Monday, April 17, 2023

Valencia CF is headed towards relegation

Valencia's last win came on March 11th and it was only enough to push us 1 point over the relegation zone, since then Valencia CF has lost 3 matches and drawn one. In the past the team has been able to muster up enough determination to stick it to our direct rivals in the past like Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Bilbao, etc.... but this season we've not seen any of that, and how could we? Our current Valencia CF consists of loanees who are going to be out of the club next season and don't care what happens to this club at all or are players who are here for the first year, many have options to just jump ship if it goes overboard, so why should they care?

I've been saying this for years now, probably good 5-6 years that all of our "rebuilding" has been detrimental to our club. Each year Valencia CF is rebuilding, and all that means is we sell our top players and bring in 4-5 cheap replacements, which we don't even give a chance anyways and then sell those replacements next year for even worse ones and lose money in the process. 

Which player in our squad has been with the team for more than 3 years? Jaume has been here for a longer period, and he is our youth product, but he's never been a key player, he's always been a reserve, but okay its still important to have veterans at the club, even if they are second or third fiddle. Diakhaby, Paulista, Gaya, Correia and Lato are more than 3 years with the club, then in terms of midfielders none have been with the team for 3 or more years! Well only Hugo technically, but he was first in the B team and only joined the first team in 2020. 

None of our attackers have been with the team for 3 years, so out of about 26 or 27 players we only have 7 players who've been at the club for 3 or more years who would give a damn slightly about the club. The rest of the players are all new players who've been the at the club for barely a year or two or loan players who will leave us the next season anyways! 

Our team doesn't have a CORE of players to build around, we've been selling all of our top players year after year, bringing in weaker and cheaper alternatives and we're at the point where we can't even bring cheap alternatives, we are bringing loan players who literally don't care about the club. Why would they? 

Its hard for me a fan of over 20 years to care these days, how would a loan player who's been at Valencia for barely 6-7 months care about the future of the club? Why would he give his utter maximum on the pitch, why would he risk injury? 

And those who do give everything I'm afraid are not good enough! This is why we are in a relegation battle with a real possibility of dropping to the B division! At this point even if Lim is to magically disappear from the club and the best and brightest people take it over to lead it, it still won't change anything, at least not in the short term. The damage has already been done to the club, we don't have a playing core at Valencia CF, we don't have a Valencian technical team, we don't have people who love and care about the club anymore! They've all left or been let go and we have a bunch of mercenaries running and working for the club. 

Unfortunately, we seem to truly be headed towards relegation and I'm not seeing anything that is going to reassure me we are not headed towards relegation! Valencia's one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in Spain, has been for a century and all it took was a lunatic owner to bring it on its knees in only a decade!