Saturday, October 2, 2021

Cadiz CF 0-0 Valencia CF Match Report

This match was supposed to be Valencia's turnaround to make a course correction over the past few bad results, and get back on winning ways, but unfortunately we have a serious lack of depth. I wrote it in the match preview that our squad depth is thin, but that we should have enough to beat a weak Cadiz who have one of the worse defenses in the league, but I guess even that is a high order.

Without Correia and Gaya bombarding on the wings and Soler with his creativity and technique we don't seem to be creating many chances and even the ones we create there is no person who can finish them consistently. This match was supposed to be Marco Andre's time to shine, but we saw why he isn't highly valued and why is was a bargain sale, albeit a bit more expensive than his actual market value.

The start of the match was back and forth between the teams with each side taking turns and attacking on the opposition half, with neither team having more control. As the match was progressing Valencia CF started asserting more and more control and the team has some small chances mainly through Guedes to score, but nothing major. Most of the attacks ended in lost balls and futile dribbles, with lack of vision and creativity in Valencia's play. Omar Alderete had a chance later in the first half, but his header went wide. Just before half time Valencia CF had a penalty claim and after the VAR check the play was continued and no penalty was awarded.

Second half started a bit more positively with Valencia CF being more assertive, aggressive, and a bit more lively resulting in two long range shots from Daniel Wass early on and these were good efforts, but both were saved by Cadiz goalkeeper. 

Valencia CF would have a big chance in the 58th minute when a dangerous pass from Yunus Musah on from the right flank almost found Hugo Duro, but you'd be excused if you think Andre and Duro conflicted with each other and basically prevented themselves from scoring. 

The next big chance for Valencia CF would come in the 81st minute when Goncalo Guedes play a perfect chipped pass for Hugo Duro, but his shot was saved by Ledesma. Goncalo Guedes several minutes later would also come close to scoring, but his shot just went wide. 

Overall Valencia CF did have few good chances to score, but no one pounced on those opportunities and ultimately the game ended in a draw. I think overall the play was good, but there just wasn't enough attacking quality to score goals or create more opportunities. I think the team today lacked both. 

Its a shame because Cadiz CF is one of the weakest teams in La Liga and dropping points against such teams will cost us in the end. I still think we lack a high quality striker who is able to score more goals and even create opportunities for himself. I think Guedes did well today, he had few shots towards goal, he provided some good passes and crosses, even a key pass to Hugo Duro which should have resulted in a goal, but but again we lack a true goal scorer.