Saturday, April 23, 2022

Copa del Rey final thread

 It's probably a sign of how poorly Valencia have been doing in recent times and how low morale is that most of our fans expect us to lose this win, with some even hoping we do as they argue it will allow us to get rid of Bordalas quicker. I have strong doubts about that, as Meriton made their contempt for the cup clear.

A win tonight gets us Europa League group stage football, which does at least provide a little bit of funds. 

If I were to guess our line-up I'd expect a 3-man central defence with Paulista, Alderete and Diakhaby. Gaya will be left back, maybe playing a bit further forward. The right back depends on whether we play 5-3-2 or 5-4-1. If it's the first then either Foulquier or Thierry could start. The latter started the season well but has been off the boil in recent games. Soler, Guillamon and Bryan Gil will definitely make up the midfield and Guedes up front. The last spot depends on the formation, Duro is probably most likely but Racic, Musah or Maxi are other options.

Sadly I expect us to lose tonight, I'd predict 2-0 or 3-1 Betis, hopefully I'm wrong. 


We've actually held our own. A scrappy start saw Paulista booked and then they scored. Gaya got overloaded, Paulista missed the cross and Diakhaby, who was marking someone else couldn't get there in time to stop our former youth player Borja Iglesias powering a header past Mamardashvili who  could do nothing about it. The game was getting gritty with lots of fouls and stoppages but when Valencia actually tried to play football it produced results. Great through ball from Ilaix, Duro narrowly onside, could have tried for a pass to Guedes but instead neatly lobbed Bravo. Unfortunately in a later chance he did try to pass to Guedes but the ball got cut out. Betis have been restricted to a shot from Canales which hit the post, though it looked like the keeper had it covered. All to play for in the second half.


End of 105 minutes. While we've held our own  there've been periods of good and bad luck. Guillamon really should have had a second yellow. Duro had a chance but on his weaker foot and Betis have squandered a few chances with Mamaradashvili making an important stop with his legs from Fekir. Please not penalties or a last minute loss.

PENALTIES: Betis win 5-4 with Musah trying to place it in the top corner but putting it over. And there ends another disappointing season with Valencia yet again missing out on European football.