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Monday, May 5, 2014

Filler stats

Hey I just want to clarify things that the players strengths and weaknesses in the player pages for Paco and Jonas were fillers and incorrect.

Here is the real for Jonas:
+ Strengths
- Weaknesses
Creativity Great
Consistency Poor
Vision Excellent
Strength Poor
Technique Good
Stamina Poor
Shooting accuracy Poor

Here is the real for Paco:
+ Strengths
- Weaknesses
Youthful Great
Hesitant Poor
Explosiveness Good
Consistency Poor
Agile Good
Experience Terrible
Work rate Excellent

I have 8 more done, though unfortunately the ones for Canales, Rami, Guardado and Viera are likely to all fall off as Canales has already left and those three are likely to be sold in the summer.

I will be updating their pages right now with the correct tables.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Fantasy Premier League "Valencianistas"

Hi guys, if you want to compete in another fantasy premier league like the last two years join

By clicking the link you automatically join and don't need the code, which is embedded in the link, or 57586-358111 if you want to join manually.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Valencia CF fixtures 2013-14

Valencia CF fixtures for 2013/14 are up on the fixtures page obviously and as you can see a new blog design as you all wanted, hopefully you like it, but if not I can always revert to the previous design. 

I'm working on the players pages right now as well and I'm expecting to have 10 players done within a week with the new players page. 

You may have also noticed the blog has two more writers Pawan and Gundam and consider this their official introduction since I've completely forgotten to do one before. 

Hopefully between 3 writers we can offload the workload and have the blog saturated with content and features and editorials about Valencia CF.

Also how do you like Valencia's transfers so far and what do you think about the next season? Do you like the transfers, do you hate them, do you think we are strong enough to challenge for the Champions League? I'm obviously going to be doing one of the prediction articles as usual later on and laying out my predictions about who is going to win the Spanish Primera title and where Valencia CF is going to finish.

I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Record month of January

This past month of January has been record breaking in visits to the blog. In fact the past 3 months have all been record breaking, but this month was significant with a big mobile audience for the first time. In fact 1/4 of the audience came from mobile devices landing directly to the mobile sites.

The blog had over 45.000 pageviews in total as measured by blogger, this includes mobile.

The biggest article was the match preview of real madrid vs valencia cf in the first leg of the cup with over 600 pageviews. The most read page was the transfers page, though unfortunately it was a non eventful winter in the transfer market, with only Javi Guego reaching a personal agreement with Valencia CF, but would only come in the summer as a free agent.

As far as the browsers go, Google Chrome was the dominant browser, followed by Firefox.

Here are the top 10 visitor countries according to blogger, though I have different data from Google analytics
Entry Pageviews
United States 8443
United Kingdom 3336
Netherlands 1453
Spain 1322
Sweden 1247
Norway 1070
Malaysia 948
Germany 763
Belgium 499
Indonesia 414

Here are the Google Analytics stats:
1. United States 1,279
2. Malaysia 467
3. Indonesia 378
4. Spain 282
5. Trinidad and Tobago 230
6. Poland 221
7. Egypt 207
8. (not set) 168
9. Bulgaria 152
10. Lithuania     150

About 20% of the visitors were from the USA.

The longest average visitors duration was from Ghana at 24 minutes, followed by Zimbabwe with 10 minutes.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I need your help

I need your help in order to build a database of all Valencia CF players, but can only do so with your help. I need you take this survey You need about 15 minutes of free time in order to complete the survey. The survey is about all of Valencia CF players strengths and weaknesses and all questions are mandatory.

The questions are: What are "full name" strengths and weaknesses? And then you need to write your answer.  So please take the survey and make sure you have 15 to 20 minutes of free time so that your answers and insightful and of good quality. 

Thank you very much in advance.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New statistics page and more

Hi there. I've opened up a new page "statistics" in which I track the team performance with some key info, as well as goals and assists per each competition.

The first table is on all matches, (at least the ones there is data for), but there are discrepancies in the data, so for example average passes per game and passing accuracy is only for La Liga and Champions League, while the total minutes played and other data is for ALL competitions.

