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Friday, April 16, 2021

Blogger is removing email subscription

Blogger announced that they are removing the email subscription service, so you won't be able to follow us through email within 3 months. There are about 400 people subscribed to the feedburner service, subscribed to the email service so make sure to visit us daily to check for new articles, because again in a few months the feature and service will be removed from Blogger and you won't get emails when we write new articles.

I've also added a donation button if anyone wants to support us, if we do get support it will help with the website's domain service and site maintenance, any help is appreciated, anything more will contribute to our writers. 

This site is now almost 12 years old, we've been going strong for 12 years, many thanks to our current and former writers and contributors, you can see who they are on the join us page. We'll keep on going and write articles about Valencia CF, hopefully in the not so distant future mostly positive news with Valencia CF becoming competitive again, fingers crossed, though in the short term future it seems like we are going to be struggling.

Thanks to all our readers and people who comment, we love to know your thought and opinions, so share them with us in the comment section and remember that you can send me articles on my email for me to post to the site. Make sure its fairly proper grammar and about Valencia CF. It can be any sort of article, it can be news article, opinion piece, transfer news and speculation, etc...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Latest Transfer News

The latest transfer news is:

Santi Mina   Possible loaned to Real Betis or Getafe as he is not wanted by Marcelino.

Medran    Loaned to Alaves together with NANDO and possibly MAKSIMOVIC

Vinicius    Possible loan to Real Zaragoza in Segunda.

Orellana   Interested  by Fenerbache or Getafe or a return to Celta Vigo.

Abdennour   To Zenit but also interest from West Ham, Nice and Besiktas to team up with Negredo.
This will probably be a last minute sale to the highest bidder.

Very good news is that Garay may not now be sold as Vezo has broken small bones in toe so out for 3 or 4 weeks. Apparently Marcelino now wants him to stay.

Goncalo Guedes nearer arriving from PSG after the sale of Mbappe.

Andreas Periera   very close to signing after given release by Man Utd.  Has to be a purchase or loan with option as his contract expires in June 2018

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Looking for writers

Hey there guys and gals, I'm looking for few new writers to help me keep the website updated and have more news.

I've been trying to post as often as I can, but between work and personal stuff and just being really busy I've been unable to post on a regular basis and I the only way to improve this is to have some of you passionate VCF supporters write.

If you are interested please post in the comment sections or send me an email and I'll set you up immediately.

Few news while I'm at it is that Alvaro Negredo will be leaving Valencia CF and joining Turkish club Besiktas. They are actually able to come very close to his current salary and with no offers from England, Negredo has softened to a move to Turkey.

While its still not official yet, the deal is very close and is supposed to go through, but again we'll just have to wait to hear an official confirmation.

As far as new arrivals to Valencia CF, there has been nothing new, the club were after few players like Kondogbia, Jeison Murillo, Grzegorz Krychowiak, but so far nothing has materialized as players are just not interested in joining Valencia CF. Our club's reputation has really taken a beating the past few years and it seems players are avoiding our club like the plague!

So its going to be really tough to acquire new decent players!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Announcing forum and domain name

Okay so I went ahead and purchased a host and domain and a really cheap one on promotion as well. First year I'm getting free domain with the hosting for only 12 euros, after that though it will be about $110 per year for host and domain, but I'll have a year to see if all goes well and go from there.

This will allow me to see the uptime of the host, limitations and whatnot.

Anyways the new forum can be found at and of course the website address is I'll be linking the new domain to the blog shortly.

So go ahead and register on the blog, you don't need email confirmation, once you register you are free to post.

I haven't gotten to finishing the forum, there are some thing that need changing and still finishing, but hey its functional. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Any interested in writing for this blog?

I can't do it all by myself. The amount of time and energy and research that goes into posting even one smaller article is quite large and I just can't do it, can't keep the blog updated.

So I'm looking for one or two or three more writers who would be willing to write for the blog and keep the blog up to date. I already have two writers beside me, but they are busy as well and their contribution is limited, so if you want to help out and write for VCF, now is your chance!

Also would you guys be interested in visiting a domain and having a dedicated forum, with the outlook of possibly transferring to a website design later on if time and stuff permits it. For this to happen though I'll need small donations, since I can't afford a hosting and domain package, especially a decent one. I've looked at domain registration and the cheapest .com would be around $60 for a 5 year domain registration(with a private WHOIS option included) and around $150 for 2 years hosting plan. With my terrible salary I would literally have to stop eating for a whole month and delay my bills to pay for it.

