Sunday, January 30, 2022

Valencia CF sets its attention to Mickael Malsa

Valencia CF is looking at yet another option for midfield and this time its UD Levante's Mickael Malsa who plays as a defensive midfielder. Valencia CF wants to buy Mickael Malsa, though it first wants a loan deal for 6 months with a purchase clause at the end of the loan deal for 5 million euros. The club is in a weak financial situation so a purchase now is outside of possibility, but they could purchase the player in the summer from next years transfer money. 

As you know VCF has been linked with tons of names, but between Jose Bordalas rejecting some of the players and the financial burden in order to get some of the others the club has settle on Mickael Malsa who Jose Bordalas values the most and is the profile that he seeks, unlike some of the other names who are way more attack oriented. The club would also go for a purchase option for the player and at 5 million it is something the club can afford to spend in the summer.