Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Valencia CF transfer window has been a disaster

Valencia CF went into the summer with a clear plan on which players to sell, recoup 40 million euros, balance the budget and with the leftovers and some clever maneuvering sign few reinforcements, but all that changed when half the players who were going on international duty tested positive for covid19 and in the case of Cillessen was completely left out of the squad. 

Valencia CF was planning on selling Cillessen, Diakhaby, Kang-In Lee and either Maxi Gomez or Guedes depending which one got a better offer, but it soon became obvious that no one wanted Maxi Gomez, why would they when he barely scored any goals and was a spectator for the whole season, while Cillessen was supposed to go far with Holland, but that didn't work out so no offers came for him either.

Most people know how the football market is these days, with most clubs going for cheap deals, loans or player swaps, with the bigger clubs going for some big money player, but only of the biggest names or biggest upcoming talents, so spending 40 million euros on a hot and cold player like Guedes isn't realistic in this market. Football stadiums have been closed for over a year and a half and that has caused tremendous financial damage to football clubs, but most businesses have been hurt, especially small local businesses all over the world being forced to close down for weeks and months and some even years now on end. Its been a financial tragedy in which only the biggest corporations like Amazon, Apple, Google and the sort have made billions more that even before the pandemic, while most small businesses have bankrupted and closed down! 

Valencia CF has been hit very hard as well as the team was already in a poor financial situation, but the stadium shutdown has devastated the club as that is about 40k season tickets at an average price of 300 euros that is quite a bit of money the club is losing. 

Valencia CF is still trying to find suitors for Goncalo Guedes, but the club's minimum acceptable fee is 30 million and cash only, while some interested clubs like Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and few others have only offered up to 25 million euros in cash, most opting for a 20 million euros cash plus player type of deals which Valencia CF has rejected. Valencia CF is looking at certain players and doesn't want to veer from them, but if there isn't a big sale the club would have to look at those player plus money offers from our competition. 

Things wouldn't be bad if the club wasn't some 25 million in the hole and on top of that owned Peter Lim some 50 million euros as well. In fact Peter Lim has placed the club in technical bankruptcy as the club has big expenditures and not enough money to pay them off. The full blame for this is Peter Lim himself of course, he is the majority owner and he has been running the club and all of the mistakes are on him! The dismissal of Marcelino and that management team at the time is still haunting the club with Valencia CF being out of the European competitions for two years straight now, going into our 3rd now! The team has lost so many fans as well, as the disappointment has been enormous, so that has also negatively affected the club's coffers as less people are buying merchandise and Valencia CF products.

Personally I'm just hoping that Peter Lim comes to his senses and sells the club, get whatever he is offered and cut his losses. It appears that he actually bought the club for much less than it was initially reported and it seems like he paid less than 150 million euros. So any offer of 100 million euros for the club today should be viable and he should take it and leave!