Sunday, August 29, 2021

Kang-In Lee leaves Valencia CF

Kang-In Lee leaves Valencia CF and joins Mallorca CF. With the signing of Marcos Andre by Valencia CF the club's 3rd foreign slot was occupied and thus the need to sell Kang-In Lee. Earlier in the summer Valencia CF had accepted that Kang-In Lee might stay as the signing of Marcos Andre was seen as unattainable, but with the La Liga deal with the private investment firm and the fact that VCF was going to receive some 110 million euros, 15% of which for transfers the doors opened for an increased offer from Valencia CF to Valladolid CF and the club was ultimately able to acquire Marcos Andre.

Kang-In Lee had dozen of offers but both the club and played had rejected or ignored all of them, but once Andre was signed the club forced Kang-In Lee to pick one option or be left out of the squad. Ultimately the player and Valencia CF agreed to rescind the contract and this he will leave on a free and join Mallorca.

I mean this is just another example of Peter Lim's terrible management, buy high and sell low or even for free, then whine that the club doesn't have any money and blame the fans for any and all issues in the media! That is Peter Lim for you, an incompetent arrogant fool who doesn't deserve a penny of the wealth he has accrued. I don't know how his incompetence works in retail sales, but its clear that he is utterly incompetent and stupid and it doesn't translate well in managing a football club. 

We could have sold him even for something like 7-8 million euros if the club accepted the early offers or pushed for his sale early, but no they waited in limbo to see what happens and when Marcos Andre finally joined then in reaction they started to act. 

Another wasted talent, another mismanaged sale, another black spot for Valencia CF.