Monday, August 30, 2021

Valencia CF 3-0 CD Alaves Match Report

Valencia CF went into this match with big expectations, but a big question mark on their performance as well and the team answered. Beating CD Alaves comfortably 3-0 was indeed an impressive feet and what is even better than that is that the team did not look troubled at any point of the match. 

I wrote in my match preview that this was a much win match for Valencia CF and anything other than a win would be a big disappointment and a bad omen for the rest of the season, but I also thought the team is likely going to win the match, predicting a 2-0 win for Valencia CF. The team obliged and even went further beating CD Alaves by three goals to zero. 

Valencia CF started strong from the get go and it didn't take long for them to find the back of the net. Cheryshev started a semi counter attack from the middle of the field, ran further up with the ball then plays a tricky 1-2 with Guedes, the return pass was precise and finds Cheryshev in an advanced position on the left flank, he passes the ball in the penalty area and finds Daniel Wass who slots the ball into the net. 

Minutes after the goal Valencia CF would have another solid chance for a goal through Guedes who was released by a through pass from Soler, but his shot hits the post.

The play calmed down a bit after the 10th minute though and neither side had any serious chance with Alaves having a weak scissors shot towards Valencia's goal, but nothing that would threated the goal. Alaves did have the initiative for the most part, but none of their attacks were dangerous and didn't threaten anything. It looked like the first half is going to end with a minimal lead for Valencia CF, but in the 47th minute Valencia CF would score another goal through Carlos Soler. 

Jose Luis Gaya with a long range cross from the left side of the field that found Guedes on the other side in the penalty area, he hit the ball in what was neither a shot, not a pass, but luckily the ball went towards Soler who with a cheeky back swing move slotted the ball into the net and gave Valencia CF a two zero lead before half time.

Valencia CF would seal the deal with a third goal this time from Goncalo Guedes. It was Maxi Gomez who was the provider as he controlled a long range cross perfectly to his foot, he was a bit fortunate as a CD Alaves defender tried to play act a foul and went down on his own with almost no contact, the referee didn't fall for such an obvious move and the play continued with Maxi Gomez controlling the ball perfectly and then providing a short range pass to the oncoming Guedes who easily slotted the ball into the net. 

Jose Bordalas gave a bit of time to our new signing Marcos Andre and he looked lively and energetic in his time on the pitch, though he had a bit of a hard first touch, mishandling few passes and losing the ball because of it, but lets hope its just nerves and excitement and that he has better technique and first touch. He was running channels and was very active on the field, managing to get into a good position to threaten the goal, he had one shot at the goal, but the Alaves goalkeeper was ready and took care of it.

For Valencia CF its as good of a start to the season as it can be, with two wins and one draw from the first three matches and more importantly the team looks solid defensively and I did not get that trembling feeling watching the matches as if the opposition is about to score at any moment. Valencia's goal seemed secure at all times and they never allowed any big threat towards goal, while the team has been lively and creative on the counter attack. 

Goncalo Guedes also seems to be in full form and starting off the season really well, which I'm glad is happening and hopefully he isn't sold and helps us fight for European football this season. Carlos Soler is also three goals in three matches, scoring a goal in each one, albeit two came from penalties. 

Its still early days and Valencia CF needs to continue working hard and smart to maintain this level of performance and even improve in certain areas, but I'm hopeful for this season. Our defense seems stronger than last season and we have few more options at the front as well, with possible reinforcements still potentially arriving.