Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sporting CP on the verge of buying Wass

Sporting CP is reportedly on the verge of buying Daniel Wass and media from Portugal claim that the two clubs have agreed for the transfer of Daniel Wass to Sporting CP.

Valencia CF has supposedly agreed to a 5 million euros deal for Daniel Wass and is now up to the player to decide his future. Daniel Wass was contemplating leaving for Denmark and playing out the rest of his years there, but this could be an interesting turn of events for him.

Daniel Wass is a versatile player and I think Bordalas would want to keep him if he can, especially we have have Diakhaby, Cheryshev, Guedes, Kang-In Lee leave also. That is a lot of players and a lot of positions to cover, so I'm sure he'd like to keep most of the players unless the absolute need to sell to reach 30 million. It could actually be much less, because Valencia CF did get some money from the transfers of some of our former players as we've retained either certain share of the player or had clauses for more money which they reached. Now Rodrigo De Paul has been sold for close to 40 million euros and Valencia CF is going to get another 3-4 million euros for that sale, so that means those 31 million that we had to get would become more like 23-24 million euros.