Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Marcos Andre is still a possibility

Valencia CF isn't giving up on their target Marcos Andre and the club are keen on getting the player now even more than ever as the club is poised to receive upwards of 110 million euros, 15% of which can go towards transfers, meaning Valencia CF does have a little bit of leeway and can probably buy Marcos Andre.

As you know Marcos Andre is a Brazilian football player who currently plays for Real Valladolid as a forward.  He is currently valued at about 3-4 million euros, but Real Valladolid is aware of the high interest of Valencia CF and is high balling with his price, trying to get somewhere in the region of 5.5 to 5 million euros. 

Reports suggest that Valencia CF is willing to go as high as 5 million euros, about 2 million euros more than the initial offer, but the club won't offer 6 million and is willing to look at another player or even just go without a new signing.