Wednesday, January 4, 2023

La Nucia 0-3 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF won its Copa Del Rey cup match against La Nucia in convincing fashion with no unexpected surprises.

It only took Valencia CF 3 minutes to score the first goal through Kluivert on an assist by Ozkacar, though it was Kluivert that did all of the work as he dribbled past several La Nucia players, went inside the penalty area and when he found space for himself managed to shoot and score. Valencia CF continued with its attacks, though La Nucia were not pushovers and did manage to combat Valencia CF for the most part. 

Then at 30 minutes in Ilaix Moriba would score Valencia's second goal and allow the team a sigh of relief as this match looked secure. Jesus Vazquez received a long ball on the left flank, immediately passed the ball into the penalty area reaching Ilaix who was between two players but managed to get his foot to the ball and score.

Finally, Hugo Duro would score the 3rd and final goal of the match to set the result at 3-0 for Valencia CF. 

Good win for Valencia CF even if it was against a much weaker opponent and some great play by Justin Kluivert who seems to be becoming better and better and could be a key player for Valencia CF in the future if the team plays its cards right and is able to secure the player from Roma.