Monday, July 19, 2021

Jefferson Lerma close to signing with Valencia CF

Colombian midfielder Jefferson Lerma is very close to joining Valencia CF with the player's agent having agreed personal contract details and waiting on both clubs to reach an agreement over the fee and payment method of the player. Since Valencia CF is strapped for cash and the player is worth some 14-15 million euro the club is looking for alternative ways to pay for the player including player swap deal, loan with a mandatory purchase option at the end of the season or just paying out in 4 increments over 4 years! 

Valencia CF is also looking to lower the fee of the player as we know English clubs tend to overvalue all of their players, so realistically his price is more in line with 9-10 million euros and if Valencia CF can add in a player swap with someone like Cheryshev or Alex Blanco then they would only need to pay 3-4 million euros.

Valencia CF is still working on selling a bigger player to try and gain some money and be able to balance the budget, but with governments all over the world shutting down the economy and preventing most human interaction from taking place, stadiums have been shut down over one and a half year now and clubs have had to deal with a huge reduction in earnings, which means clubs are only willing to pay big money for big stars or big upcoming talents, someone who is hot and cold like Guedes is not attracting too much money. 

Latest reports have it that Atletico Madrid and even Sevilla FC are interested in Guedes, but they aren't willing to pay more than 25 million in cash and prefer deals with players added to bridge the gap in money, while Valencia CF wants pure cash in order to balance the books and have a little bit of leftover money to cover for incoming transfers.