So you need to have that in mind, as well that additional official competitions like say World club championship or Super cup if Valencia CF were to play would be added to the totals, while friendlies and exhibition matches would not.

After the first table come individual tables for the goals and assists for each competition. 

I'll be adding a lot more data to the statistics page, but a lot more data and statistics and info on the players pages as well, so when you to to the individual players pages you'd find data for them and their key information that isn't necessarily going to be in the statistics data and vice verse. Overall there is going to be a  lot more data and information by which you can determine the players performances and playing style.

So none of this is completed yet and its probably going to take few months before everything is finished and published. 

I'll have a beta page ready within a week or two so you can check it out and provide feedback on it and what kind of data and information you would like on it, if its not already there.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Who is better? Poll Results

I've set up a poll for everyone to decide who is better between Vicente Guaita and Diego Alves and after 3 days we have the results:

Who is better? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 52
In the head to head battle Vicente Guaita won with 16 votes to 14, but most people (22) voted that both are equal.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Champions League fantasy football

I've set up a league for Fantasy Football. Click the link to join, or enter the code: 584265-431055

Also David Albelda got injured two days ago in a training session and he's been ruled out now for at least 3 weeks, probably a month.

Fernando Gago who got injured in the match against Peru though he is fine as his injuries have been ruled minor and there doesn't seem to be any lasting issue. He will probably miss the match against Celta though, as he was kept in hospitals for 12 hours and then had two more analysis in different hospitals.

I think there is time for him to return and feature for Valencia CF, but the doctors want him to see a neurologist, so he will likely miss the match. Hopefully we'll have him for the Champions League match, as right now apart from Gago, who isn't even a DM, but at least has some defensive skills, we have no real DM. Pellegrinho may try and play Victor Ruiz there as he has shows he has some good passing skills and he can tackle great, though we'll see what the coach decides.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poll Results

I've posted a new poll on the side there and after few days I think the trend is clear to know where the wind blows.

First place is "Just more articles on average" and thus I'd try and write more articles, which I've already started since 2 days ago. I actually usually wait for some bigger news, not to write small articles or insignificant articles, but now I guess I'll write the smaller stories as well.

Second place was pics of semi-naked girls posing in Spanish teams dresses, so obviously great interest in that, but I'll only do what was first place and maybe do few text interviews starting from next month.

What would you like to see on this blog most?
Total Votes: 36

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Fantasy League for VCF fans

Hey guys, join me for another season of fantasy premier league football. I want to be Spanish fantasy football, but the Spanish football body doesn't even have a proper website.

Join my Premier League fantasy league Valencianistas:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some blog news

So the month is past us and here are some of the numbers on the amount of pageviews per country. There was also more than 18.000 pageviews total for the past month of July.

Entry Pageviews:
United States 2812
United Kingdom 1413
Germany 624
Spain 442
Sweden 340
Indonesia 335
Belgium 302
Malaysia 288
Trinidad and Tobago 240
France 193

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hottest girl competition, get involved and get posting

Hi there. I'm hosting "hottest girl competition" at the forum, so you better get involved and post which girls you'd like to see in the competition. Right now is the preliminary rounds and I need all of you to get there and get active and post which girls you'd like to see in the competition. The start of the competition will be when we have 32 girls selected, and the girls must be somewhat famous to qualify for the competition, girlfriends and random chicks are not allowed.

Get on the forum thread or be gay and for the record I have nothing against gays, I'm just saying.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 5 visitors by country

Hi there, so while we are not braking any visitor records, set from last summer, although there are two more months of summer to do so, I'll post the top 5 visitors by country:

United States
United Kingdom

As you can see the United States leads with over 25.000 visitors, close second is the United Kingdom with over 20k and far away for 3rd to 5th are Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

I've had some nice boosts from China as well and some months they've been in the top 3, but they haven't been visiting regularly though.

From 6th to 10th place are visitors from European countries with Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Denmark, which are in no particular order.

So yeah either Valencia CF has the most fans in the US or Kyle is visiting my blog over 100 times a day. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Euro 2012 Fantasy League

Thanks for joining in the Euro 2012 Fantasy League, we've had a lot more people than I expected joining and we had 36 people by the end of it. Here is the final table, you can check out the full table at

Congratulations to Digital Monsters winning the championship by only 2 points above Tom&Jerry.

