Friday, June 4, 2021

30 million might not be enough

While Valencia CF needs about 30 million euros to balance its budget, the club also needs 50 million euros to pay off Peter Lim. He loaned Valencia CF 50 million euros and if the club does not return the money to him in the established period, which is this year then he will take ownership of several players. What a deal eh? Loan 50 million, earn players worth possibly 80 million euros. 

Now we don't really know the details of the loans, we don't know which players he'll get the rights to, but its clear that his plan with Valencia CF was to be a seller club and make him money. Say what you say, but his actions speak louder than words. 

The loans were also for players that he chose, he decided to buy, its all his doing. What next, we learn that Peter Lim actually owns the Mestalla stadium personally? What does the club own? No one on planet earth would want to even buy the club if Peter Lim owns half our players rather than the club itself. 

Peter Lim has said that he plans to use the guarantees and essentially get to own several players when Valencia CF defaults on the loans. Its two loans in essence, one for about 32 million euros and another one for 16 million euros. 

So the options are Valencia CF defaults and he gets to own several players, is it Guedes, Soler, etc...? Which players does he get? The other option is for Valencia CF to essentially have a massive sellout much like last season and sell Guedes, Cillessen, Maxi, Gaya and try and get 80+ million euros in order to pay its debts.