Sunday, December 5, 2021

Celta Vigo 1-2 Valencia CF Match Report

Finally a win for Valencia CF after a string of 3 draws with an unimpressive play. Tonight was different as the play was much better as the team created decent amount of chances, and from the key chances the players were previse and scored two goals. I would have liked for Valencia CF to have more ball control though, as I think 30% ball possession is way too low, even if we are focusing on counter attacks that is still too low possession, something like 40% seems more reasonable and would prevent a lot of attacks towards Valencia's goal.

The match started poorly for Valencia CF as they conceded a goal in the first 15 minutes of the match after a mistake by Omar Alderete. He managed to snatch the ball from Celta, but then kept it too long and was disposed of it, allowing for a dangerous attack to form which resulted in a goal. Hugo Guilamon tried to block the shot, but was a bit too short to reach the ball and Iago Aspas shot went past the goalkeeper and into the net to give Celta Vigo 1-0 lead.

It wasn't looking good for Valencia CF as an early goal was foreshadowing another failed performance and possibly even a loss, but Valencia players reacted well to being a goal down and immediately upped their game and they started attacking. Soon came a string of attacks and chances on the opposing half and it wasn't going to be long before Valencia CF managed to equalize the score.

In the 20th minute Hugo Duro managed to score a goal, after a fail from Celta Vigo's defense and goalkeeper. Matias Dituro made a short pass in his penalty area to some of his defenders, the defender ran a bit forward but was under pressure from Valencia CF players and passed the ball back to the goalkeeper, he then failed to react promptly and made a mess out of clearing the ball, allowing Hugo Duro to get the ball and score a goal. 

The match wsa fairly equal after that with both teams attacking on occasions and having few chances on goal, with Valencia CF being more defensive minded, but actually having the more dangerous chances on goal. Valencia CF took advantage of one of those opportunities after Jose Luis Gaya crossed the ball towards the penalty area to the incoming Maxi Gomez, who controlled the ball well, managed to escape his marker and release a precise shot into the goal.

Celta vigo started pressing harder after going down 2-1 in the match, with Valencia CF defending for the most part and attacking through counter attacks. Both teams would have few decent chances to score further goals, but ultimately weren't able to. 

Bordalas freshened up the team with in the 82nd minute with 3 substitutions at once, this added some fresh legs on the field and allowed Valencia CF to cover more ground. In the end Celta Vigo had a free kick and even their goalkeeper joined in attack to help out his team try and score an equalizer, but after some chaos in and around the penalty area Valencia CF was able to clear the ball and the referee blew the whistle for the end. 

Overall much better performance from our previous few matches, but I'm still worried about the low possession percentage, I think we should try to retain the ball for longer and try to pass it around some more, but this was overall in improvement. Apart from the silly goal that we conceded, which should not have happened it was a good defensive performance and when we attacked we did look solid as well. 

There is a lot to improve upon no doubt and we still played second fiddle to Celta Vigo, so much more work is needed, but I think tonight was overall a better play then our previous 3 matches. The big issue for me remains the aimless balls forward and losing possession way too quickly.