Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Cristian Rivero did not join FC Dallas

We reported that FC Dallas signed Valencia CF goalkeeper Cristian Rivero, but it turns out that didn't happen. There were credible reports from the USA about this, but maybe the player didn't want to go to the USA, maybe the deal fell through or maybe it was completely made up for all we know, but whatever the case might have been the player is still in Valencia CF and still on the exit door.

Latest reports suggest that he is going to join FC Alcorc√≥n in the second division, but its likely going to be a loan deal, rather than a sale as Alcorcon don't have the money to buy the player. I think a sale without a fee while retaining 40% of the right to the player is the best as he is just useless at Valencia CF at this point with 3 goalkeepers above him in the first squad.