About us

About us
This site started in 2010, at first it was just me writing all sort of news and articles, but within the years other people have joined me in contributing to this site in various ways and degrees. Of course, none of us would be doing this if it wasn't for your passion about our favorite club Valencia CF.

Amunt.Valencia (Writer)
John Auld (Writer)
Karthik (Former)
ElninoPawan (Former)
Mick Hunter (Writer)
Baraha (Former)
Shakhawat Hossain (social media)(Former)

You can join us and contribute
I'm looking for more people who can contribute in various ways and degrees, including back-end work. We could always use more writers, we could always use more people that contribute to the back end, stuff like updating statistics, updating and creating player profiles and people who can also do both.

What you can write about
You can write about anything, right now we are 3 writers and we all become busy in certain periods where we have lower level of activity on the blog, unfortunately this is just the realities of life, so we could always use more writers. You can write anything you want, from news to transfer speculations to features and editorials, to match previews and reports and more.

Community Articles
If you don't want to commit to this blog, but still want to contribute and maybe just want to share your thoughts on the team or want to do an analysis of the gameplay, you can still do it by sending me articles to my email address.

Make sure your article is substantial enough for me to publish, I would recommend at least 100 words with proper grammar as much as possible and with formatting. Make sure the formatting is at a minimum though and doesn't contain too much color or too much different text sizes, just keep it as simple as possible, but include the formatting, since I can't know where you'd want the text boldened or bigger or where you want spaces, I won't be able to format it for you.

You can support our work by donating
I've been writing articles about our favorite club Valencia CF for over 12 years now, and of course in all of these years it's been a complete passion project and out of the love for the club. With that said I've recently opened up a Skrill donations page where you can help support our work with donations and help us write even more articles and provide even more content for Valencia CF.

Email me
So, whether you want to contribute to all aspects (writing, back end, social media) or just in a specific aspect, send me an email and tell me how you'd want to contribute. Whether it's just writing, just social media, just back end or any combination of these or all please include in your email.

If you just want to send an article for me to publish on the blog just make sure to let me know that is the case and send me the article in the email with formatting.

My email: slickr12345@yahoo[dot]com