Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The New cheap Mestalla

We've reported several times on the progress of the new stadium or lack thereof and with each consecutive presentation the project seems to have become worse and worse. 

The latest was Peter Lim going to court against the local government over the ATE and its specifics. Peter Lim latest presentation was one of a stadium with a capacity of 40k seats that is smaller and less feature rich than the current old Mestalla. Just click the above link if you want to see the comparison pictures of the New Mestalla and the new new Mestalla, its night and day. The original design was grandiose and slick and amazing and the new design is cheap, terrible and pathetic. 

Peter Lim has a small club mindset, the way he is running Valencia CF like a small club and doing stuff just to stay afloat and just to barely get by. You don't buy a football club to then run it like a merchandise store, he has no clue how to build a successful club and how to grow Valencia CF. 

Fortunately the government is not buying the Kool-Aid he is selling, the snake oil he is selling and they are demanding the new Mestalla not be under 70k seats and stripped down barebones.