 14th with 23 points from 21 games

FORM (all competitions)

Athletic Bilbao: WLWWW

Valencia: WLLDW


Cillissen is currently training and should be available within 1-2 weeks.

Diakhaby, Mangala, Cheryshev are out with injuries. Gameiro hasn't been cleared to return following the positive COVID test.

The three new signings: Ferro, Oliva and Cutrone have all passed the PCR tests for COVID and are available for selection. It remains to be seen if any will start/ play a role in the game. It has been reported that Gracia mostly practiced using the same 11 that played against Elche.


15' - Vallejo drives the ball forward from midfield on the counter-attack and successfully finds Guedes in a wide position. Guedes puts in a low cross to the near post which is flicked back by Vallejo to Maxi Gomez. Unfortunately, he gets it tangled between his legs and cannot take a shot.
18' -  Wass finds the overlapping run of Correia. He delivers the cross to the center of the box and Maxi attempts to strike it on the volley. The shot is wide.
28' - Racic plays a long diagonal ball aimed at Correia. Gomez heads it to help it reach its destination before getting into the box himself to meet the cross and head it. Again, it's wide of the target.
43' - Goal for Athletic Bilbao. Guillamon puts the ball past his own keeper in an attempt to deny the cross from reaching Inaki Williams at the far post.


Half-time stats. 1-6 shots, 0-1 shots on target, 47-53% possession, 78-81% pass accuracy

Quite an unfortunate end to a decent half. The own goal from Guillamon was against the run of play and the only chance at goal by Bilbao for the entire half.

Athletic dominated the first part of the half, pressing really aggressively and forcing Valencia to play rushed passes or long clearances that cost them possession. They got forward many times but had difficulties delivering the final ball, partly due interventions from the Valencia defense but also due to key absences in their team.

Valencia got the majority of chances at goal with well executed counter-attacks. Unfortunately, the finishing left a lot to be desired as none of the shots hit their mark. Valencia was looking like they had figured out how to break down the opposition defense. They drew out their midfielders and found spaces behind them. At the end of a counter-attack, the Bilbao keeper played the ball out quickly starting one for his own team and the final ball was put past Jaume by Guillamon. Guillamon simply had to get a touch there as Williams was lurking behind him and would've surely scored. The touch wasn't the right one though and gave the home team the advantage going into half-time.


50' - Williams muscles Correia away and delivers a cross into the box, picking out Sancet in space. He takes a touch and shoots at goal but Jaume manages to save and get back up quickly to claw the ball away from danger. Great work from Jaume.
51' - Yellow card shown to Berenguer for a rough challenge on Guedes
52' - Wass gets a header on Gaya's cross but it's just over the cross-bar. Good, quick response.
64' - Double change for Valencia. Wass and Vallejo are replaced by Musah and Cutrone
65' - Goal for Valencia! 1-1! Gabriel Paulista loses his defender and scores with a header from Soler's corner
67' - Musah with a brilliant individual run from his own half, all the way to the opposing box, leaving defenders in his wake. He opts to go for the shot himself at the end but cannot hit the target.
68' - Substitution for Athletic Bilbao. Unai Lopez replaces Sanset
69' - Double change for Athletic Bilbao. Vesga and de Marcos on, Morcillo and Vencedor off.
73' - Yellow card shown to Inigo Martinez for tripping up Musah
74' - Double change for Athletic Bilbao. Ander Capa and Balenziaga are replaced by Lekue and Berchiche
78' - Jaume with a quick ball out to begin a counter-attack, finding Cutrone in an advanced position. Cutrone picks out Gomez in space and with defenders scrambling to get Gomez, Cutrone gets the ball back. He takes a shot but cannot hit score as the ball is cleared off-the-line.
79' - Yellow card shown to Soler for dragging down Unai Lopez to deny the counter-attack.
86' - Musah and Correia team up on the right flank before the latter puts in a cross into the box. Guedes gets a shot but its deflected off a defender. Racic strikes the loose ball on the volley but it flies over the crossbar.
89' - Final change for Valencia. Alex Blanco in, Goncalo Guedes off.
90' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages


Full-time stats. 11-15 shots, 2-2 shots on target, 51-49% possession, 76-79% pass accuracy.

