Saturday, January 29, 2022

Peter Lim goes to court against the government

Peter Lim has challenged the Valencian government in court over the extension of the ATE or lack thereof. As you know Peter Lim and the Valencia government have been at odds for some time now over the construction of the new stadium and its surrounding, something which Valencia CF agreed on when getting the land to build the new stadium on.

The past year the city council has really put the pressure on Peter Lim to finish the stadium as all of his previous promises and "guarantees" were broken. The last proposal by Peter Lim and company was that the new stadium would be built by 2026 with a reduced capacity of 40k with the ability to extend the capacity to 45k. Clearly a massively downgraded plan as initially the new Mestalla was build to house 75k seats with further updates reducing the number to some 60k seats. The latest proposal by Lim and company have the stadium at only 40k seats and supposedly to be built by 2026. The proposal didn't go over well and now Peter Lim went to court to try and extend the ATE by 2030.

Personally I'd rather the new stadium isn't built if its capacity is only 40k and looks worse than the current Mestalla. Some of the new concept art showing how the stadium is going to look is ugly and much worse than the current Mestalla even. It doesn't look anything like a grand modern stadium, it looks like something out of the 80's for a middle of the table club. 

Hopefully Lim sells Valencia CF, I hope he loses in court and decides to call it a day and sells the club. Right now in my estimates the club is barely worth 150 million euros, we have huge debts, one old stadium that hasn't been upgraded in decades and a new stadium that has been left unfinished for decades now and is starting to crumble with a squad whose value doesn't exceed 100 million euros.

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