Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Valencia CF sign Marcos Andre

Valencia CF and Valladolid reached an agreement for the signing of Marcos Andre. He's been a long standing Valencia CF target and it took almost 3 months for Valencia CF to facilitate his arrival. In order to do so Valencia CF had to overpay his market value by more than double, with reports suggesting that Valencia CF is paying 8.5 million euros for the player, plus 10% of any future sale! 

Marcos Andre has agreed on a 5 years contract with Valencia CF worth 2 million euros per season for a total of 10 million euros for his stay here at Valencia CF. This is on the high side considering he isn't a proficient goalscorer, in fact he only scored 5 goals at Valladolid since 2020 and has not yet proven himself at any serious level. 

At this point I guess any attacker is better than Maxi Gomez, but Valencia CF did indeed overpay for this one. What is done is done though and lets just hope that he scores a lot of goals for Valencia CF.