1Digital MonstersHappy Ankit63322
2Tom & TerryLucky As MI6 00760320
3Villa's Nederlandalex chatziioannou52319

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Join the Euro 2012 Fantasy league

Hi there. I've set up a custom league at Uefa Euro 2012 fantasy league for all you Valencia CF fans. All you need to do is log into your account or create an account if you don't have one already.

Join automatically:

Or join manually:
The Code to join the league is: 151523-35532

Monday, May 21, 2012

Valencia CF players 2011/12 season ratings

Here are the ratings for all players over the season. Note that I failed to watch and/or rate the players at all matches, so this year the ratings aren't as telling for the players performance as last year. Also remember that some players have played only one or few games, so high score with few games doesn't mean anything.

Still though its a pretty good measurement and I will be taking these ratings, statistical data, other ratings and deep analysis to come up with the best player this season.

I've also put up a poll to gauge the public opinion on who is the best player and so far the poll results are very equal.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poll Results for Mauricio Pellegrino

So I have the results for our latest poll, about Mauricio Pellegrino. Overwhelmingly with 51% of the vote "Risky choice" was the answer, out of a total of 72 votes.
Mauricio Pellegrino?
Total Votes: 72

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Premier League fantasy Valencia CF fans group

The Premier League is over and here is the Valencia CF group that I've started.Congratulations to Night Elf who managed River Plate on winning the first season of valencia cf fans fantasy premier league group.

I finished 8th and its a decent result, I especially started off very strong, but fizzled out because of my bad choices for captains.

Johnnie Walker with Drunken Bastards finished dead last in what was a close call battle with Siva's CSK.

# Team Manager GW TOT
1 River Plate
0 2,005
2 AmuntLosche
0 2,002
3 Aimar's Assassins
0 1,897
4 Anfield Soldiers
0 1,857
0 1,811
6 LosChé77
0 1,765
7 Pickup's Team
0 1,729
8 Valencia CF
0 1,723
9 Weird_Fishes
0 1,713
10 BK Bollrullers
0 1,687
11 Syriansk Valencia
0 1,641
12 FC Chopsticks
0 1,638
13 Валенсия C.F.
0 1,621
14 Valencia CF
0 1,618
0 1,597
16 LA Reds
0 1,596
17 AmuntValencia
0 1,547
18 Beating Chastards
0 1,535
19 CSK
0 1,336
20 Drunken Basterds FC
0 1,334

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poll Results

Hi there, here are the poll results I've run for about 2 weeks and about 111 votes total.

What Manager?
Andre Villas-Boas 34 votes, 30%
Keep Unai Emery 33 votes, 29%
Marcelo Bielsa 14 votes, 12%
Didier Deschamps 11 votes, 9%
Mauricio Pochetino 9 votes, 8%
Luis Mila 4 votes, 3%
Other 4 votes, 3%
Laurent Blanc 2 votes, 1%

Personally I voted for Didier Deschamps. I think he is one of the most accomplished coaches from the bunch and yet comes with lower salary than say AVB or Laurent Blanc. He has also played for Valencia CF for a season at the end of his career as a player and has at least some connection to the club.

As far as Emery goes after today's heavy 4-0 defeat at the hands of Espanyol his career at Valencia CF is practically for all intense and purposes over. He's done what he could, he stabilized the club and deserves credit and respect for what he has done, but his time at Valencia CF is over and he needs to leave in the summer and a new manager to be brought in to Valencia, preferably Didier Deschamps or AVB.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April's fools

Hi there. In case you didn't know the last report was a fake and it was Aprils 1st joke. For those who got it great and those that didn't great as well, for some that took it way too seriously and had to curse and insult in the comments and email get over it, its a joke.

I wish the Levante draw and Emery's troubles were a joke as well, but they are not and my sources tell me that if Emery doesn't win the next La Liga match its almost certain that Emery will leave. What is known is that their is a battle going on in the board room and behind the scenes and even Llorente's job is insecure. I'd also like to take this opportunity and come to Llorente's defense and reach out to the Spanish fans to support this amazing president as he has made Valencia CF great again!