Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Valencia earns €6 million in "prize" money

 Cadenaser report that Valencia have earned €6 million in "prize" money. I used " " because, of course, Valencia did zero of note to earn any prize money. It comes instead from bonus clauses in the contracts of players that we gifted last summer and season to other clubs.

Starting off, there's "El Capitan" Parejo. Villarreal's Europa league win brought us €2.25m from him. It doesn't really take away the sour taste of him being gifted to a rival for free but at least it's some money.

Coquelin is the second. We at least got some transfer fee for him, though it mostly cancelled out debt we still owed Villarreal for Cheryshev. To that we can now add €600,000, again from their Europa league win.

While those sums are nice, the whole situation is still a huge net negative. Even if they lose all Champions league games by hefty margins, Villarreal are guaranteed 31 million for participation, plus €1 million per point and around €8 million for TV money. Make it 40 million minimum with possibility of 20m more. That allows them to both outspend us and to attract players.

A last case which brought in even more money than those was Kondogbia. Valencia got €2 million due to Atletico's league win and €1 million because they reached the quarter finals of the Champions league. Again, better than nothing, but it would be far better to see Valencia earning money on its own rather than getting drips and drabs from rival teams' success.

Ultimately, this money does reduce the amounts needed to close the accounts. Instead of nearly €31 million, €25 million in player sales will now balance the books.