Monday, August 16, 2021

Valencia CF to keep Kang-In Lee till winter

Valencia CF plans to keep Kang-In Lee till winter and then try and sell him. The club has not received any substantial offers for the player so they might as well keep him till the winter and use him if he can help the team in any way and then potentially sell him in the winter, even if its at a lower fee than his value.

Valencia CF has little choice in the matter as the club has not received a serious offer for the player which would be in the region of 15 million euros and more, but they also can't extend his contract. So might as well use the player for 6 months and then see if he maybe changes his mind about extending his contract with Valencia CF or sell him for say 8 million euros or so, a much reduced price, but still get something for him before he can leave for free next year.