Valencia will walk out of this game surely being the more disappointed of the two teams. With the amount of chances they had against an exhausted opposition, it is unfortunate that they couldn't come out with all 3 points. The three points would've put Valencia over Athletic Bilbao in the league standings, although the latter still have a game in hand.

Valencia's next game is on Sunday February 14th away from home against Real Madrid.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

La Liga Matchday #21: Valencia CF 1 - 0 Elche CF Match Thread


There was confirmation in the past few days that Guedes was left out of the Sevilla game by technical decision rather than illness/injury. Apparently, there are attitude problems, same as what happened with Maxi Gomez earlier, and Gracia decided to send a message to him. In training, the captains had a word with Guedes, as they did with Maxi, to try to get him motivated and relay his importance to the team.

The player that tested positive for COVID turned out to be Kevin Gameiro. There was a report of another positive test since the Sevilla game.

Javi Gracia and Hugo Guillamon were handed a 2-game and 1-game suspension, respectively, following a recent ruling by the RFEF committee. This was for the intentional yellow card received by Guillamon under instruction from Gracia which was caught on camera in the Atletico Madrid game on November 28. In that game, Guillamon was on 4 yellow cards, 1 away from suspension, and picked up an injury. Before being subbed off, Gracia instructed the player to get a yellow card to waste time, and since he would be out for 2 weeks due to the injury, it wouldn't matter. This is against the rules. Valencia is trying to postpone the punishment due to the shortage of players in defense.

Alex Blanco has been officially promoted to the first team. The Mestalla B team recently signed Outtara from Lille on loan with a purchase option, he takes the spot left by Alex Blanco.

Gracia, in the pre-match press conference, reflected on the fact that the transfer window is in it's last stages and he is still in the dark about whether or not signings will be made.

A decision of Kang-In's future will be postponed until summer, for now it appears he will stay. Gracia added in the press conference that he think he is a promising player who showed a lot of maturity and that he hopes he will stay.

There were reports though that Gaya was at least willing to listen to offers. Barcelona is lurking about and have reportedly made a 15 million euro offer already.

In other transfer rumors, there were reports that Valencia had all but closed of Patrick Cutrone from Wolverhampton and the only obstacle left is facilitating the departure of Sobrino to Cadiz. In midfield Valencia is currently pursuing Luis Florentino (Monaco), Nakamba (Aston Villa), Edson Alvarez (Ajax) or Lucas Torreira (Atletico Madrid).


Valencia come into this game on the back of 3-0 away defeat in the Copa del Rey round of 16 to Sevilla in midweek. Javi Gracia fielded a weakened team to rest his players for the La Liga fixtures and ended up suffering a big loss. 

Elche's previous fixture was last week, giving them an additional few days rest. They played at home against Barcelona and suffered a 0-2 defeat.

Valencia are currently 14th in the league with 20 points from 20 games. Elche are 19th with 17 points from 18 games.

FORM (**all competitions)

Valencia: LLDWW

Elche: LDLLW


Cillissen and Diakhaby are still out with injuries with Gracia saying that the former could be back after 2 weeks in the best case. Mangala also has an injury but there is some hope that he will be available. Guillamon and Gracia has been cleared to participate after the success of the appeal on the RFEF decision. 

Cheryshev has had some discomfort and it is a doubt whether he will start. Gameiro still hasn't tested negative and will miss the game as well. There are still question marks as to who the second player with the positive result is.

Gracia was asked about Piccini's situation and answered that he believes Piccini has a ways to go to be match fit due to his long-term injury and not playing much with Atalanta.


