Monday, August 30, 2021

Ruben Sobrino to join Cadiz CF

Cadiz CF want to buy Valencia CF striker Ruben Sobrino and Valencia CF want to oblige as the player isn't in Jose Bordalas plans, especially now that Valencia CF bought Marcos Andre. Ruben Sobrino is worth some 1-2 million euros, but Cadiz CF are set to want to purchase the player for half a million euros, while Valencia CF are holding out on at least a million or 30% of the players rights.

Valencia CF does want to facilitate the move at any cost though as they are trying to bring in another player in, some reports suggest that it might be Granada's defender Foulquier, while other reports suggest that Valencia CF is still looking for another striker and that Jonathan Calleri is their last target.

Valencia CF management should have planned the transfers much better, doing last minute transfers and much of the arrivals depending on how many departures we can have in the last day of the transfer season is way too chaotic. Not to mention the botched transfer of Kang-In Lee who was let for free just to make room for another foreign spot for Marcos Andre.