Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Bordalas wants Mauro Arambarri at Valencia CF

Valencia CF coach Jose Bordalas is keen to bring at least one player from his former club to Valencia CF and his number one priority is Mauro Arambarri. Mauro Arambarri is a central midfielder who has played for over 4 years at Getafe CF, coming in first on a loan deal and after a successful year at Getafe CF they decided to purchase him for 2 million euros. Since then the player value has skyrocketed with superb performances from the midfielder. 

Jose Bordalas has already contacted the player and tried to convince him to join Valencia CF, but the biggest issue for Valencia CF is going to be Getafe's asking price. They value Mauro Arambarri at 20 million euros, though Valencia CF do have some options here and they can offer them a player plus cash deal. Getafe CF are interested in Jason, but Valencia CF can also offer them Cheryshev and even Wass who still has one year on his contract at Valencia CF. 

He is a good player and would be a welcome introduction, but what would happen to Racic in that situation, where will Daniel Wass play? With Javi Gracia it was mostly Soler and Racic in central midfield, with Voro in the end matches it was usually Soler and Wass in the center, will is be Mauro and Soler under Bordalas? 

I doubt Valencia CF would go after Mauro Arambarri, he is just way too expensive for us, the only other option I see if to offer them someone like Cheryshev or Racic himself as that is going to be the most we can undercut Getafe in terms of value, but we are going to be kind of this on the flanks, especially that left one. Manu Vallejo is more of a forward, Guedes is also much better as a second striker, Kang-In can play there, but he is also on his way out, so without Cheryshev there, who do we have left on the left flank, especially in a 4-4-2 formation?