So tell me if there is interest for that, obviously a domain would make the blog more visible over time, it will feature more in search results and a dedicated forum would allow fans to chat all round about the club.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Thanks Aymen for your amazing defending with hands

I can't wait for this trash to get out of Valencia CF.  Why is Pako still playing this trash? He was the worst player last match, he get Vezo out and introduces Mustafi, and now he plays this trash again. I'd rather put Nani as central defender than this garbage!

Please get rid of the trash!

Friday, August 26, 2016

I support VCF, not this imposter

Look guys and gals, I support VCF, I would have supported VCF through hell and back, but this is an imposter club, this is NOT Valencia CF.

There is nothing left from Valencia CF. No staff, management, ownership, players, coaches, ambassadors, etc... There is diminishing fan base that is soon going to realize as well that they are supporting an imposter and everyone would quit.

What is dead may not die though, as phoenix from the ashes the spirit of VCF can live again, get the parasite that's attached to the club out and we can restore Valencia CF. This is a parasite, an imposter club, but VCF can be restored.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Premier league fantasy football

Hey all, once again I'm reactivating my premier league's fantasy league, so everyone who plays join my custom league and compete with your fellow VCF fans. or the code

Code to join this league: 529448-156602

 In other news Montoya, FC Barcelona's right back is close to joining Valencia CF on a permanent deal. The player is supposedly going to cost Valencia CF around 8 million euros, which will be shaved off of the transfer fee for Andre Gomes that Barcelona has to pay.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Congrats to the Brits

I want to congratulate the British people on voting to leave the European Union. Personally I think the European Union had become the new Soviet Union, trying to force fed different nations, cultures, religions, languages, traditions, understandings and behaviors and mold them into one uniform people, lacking the diversity that makes each of us special.

Also if anyone proclaims to support and want democracy, this is it, the people the have spoken and voted to leave the political union of unelected bureaucrats. The European Union has for years now been a body of unelected, non representative bureaucrats who earn millions for literally force feeding their own lifestyles unto others.

There are all sort of theories what this will do to the football policies, but personally I think most of the stuff we see is scaremongering, Britain is in Europe the CONTINENT, they are Europeans, not being in a political union doesn't change that fact of life. So any notion that players from Britain won't count as European is absurd.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

News and promo codes

Hey everyone, I'm back. I've been really sick, but I'm better now and I'll be taking up where I left off. Anyways I have some promo codes for you for a betting/statistics website. I'll be doing these promotions quite frequently. Each code is valid for a month. I'll see if I can get longer codes if there is interest.

Go to and sign up with one of the codes and check out the website.


With the results being terrible Gary Neville has been given an ultimatum, he needs to win today against Real Betis if he is to stay as the manager.

I don't think fans should blame Gary or the players, I think its the circumstances. Instead of strengthening and adding depth this season, Peter Lim's naivete brought more young and inexperienced players, so now we are suffering because we can't rely on a good mix of experience and youth and have to play with inexperienced and inconsistent young players.

To make matters worse the coach to replace Nuno was Gary who is extremely inexperienced, doesn't speak Spanish and is essentially his first coaching job. So you can't blame the players or the coach. I think Peter Lim is realizing that he can't run a football club like a family, so he's hired a sporting director and he is possibly looking of adding a club president as well. He is finally realizing he can't just appoint few of his friends and run the club successfully, it needs experienced and successful people.

There is speculation that Valencia CF are talking to Rafa Benitez and he would be a great appointment for us, but if we can get Pellegrini in the summer that would be even greater. Issue is if we get rid of Gary Neville now, we have to appoint either a good coach or rely on Voro to lead the team till the end of the season, which we know he is a good interim manager for a while, but can he lead the team for months?

Anyways the match today against Real Betis will tell us what happens next. I'm sure Peter Lim would want to keep Gary Neville regardless of results, but he risks losing support of the fans as an owner and that would be really bad for him.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Interview I did and blog news

Hey there. So some news on various fronts. I've had quite a bit of emails sent to me with offers to help around the blog and I've already accepted few, you've all read the latest match preview by our newest writer Adi Sids. I've also finally updated the player ratings and they are completely up to date, after missing 6 matches of ratings. I've also updated the fixtures list with the latest results.

I was interviewed by Daniel Owen over at about Valencia CF and that article is up if anyone wants to read what I had to say:

I'll be updating the goals and assists stats next and bringing those up to speed, before I have to seriously sit down and spend a lot of time updating the overall stat for the players.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We need writers and people who can contribute!

Hi there ladies and gentleman, I've read the comments and I understand we are slacking a lot lately, but the facts are that we need more man power. Its just me and Mick for 99% of the time currently, with Amunt.Valencia focusing on his studies and we just can't do everything.

