Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Winter transfer window: Paulista and Koba out, Federico in

 I did mention in a previous post that Paulista's contract situation was presenting the club with a problem. If he'd played 4 more games then he autorenewed as one of the highest wage earners (5m a year.) It seems that has been resolved and he's now leaving on a free transfer to Atletico Madrid. That saves the club over 2m on wages for the rest of the season. He made 220 appearances for the club, scoring 8 goals.

Flying to Madrid one way.

I'm in two minds about this. Taken in isolation, it has a lot of sense about it. He's injury prone and inconsistent and his disciplinary record is not great (sent off 4 times.) On the other hand, it came out of the blue a bit and is typical of the club's haphazard approach to things. Knowing his contract situation the club should have done 1 of 3 things last summer

1- Sell him and get some cash.
2- Negotiate in good time with him and his agent on a 1-year renewal at a lower wage.
3- Wait until early November to see how he does and then make a decision in good time about if he should leave in January. In that case, inform Baraja and start identifying replacements. 

As ever, the club seems to make random, rash decisions with the only motivating factor seeming to be short-term cost cutting with little or no planning. 

The club has also confirmed the departure of Koba Koindredi. He'd made 19 appearances for the first team, 7 as starter, all of them in Copa (except a league game against Celta in December 2021) and scored 2 goals, both in Copa. He's another promising young player who didn't quite happen and again, we almost have to hope this one doesn't come back to bite us as the club hasn't included any buy back fee or anything, just letting him go to Estoril for the disappointing sum of 2.5m.

At least, unlike, last year, the club has made an addition. Peter Federico is joining from Real Madrid. He joins on loan with a buy option of 2m for 50% of his rights. He's a promising youth, so we have to hope he steps up. He is at least a right winger, exactly a position needed and can also cover left wing and has even played wing back too. 

Overall, not a transfer window to get excited about, but when is that ever the case at Valencia?