Sunday, January 1, 2023

Villarreal CF 2-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF started the second half of the season and on the brink of the new year with a painful loss. The game was headed towards a draw, but then in the 88th minute Villarreal CF scored a goal and managed to snatch all 3 points for themselves. Valencia CF has no one to blame but themselves as the team has been conceding last minute goals in a lot of matches this season. I don't know what it comes down to, maybe fatigue, maybe deconcentration, maybe nerves, but whatever it is making us lose points needlessly. Reminds me of the Valencia CF from 7-8 years ago or so, when we had a similar issue where inexplicably they would start playing badly the last 5-10 minutes and throw the match. 

Valencia's defense this season has been in shambles and this match was no different, Villarreal CF had two huge chances in the first 7 minutes of the match, with our defense caught sleeping. 

Valencia CF would counter in the 15th minute with a good chance on their own, as Cavani would head a ball crossed by Gaya from the left flank, but the goalkeeper was alert and managed to save his goal. Then just several minutes later Edison Cavani would score and give Valencia CF the lead. It was a bounced ball from the goalkeeper and Cavani was first to it, making himself enough space to shoot and managing to score! 

Villarreal did up their pressure and attacks after that 21st minute and had several decent chances, but it wasn't until he 44th minute when they would score. Samuel latches on to a good cross from the right flank, there is no one covering him and is able to lead the ball into the penalty area, set himself up and shot past the goalkeeper. 

I think Giorgi made at least 5 saves in this match, that is how many shots on target Villarreal CF had and they also scored two goals and hit the bar. So, way too many chances and opportunities that they were able to create and execute. 

Villarreal CF would win this match in the 88th minute as Juan would score with a header after a well delivered corner kick by former Valencia CF player Daniel Parejo. He was pretty much left alone in that area and was the only one jumping to head the ball. Giorgi rushed out to punch the ball out, but he kind of got blocked by Diakhaby and fell to the ground.

Villarreal CF were allowed to create too many opportunities, they had too much space given to them, and all of their goals were easy ones. They scored easy goals they could have scored more goals if not for the efforts of Giorgi who saved Valencia's net on at least 5 occasions. 

If Valencia CF are to do better in La Liga then the defense needs to improve drastically, we need to be more cohesive at the back, we need to be organized better and we also need better individual performance and please have Gaya anywhere else except in our penalty at corner kicks. He is way too short and gets outjumped by everyone. He needs to be somewhere else and we need our taller guys in there jumping and defending.