Saturday, February 26, 2022

RCD Mallorca 0-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Valencia CF achieved a much needed win, but its a bitter one as there was nothing in this match to be happy about except for the lucky result. Valencia CF continued to play terrible and ineffective football and its a miracle how we won this match, considering RCD Mallorca made us look like relegation team or rather I should say Valencia CF made Mallorca look like Barcelona of old. 

Its just inconceivable how we have no midfield and how we can't string more than few passes together, its mind boggling. Why can't we retain possession, why can't we string couple dozen passes together, why is no one passing backwards or sideways to retain the ball in our possession? Its aimless crosses and passes forward and 99% of these don't result in anything. 

The one good thing from this match is Gabriel Paulista as even when returning from back from a long hiatus after a repeated long term injury he seemed fit and relatively in good form to get back right into the action. Again this is RCD Mallorca so we shouldn't take too much from it, but he seemed solid and he also scored the goal and gave Valencia CF the victory. 

As expected Jose Bordalas benches Ilaix Moriba and started with Uros Racic in midfield, though this did not result in any real change in midfield and one surprising change was Maxi Gomez over Goncalo Guedes, probably resting Guedes for our match with Athletic Bilbao, but either way this did not produce any positive outcome as Maxi was invisible once again like 99% of his matches. He's been given so many chances and coach after coach continue to play him, but was has he produced to warrant this? Give Marcos Andre the nod at least, have him play for 90 minutes and show what he's got. He's only been played sparingly and as a sub mostly and yet he has better stats than Maxi to show for it, give him 90 minutes! 

I'm getting really annoyed with this coach, and that is rare for me, usually I have extreme patience and consideration for our coaches, but Jose Bordalas is really pushing it. We have absolute garbage play, rely solely on individual brilliance or luck to score goals, for a defensive manager we have extremely leaky defense, he fails to give certain players minutes even when standard players like Maxi have shows for years now that they are terrible, so what are the positives with Jose Bordalas? 

I guess I'd still give him the full season and then look for a new coach if we have a good option available, but at this point who would even want to coach us? Those who could help us probably won't go anywhere near us and we'll have to settle for coaches who can't help us. Maybe if we can get the tinkerman in the summer, but he is extremely old right now and I'm not sure if he is as sharp as he used to be to still coach. 

So yeah, overall another struggle session in which we won through pure luck and barely any positives to take home. The sole positive is Gabriel Paulista, but that is not sufficient, we lack so much and play so bad, our top player right now Bryan Gil is on to greener pastures in the summer at Tottenham.