Saturday, January 8, 2022

Real Madrid vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Valencia CF is facing Real Madrid tonight in what is likely to be an exciting match with many goals. The first time these two teams faced this season was at the Mestalla with Valencia CF almost beating them with some solid performance, but Real Madrid were more precise at key moments and had a lot more luck so they managed to squeeze a 2-1 victory over Valencia CF. Since that match Valencia CF went on a downward spiral and was barely able to stop the bleeding, while Real Madrid went on an upward spiral and have not looked back since. 

Can Valencia CF reverse its own and Real Madrid's trajectory if Valencia CF is able to win tonight against Real Madrid? I sure hope so as everything bad that can go after that first Real Madrid match went wrong and everything good that can happen happened to Real Madrid. Tonight it has to be time for payback and even though realistically Valencia CF would be happy with a draw, but a win would elevate the team so much and boost players confidence immensely and so I think they should go out and look for a win against Real Madrid.

Both clubs won their matches in the Spanish cup and move forward in the competition, though Real Madrid's win was much more secure and dominant, with Valencia CF barely able to squeeze out a last minute win as Cheryshev scored a goal in the 93rd minute to clinch the victory for Valencia. In the league both teams are coming off a loss with Valencia CF managing to squander a lead in the match and through a series of big mistakes give the win for Espanyol, while Real Madrid lost minimally against Getafe in one of their rare losses this season, in fact this was only their second loss of the season, lets hope it opened the gates for more though and that Valencia CF can give them their third loss of the season. 

Many Valencia CF players leading up to this match were having issues with injuries and covid19, but it seems as though most of the covid19 cases were resolved and will likely be able to play, with the biggest worry being Soler who got an injury in the cup match. 

As much as I would love for Valencia CF to win against Real Madrid tonight I know its highly unlikely and though I think they should at least go for the win as the a draw doesn't really benefit us in any way and we are never able to hold a lead against the big teams especially, so unless we are equalizing we should not be defending a draw. That said Real Madrid have a bigger chance at a win as they are playing at home and have been luckier than Valencia CF in terms of injuries with all of their key players available.

I was hoping to see a super strong and tight side tonight that was going to give Real Madrid a real difficult time and possibly even win, but judging from our last match in the cup I'm really doubting how much we can do. All I'm seeing is we defend and defend even against supposedly much weaker teams and then we score goals through individual brilliance on counter attacks. We don't really have a strong attack that is able to create plenty of chances, we don't have a midfield and can't even pass the ball around for more than few times before losing it or giving it away in a crazy long cross and while our defense is technically good, they make so many individual mistakes that easily lead to goals.

So how are we going to challenge Real Madrid with that kind of play? How can we even hope for any other result other than a loss? So I'm expecting a loss tonight, I'm thinking a 2-0 loss, if we are lucky we can might score one, but yeah its almost impossible. I'm expecting a 2-0 or 2-1 loss, anything else would be a surprise.