Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Guedes father: My son is done at Valencia CF

Very harsh words coming from Goncalo Guedes's father Rogerio Guedes on Antena 1. He said that with no Champions league or Europa League Guedes is done with Valencia CF and that his future lies elsewhere. He said that he did not know if Guedes will leave this summer, but that his long term future is elsewhere. 

I mean yeah VCF is out of any of the European competitions and we all know the reason for that, but Guedes has had very poor spells where people have questioned just how could Valencia CF pay such amount for him for such low return. So its not like he's been a standout performer all this time and carrying Valencia CF on his back, he's at times been part of the problem, so its unfair of his father to now disrespect the club like that. Yeah the club is run very poorly and we all know that, but again its not like certain players have risen up and carried the team on their backs, they've faltered even before many of the bad decisions. 

Guedes had a great first season, especially the first 6 months, but really slowed down towards the end and then in the second season after his injury he never recovered, a whole season he played poorly.