4' - Yellow card shown to Gonzalo Verdu for a late challenge on Manu Vallejo
9' - Gaya plays an early cross into the box after spotting the run from Wass. Both Wass and the keeper come from the ball but Wass gets there first and heads it away from him. He takes a few touches as the defenders scramble to cover their exposed goal. He decides to take the shot but it hits the chest of the defender. There are some appeals for a hand-ball but they are shut down.
22' - Goal for Valencia! 1-0! Racic finds Guedes wide who beats his marker for pace before crossing. Wass meets the cross with a header into the ground which the keeper gets a touch to, but cannot keep out.
30' - Mojica lobs the ball over the defense and sends Morente through towards goal. He into the box with Paulista scrambling back to meet him. He fakes him and takes a shot at goal, but it is over the crossbar.
33'- Penalty for Valencia and yellow card shown to Barragan. Manu Vallejo was taken down in the penalty box to prevent him from getting on the end of Wass's cross. Soler steps up to take the penalty.
34' - The penalty is saved. Badia guesses the correct way and pushes it for Barragan to clear.
37' - The corner delivery into the box is cleared by Maxi Gomez and out of the box. Mojica is strikes the clearance on the volley and manages to keep it on target, Jaume does well to save it.
42' - Yellow card shown to Morente for dissent


Half-time stats. 7-5 shots, 4-1 shots on target, 56-44% possession, 83-83% pass accuracy

Decent half from the team, although clearly would've been better if Soler had put away the penalty to give Valencia some breathing room.

Valencia looked the better team in most areas of the field but that is not to say that Elche didn't cause a threat. It was good to see the team press their defense so well in the first 20 minutes or so in an attempt to force errors. 

Guedes did well to set up the goal for Valencia, beating his defender and crossing into a good position for Wass to connect with it. Credit to Wass for keeping his eye on the ball and attacking it, ahead of all the defenders.

Valencia would have a chance to make it 2-0 after Vallejo was tackled in the penalty box to deny him a chance to head Wass's cross. Soler stepped up and despite his good conversion, couldn't beat the keeper today.


Double substitution at half time for Elche. Barragan and Jose Pomares are replaced by Pere Milla and Miguel Cifuentes.

48' - Yellow card shown to Ivan Marcone for a rough challenge on Soler
49' - Soler with a bit of individual skill drives the ball forward and beats a few defenders, opening up a chance at goal. His shot is deflected wide. Would've been a wonderful goal.
61' - Guedes with another well-hit cross, this time low and across goal towards Manu Vallejo. It hits Cifuentes, takes another touch off Verdu and into the post. Soler is closest but he cannot get it past the keeper.
65' - Yellow card shown to Diego Gonzalez for an elbow to the head of Maxi Gomez
70' - Yellow card shown to Wass for a shoulder into the back of Milla
73' - Yellow card shown to Rigoni for dissent
74' - Substitution for Valencia. Vallejo is replaced by Kang In Lee
75' - Guedes attempts to test the keeper from distance but misses the target.
77' - Substitution for Elche. Guido Carillo on, Rigoni off
80' - Substitution for Elche. Raul Guti is replaced by Victor Rodriguez
87' - Substitution for Valencia. Musah replaces Guedes
89 - Substitution for Valencia. Koba Lein replaces Racic due to injury
90' - Three minutes added by the referee for stoppages
90+1' - Yellow card shown to Victor Rodriguez for a heavy challenge on Kang In
90+3' - Guillamon does well to deny the cross from reaching its target.


Full-time stats. 14-10 shots, 4-1 shots on target, 45-55% possession, 80-82% pass accuracy.

Despite, the uneventful second half, a very important three points were secured and some distance gained on the relegations spots. 

Valencia managed to hold onto their one goal lead for the entirety of the second half without conceding. The scoreline was much closer than they would've wanted and caused additional stress in the half.

