Monday, October 23, 2023

Valencia 2-0 Cadiz match thread

 I'm off to Mestalla soon for this one and hoping for a win. After a positive start it's been a struggle for Valencia since beating Atletico Madrid with 2 draws and 2 defeats. On the positive side, we do have Gaya back for this one but Canos, Diakhaby, Almeida are all out to add to the longer term absences of Mari and Jesus Vazquez. For Cadiz' part, their strike force looks like a who's who of recent Valencia striker flops: Negredo, Sobrino and Maxi Gomez. They're also coming in with 2 draws and 2 defeats. This game marks a quarter of the season already gone. A win would take Valencia up to 8th place and mark a better than expected start. Lose and question marks about the team start afresh.

One major piece of football news affecting Valencia was the choice of 2030 World Cup hosts. To my surprise (I thought South America would get it for centenary reasons) it's going to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, with an insulting and awkward token game each played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. This looks more like a way to clear the path for Saudi Arabia to host 2034 than anything. As Nou Mestalla is one of the bid venues, this puts extra pressure on the club to finally get the stadium done.

I'll be back later from this one, so please use this as a placeholder for comments. I'll be back to normal service around the middle of November.

Well, quickly, that was a fairly comfortable win. Amallah was impressive and linked well with Gaya for the first goal. Thierry always a threat and provided for Duro for the second. We were greatly helped by Cadiz having a man sent off in the 22nd minute. There was a huge downpour at the start but that didn't stop it being a good win. We had 3 good breakaway chances to make it 3 but squandered all of them, with Fran Perez the main culprit. They did little. The game marked the return of Maxi Gomez to Mestalla with Sobrino also featuring. Cadiz seem to have a thing for Valencia flop strikers as Negredo was also in their squad. Both Maxi and Sobrino did what they did best at Mestalla: run around a bit uselessly. Foulquier for Thierry was where the problems started. Stupid mistakes from him and fellow sub Guillamon gave them golden chances which they thankfully didn't take. 8th at the quarter point of the season is a solid start.