Friday, December 31, 2021

Valencia CF 1-2 RCD Espanyol Match Report

Well I got the result right, but the other way around. I thought Valencia CF is going to win 2-1, but it was a 2-1 win for RCD Espanyol. It was a tight game as expected with Valencia CF starting the match livelier and more attack focused, but as expected after a while the tempo dropped and the match equalized with both teams battling it out in the middle with the occasional attack.

Valencia CF did have slightly more attacks and were looking for the win, but RCD Espanyol defended well and on occasions had some decent attacks as well. The first goal would come in the 50th minute as Omar Alderete powerful header ends up in the net. Valencia CF were attacking and trying to create something around the penalty area, Helder Costa got the ball on the left flank and sent a cross inside the penalty area, Alderete rushed towards the ball and jumped the highest even beating Hugo Guillamon to the jump as both were very near, heading the ball directly into the net.

With a goal up Valencia CF decided to fall back and defend and basically try and see through the match with this result, but RCD Espnyol had different plans. They started attacking and created few decent opportunities, but nothing came out of it, that is until Hugo Duro fouled a player in the penalty area and got himself sent off and a penalty awarded to Espanyol. Thing is he could try and do something or just let Jofre Carreras shoot and most likely allow a goal, so he tackled Jofre and got penalized for it. 

Then with one player down Valencia CF weren't able to hold out and in the 87th minute Javier Puado from Espanyol would score the second goal and secure the victory for RCD Espanyol. It was a solid header from the player who was essentially left alone and was able to easily head the ball into the net. Alderete was the one marking him and he allowed Javier to escape him and score the goal. 

I'm not convinced with Alderete's performances, I've found he makes this type of mistake very often, where his marking is extremely suspect and allows for opposition players to have chances on goal. 

It would have been great to start the new year with a win, and technically its still 2021, but still. This way we are set back and much of the good work from previous matches goes to waste, especially as we had this match in the bag all the way until the 80th minute. The team should have been more careful and not allowed Espanyol to take full control of the match in the last 20 minutes, where they would be able to create chances to score. 

Overall it was a decent performance, even though we lost we could have just as easily won and even in extra time the team had chances to equalize, coming so close with two dangerous headers towards goal, but it wasn't to be.