I wish I could write more and be more active, but I have like 20 things to do on the back end, but I can't just never write anything, so I decide to juggle the work and I end up failing on both ends. There is so much work that needs to be done for the statistics, player ratings, goals/assists, I was working on new design for the New Year, but ultimately everything overwhelmed me.

So we need people to help us, writers, people to help me with social media and contribute on our twitter and facebook(which Shakhawathas been doing a good job) and also back end stuff with updating a lot of the stats for the blog.

We can't do it all with just two people, if you want to contribute, if you want to write for your favorite team and help us this is your chance! I've been continuously doing this for over 5 years, I can't be active all the time and if you want a place to read and discuss about VCF you are going to have to step up and help us.

I know we lose a lot of readers when the blog is not constantly active and the discussions get lost, but I'm afraid there is nothing I can do. Its up to you guys and gals to volunteer and become a writer for this blog or help me with the statistics or social media.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog email me at: slickr12345@yahoo[dot]com

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Amadeo Salvo and Rufete Resign

Let us take a step back, look at, and analyse what has gone on in the past year. 2 years ago we were on the brink of  being bankrupt.  A half built stadium, an embarrassment really to the city and to the club. We had players ( who I won't mention here because we all have our own views ) who were, let's say, below the quality that this club deserves.... So what was needed ?   Somebody with money to come in and inject big bucks.  Not just anybody, we needed to get in the right man or group who could be trusted. It was always going to be a gamble but there was no choice at the time.
So how do we choose the right people to take over ?   The offer was sent out and I believe their were 5 or 6 potential offers made from different groups.  It was rightly believed that these offers should be looked at by experts and therefore a group was set up and to cut a very long story short after a long time of deliberations it was unanimously decided that Peter Lim was the man to take us forward.  So far so good I would suggest, despite the obvious differing opinions at the time.

One of the stipulations of the man taking over was that he would put in his own manager Nuno Espirito Santos an unknown from Rio Ave in the Portuguese League.  So an unknown man from a relatively unknown team.  Eyebrows were raised but he was put forward as the next Mourinho so not a bad comparison if it is true.  Unfortunately Juan Antonio Pizzi , the then manager and very popular was needed to step aside for the new project. I thought it tough on him at the time but the owner, having invested his money was entitled to put his own man in place.

New players were bought in and a lot of the old guard were moved on and a new era begins. Everybody has their own opinions on the players coming in and the ones that left and that is for another day or should I say has all been covered in previous blogs on here.  What has to be said though that with these news players and the new manager results started coming in. Of course the odd blip on the way where silly games were lost but all in all a really good season.  The aim was Champions League and despite the challenges of the much stronger top 3 teams and Seville we achieved the goal.  Whatever criticism anybody can make of the manager, and there has been a lot, It was a remarkable achievement with a new, exciting young team and La Liga virgin manager.

All clubs have internal politics with egos and differing opinions and we are certainly no different. All has come to a head this last week with Salvo and Rufete together with others resigning over the way the club is run. I think not just the debacle of the unfortunate Caoi from Brazil but the responsibilities of the people in the club.  It appears to me that Nuno wants to have the final say in who the club buys but  Salvo and Rufete want to carry on in the old way and bring in who they think should come in. Different clubs around Europe seem to have different methods. In the Premier Division in UK The team manager decides who comes in and who he wants, To me that is the way it should be because he decides who plays and he is the one to lose his job if they lose.  This is obviously what Mr Lim wants.

It appears that all came to a head and Mr Lim was put in a situation where he had to decide to back the manager who he brought in or support the Chairman and Rufete.  Not an easy decision perhaps but there was obviously going to be no compromise, much like the Greek debt.  Of course another actor in the drama Jorge Mendes keeps popping up and cannot be ignored.  What is his role in Valencia. The answer should be, he has no role in Valencia. However it cannot be ignored the influence he seems to have in the club politics. All I will say is that if he can get us top players at fair prices and get fair prices for anybody we sell well fine.  It just has to be made clear to him just where he stands with Valencia CF because the club is and always will be bigger than Mendes, Rufete, Salvo and all the other actors in this play and will still be here long after they have all gone.

Let's just hope that this is all sorted quick, we start getting a few new exciting payers and sort out the Otamendi saga either way.  I believe there is no big panic on signings.  We have 2 good keepers for the early warm up games and who knows we may have already got a decent keeper on the books. Also we need to give the fringe players an opportunity to shine. There is so much doom and gloom around, let's look forward to the new era and new successes.

