Monday, June 21, 2021

Euro 2020 has not been positive for Valencia CF

Peter Lim and the management team at Valencia CF put a lot of hope in the Euro 2021 as a way to get exposure for players and increase their value in the hopes that they can sell them at a higher fee in order to balance the budget for this year. Valencia CF initially needed 32 million euros for that, but since then due to Valencia's previous sales of players and their clauses the club has been able to get an additional 7-8 million euros.

So now Valencia CF only needs around 24 million euros to balance the budget, but as I've reported previously Meriton and Peter Lim want to settle the loans they gave to the club several years back for the purchase of some players. Unless this changes and Lim settles to extend the loan payment, VCF will be forced to pay them around 50 million euros or give Meriton players worth 50 million euros.

The Euro 2021 was the perfect opportunity to get players value to rise, especially the likes of Cillessen, Cheryshev, Guedes, Wass and even Gaya and others, but due to contacting covid19 Cillessen was removed from his national squad, while other players who contacted it as well still kept their place, but did arrive late to their national teams and therefore have not featured even once. Even Gaya who's featured a lot more for Spain has been an unused reserve this Euro and Cheryshev was used as a substitute, but substituted himself after just around 50 minutes or so.

Only Daniel Wass has been used by Denmark in both their matches, but at 32 years of age and only one year left in his contract with Valencia CF he is not going to fetch good money, especially as Denmark have lost both their games. Guedes also arrived a bit later and as such he wasn't even called up for their first match and was an unused sub in their second match. 

So yeah, even though Goncalo Guedes has raised rumors about wanting to leave, without playing at the Euro he is not going to be worth anything near what the club would have hoped and wanted. Valued by transfermarkt at 25 million euros, possibly 30 million euros a more realistic number, but still short 10 million of his value when he arrived at Valencia CF and short of what Valencia CF would need to balance the budget and bring in reinforcements.