Sunday, March 13, 2022

Getafe CF 0-0 Valencia CF Match Report

Leading up to this match we knew what to expect and we got exactly that, a match with two fairly equal sides who play similar football and not a lot of goals or goal chances for that matter. Getafe CF started the match in a more dominant fashion and generally were the more attacking team on the night, but Valencia CF defended well and on occasions hit them on the counter attack. 

Jose Bordalas chose pretty much the same team that has been getting decent results in the last few matches with the only real big difference being Hugo Guillamon in midfield over Uros Racic or Illaix Moriba. I think if we had Uros Racic in midfield from the start we might have been more attack oriented, but I guess Jose Bordalas just wanted another stable game with no surprised even if it meant we played for a dry draw. 

This is a decent result in the grand scheme of things, though obviously a win here would have been amazing, but considering how the match played out I think Valencia CF should be happy with a draw here. Getafe CF managed to score a goal in the 70th minute, but it was overruled by VAR and the match ultimately ended in a scoreless draw. 

With the return of Gabriel Paulista our defense has been much better, which shows how an experienced leader at the back can change things around and I think this is our 3rd game out of the last 4 where we haven't conceded a goal. Hopefully this solidity at the back is here to stay and Bordalas can now focus on improving the midfield and making our game play more dynamic. We still need to improve immensely and matches like this one we have to win 9 out of 10 times if we are to battle for European football again. We are having pretty much the same issues we've been having all season, with our midfield still being almost non existent and our play still feels disjointed and too individualistic.