We need to be patient with the new signings until we know what is happening to Otamendi ?  Do we have another 50 mil, do we need another central defender ?


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Wishes

                                        What are your new year wishes for 2015

1.  Obviously finishing with a top 4 place and preferably 3rd or even 2nd

2.  Referees being more vigilant on players cheating, e.g. feigning injury every time they are tackled and holding their faces every time they go up for a high ball and rolling around the floor looking to get other players booked or sent off.

3.  Hope we beat Real Madrid on Sunday with a final minute dodgy goal after playing well in the game. Hopefully a goal in the 4th minute of 3 minutes added time. We need some good fortune from referees.

I will stay on 3 wishes and leave the rest open.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Hollidays

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope you are enjoying the holiday week and the last weeks of 2014.

This blog would reach its 5th year of existence in 2015, I still think technically it would be 5 years somewhere in summer, but year on year we would be reaching the fifth year.

I want to tank all of you who visit and read the blog, writing articles for no one would be pretty boring and meaningless, so thank you all for sticking with this blog.

I especially want to thank Amunt.Valencia the second author for this blog, he has been helping me for two years now and at times carrying this blog on his own. I want to thank Shakhawat Hossain our facebook manager for his hard work and dedication, managing the facebook page and I want to welcome our newest blog writer Mick Hunter who's just started and who will hopefully stick around for a long time.

This post is the 1050th post on this blog, so we've passed the 1000th post milestone a while ago. Here is I believe the first league match report I wrote:

Friday, October 31, 2014

Forum and blog news

Today I'm pleased to announce a forum to go along with this blog. If you guys/gals can go check it out and tell me your impressions there.

Its supposed to be open to guests, but I haven't tested it out, so I need feedback on it. Also the forum might not properly display for some time, its still propagating the nameservers to a new host, so just try later if you can't reach the blog or if its giving you error message. 

Also I'm looking for someone interested to manage my clubvalenciacf facebook page, I'm too strangled with updating the blog and just keeping up with the statistics is a big task, so I'll need one or maybe even two facebook page managers. Also check out the statistics page if you haven't, it has all the major stats there, updated quite regularly and all matches are updated in now.

Right now I'm using a free host for the blog, of course if it actually gets off and has good traffic and I have problems of downtime with the free host or other issue, I will get paid hosting. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deportivo 2-0 Valencia half-time update

Well Valencia CF is down 2-0 at half time against Deportio. Even my rather conservative match prediction said 1-1 and here we are 2-0 down.

I got to say for me Mustafi is just not good enough, I know a lot of people like him because he played like two games for 15 minutes at the world cup and technically he is a world cup winner, but he is just not good enough.

Partly at fault for the first goal and partly at fault for the second goal as well. First goal he was off in his marking and jumping and the second goal he was off on his jumping as well, allowing the opposite player to head the ball forward. Of course Yoel made a big mistake as well for the second goal as he was badly positioned and his reaction was slow.

Right now Yoel and Mustafi are both at 3 rating for me. Both are mostly to fault for the goal, Barragan has also been quite lacking in defense with 4 rating right now.

Felipe Augusto also hasn't benefited much to the team and feels like Parejo is playing alone going forward. We haven't seen any combination from the forward line and all of the attacks are breaking in that final third. There needs to be better passing and more options there.

The match could still be salvaged, but the team needs to have chances. I think at this point remove Felipe and bring in Feghouli. play 4-4-2. Fuego and Parejo central midfield, Feghouli on the right, Piatti on the left and Moreno and Paco in the center of the attack.

But yeah, I think defensively the team was weak and those goals could have been prevented with better defending and goalkeeping.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

What a bought and paid for penalty for Atletico Madrid

Did you guys see that? I can't believe the audacity and arrogance of these paid referees in their criminal activities. With million of people watching on TV or through the internet, giving such a non existent penalty.

I can't believe that happened. Proof 100% of criminal refereeing right there.

Fortunately Diego Alves did manage to save it and Valencia CF is still leading 3-1. Lets hope we win this game, the team has been doing great so far, lets hope that Paco or Moreno score as well to put this match to bed!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Champions League fantasy football

I have set up a league in UEFA Fantasy, come and join me! - 1133448-608287

The more people we get the better, as there are no more public leagues.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fantasy football

Hey guys, its that time of the year again. Everyone please join my custom premier league fantasy league.

The more people we get the better, compete against me and other Valencia CF fans for the ultimate premier league expert knowledge bragging rights.

Last year my team failed miserably, on the back end of the table, even though I had almost all of the big names, like Silva, Suarez, etc... my failure was picking the right captain.

Join my league now: