Sunday, June 4, 2023

Valencia finish 16th

 So, the season ends with Valencia safe. As always we didn't make it easy for ourselves, conceding a stupid goal in the first minute, but luckily Betis had nothing to play for and were more interested in giving Joaquin a well-deserved send off than turning the screw on us. We had a lengthy wait for a penalty which wasn't given but after that Diego Lopez's goal put us level. That's his 3rd goal in 4 games. Baraja's faith in the youngsters really paid off with people like Mari and Guerra scoring crucial goals. Indeed, if it hadn't been for Guerra's 93rd minute winner against Valladolid, we'd be going down instead of them.

The fact still remains, this was an awful season, especially after the World Cup break. The failure to bring anyone in during the winter transfer window really hurt. 16th is our worst league position since 1987, when we returned to the top flight. From 1988 until Lim took over, we'd never been lower than 10th, now we've managed two 12th-places, one 13th and now this. Unless things change, this is a temporary reprieve under this ownership.

Soon we'll start the usual summer turmoil where we'll be linked with everyone only to see them signed for rival clubs. I expect Musah to go. After a bright start he's regressed in the last 2 seasons and the stupid red card tonight summed up his season. Sadly Mamardashvili will probably be out the door and I'd be surprised if Cavani stayed at this horror show. Ultimately, I'd like to keep Thierry, Almeida, Gaya and some of the canteros who've shown their worth.

Baraja will probably stay too. Saving us adds to his legend status. In normal circumstances, we could do better but which decent or ambitious manager would come to Valencia, where we've had FOUR people in charge in the last year? I'm not optimistic about us under Baraja, but in the end I expect whoever is in charge in August to be sacked during the season. A pessimist is never disappointed.

So for now, let's enjoy the fact we live to fight another day.