Valencia's next game is away to Atheltic Bilbao on Sunday February 7th. The transfer window closes end on Feb 1st.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Copa del Rey Round of 16: Sevilla FC 3 - 0 Valencia CF Match Thread


Sevilla put on a dominant display at home against Cadiz for their most recent fixture. They score 2 in the first half and one in the second, all scored by En-Nesyri to produce a 3-0 scoreline. 

Valencia's last game was against Atletico Madrid away from home and they suffered a 3-1 defeat. Valencia started it out well, scoring first through a long-range shot by Racic. Atletico tied it up in the first half through Joao Felix, who had got ahead of Correia in the corner to score. Valencia looked very good in the first half against the league leaders, but the second half was a different story. Atletico dominated the half and score 2, one from Suarez and the other from Correa, on the counter.

FORM (all competitions)

Sevilla: WWWLW

Valencia: LDWWW


In the pre-match press conference, Gracia said that there would be rotations this game but that it shouldn't be taken as a sign that they won't take the game seriously. He said he field a balance team and rest some others. 

Correia and Diakhaby have both picked up injuries in the last game and it remains to be seen whether they can start. 

Piccini has been cleared to participate, passing all health checks.

It was also reported that an undisclosed first team player may have tested positive for COVID after the game against Atletico. 


20' - Goal for Sevilla. 1-0. Luuk de Jong gets away from Racic and gets on the end of the Acuna's corner kick and heads it past Rivero
23' - Koba Lein wins the ball in midfield, turns past the opposing player and moves to the edge of the penalty area before striking at goal, hitting it directly at the keeper.
28' - Luuk de Jong with another dangerous chance at goal following a cross from Suso. The shot just falls on the wrong side of the post.
30' - Jason tries a shot from distance but it's very tame and hit directly at the keeper
33' - Goal for Sevilla. 2-0. Munir crosses the ball from the left to the opposite side where Suso controls before pulling it back for Luuk de Jong who finishes despite the presence of Guillamon
36' - Paulista gets really high up the field and plays a one-two with Alex Blanco before threading a through-ball behind the defender for Lato. The cross is delivered to Alex Blanco who hits it over the cross-bar. Best chance for Valencia.
39' - Goal for Sevilla. 3-0. Rakitic takes advantage of a deflection of Paulista to lob the ball over Rivero who was off his line.


Half-time stats. 9-4 shots, 4-2 shots on target, 66-34% possession, 91-84% pass accuracy.

Embarrassing half for Valencia. This was at best a training exercise for Sevilla. 

Regardless of the situation or the pressure of the season, there is no excuse for being humiliated like this against a rival team.

This could very well get way worse in the second half.


46' - Sevilla almost grab a 4th right off-the-bat as Joan Jordan heads the cross over the cross-bar
50' - Double substitution for Valencia. Paulista and Racic are replaced by Molina and Esquerdo
62' - Yellow card shown to Marcos Acuna for a tackle of Esquerdo
63' - Two changes for Sevilla. Suso and Jordan are replaced by Oliver Torres and Idrissi
68' - Double change for Sevilla. Acuna and Jesus Navas off, Rekik and Aleix Vidal on
80' - Yellow card shown to Aleix Vidal
85' - Change for Sevilla. En-Nesyri replaces de Jong
89' - Change for Valencia. Koba Lein picks an injury and is replaced by Musah
90' - Four minutes added by the referee for stoppages
90+1' - Yellow card shown to Munir for a skirmish with Lato


Full-time stats. 16-8 shots, 6-4 shots on target, 62-38% possession, 90-83% pass accuracy.

No improvement in the second half but not any worse either. The team managed to hold it at a 3-0 scoreline.

A game likes this raises several questions. Has Gracia had enough and is trying to get Lim to fire him so he avoid paying the penalty? OR has Lim ordered that the team not take this competition seriously as he was said to have done to Marcelino? OR is Gracia really incapable of changing the situation at this team.

As for what happens after the game, it remains to be seen what will happen to Gracia or in this transfer window in general as a consequence.

Next game for Valencia is against Elche at Mestalla on Saturday the 30th of January.