Saturday, June 12, 2021

Denis Cheryshev to leave Valencia CF?

Denis Cheryshev is on his way out of Valencia CF, as the club is looking to sell him and bring in a younger and inexpensive player to replace him, or maybe even rely on the younger players like Vallejo, Yunus, etc... Denis Cheryshev is in the upper echalon of earners in Valencia CF and while not quite the high earner like Maxi, Cillessen, Guedes, Gaya, etc... he is earning a lot comparatively how many times he's featured for Valencia CF.

Valencia CF are aware that they aren't going to get a lot of money from his sale, but even a modest 4-5 million euros will be enough when coupled with the reduction in his salary. The club has an issue in selling some of the players it planned to like Cillessen and Maxi Gomez as there doesn't appear to be any good offers for them and Cillessen has also fallen out of the Dutch squad due to testing positive to covid19, so that makes it unlikely that Valencia CF are going to receive any big offers for the player. I predicted that he is not going to fetch more than 12-14 million euros, goalkeepers usually don't fetch very high prices especially when they are older and if they are not considered in the best 5 goalkeepers in the region. 

So Valencia CF are looking to alternative players like Denis Cheryshev to be able to get some money back in the coffers and by reducing the wage bill a lot more significantly. Make no mistake Cillessen will be sold as long as they receive even a 10 million euros offer, reducing his wage bill alone would help the club balance the books, but it will mean that the club is going to have to make enough money on sales from Kang-In Lee, Cheryshev, Piccini, Diakhaby in order to not have to sell a big name like Gaya or Guedes. 

I don't think the new coach will stand for such a sale and we might see an immediate resignation if the team sells someone like Gaya, Soler, Guedes.