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Valencia CF vs Real Valladolid Match Preview

Valencia CF

Valencia vs Valladolid - Predictions, Betting Tips & Match PreviewValladolid

Real Valladolid

Date 2021-05-09 16:15 GMT+1

What an eventful week it has been for Valencia CF. It started off with the loss at home to FC Barcelona and the consequential sacking of Javi Gracia who as I've reported had been on this ice and was going to be sacked in the summer to avoid paying him damages, but with the club so close to relegation he was sacked with just 4 matches to go and Voro was put in charge of the team. This is Voro's 7th takeover of the team, 5 of which are under Peter Lim's era, so a defeating number right there.

Today as I'm writing this match preview there is a huge protest going on in Valencia against Peter Lim and his company Meriton, this isn't the first protest that has happened against Lim's leadership of the club and it certainly won't be the last. With Lim's brazen and stupid character he won't sell the club and I'm afraid with more of his terrible leadership people will do more to force him to leave and this includes not buying any of the merch, not buying season tickets, not even buying individual match tickets, all in order to force Peter Lim out. The bad things is that in the process of trying to remove Lim, its the club itself that is being hurt. 

I think the best decision would be to form an investment group by the fans, everyone chips in $20 or $40 or $100 or even $500 if they have, and we are at the very least 200k fans around the world. I know a lot of inactive fans who would activate if they have the chance to invest in Valencia CF and oust Peter Lim as a consequence! So if say 100k people all chip in on average $40 dollars and it gets coupled with few bigger investors we could be seeing a real takeover possibility and if Lim doesn't want to sell, then force him through the government to sell. Fine and tax his company to hell, fine him tens of million of euros for the unfinished Mestalla construction, sue his company in court and demand even more, work the the banks to force a payout on all of the clubs loans, force his company Meriton be have to pay tens and tens of millions and go into a huge loss if he wants to continue owning Valencia CF. 

Just today we had Amadeo Salvo blast Peter Lim over insane comments made in the Financial times in which he talks about using VCF as a networking opportunity and being a trophy plaything, he said that he and his team at the time were lied to, that the promises and guarantees were all false and that could also be a potential lawsuit from former stock holders and other interested Valencia CF parties. False pretense, false guarantees and false advertisements in order to acquire property is a big deal. 

What I don't get is how can Peter Lim be so stupid, yet be so rich? Even if he has the greatest distain for the club and fans, you don't say it out loud in the media. You keep quiet about it, you laugh at parties with your rich friends in your Ivory tower, you don't announce it to the world. This dude literally has the mind of a 5yo child! 

There needs to be a serious offer, fans gathering and forming an investment fund, raising money to be able to reach the current Valencia CF evaluation which isn't that much and its only going to get lower and have Lim sell the club, or else force him. Fine and fee and tax Meriton to hell and back until he sells, there is no other option at this point! 

I give it to him that he invested heavily in players when he arrived, but he still invested in players from a business partner and a close friend. Its not like he went out of his way to find the best talent and invest reasonable amounts of money, he overpaid his friend and business partner. None of the players Lim brought actually provided any long term value, Rodrigo was a flop for two seasons before becoming more useful, Gomez did good, but again kind of a one season wonder and then was sold for just as much as he arrived. It was transfers from before that the club did well with and transfers when he brought in qualified people in the sporting department, even if it was just temporarily. 

He's never invested in a proper way, he's never seemed genuine, from the start it seemed like a ruse with his close friend and business partner to make money off of players. Develop them at VCF, then sell them for a profit. That is not how you run a club and quickly all of that fell in the water as results weren't that easy to come by and developing players isn't as easy to do in real life as it is in a football management video game! 

In terms of the team itself they play once again at the Mestalla this time against Real Valladolid who are also trying to avoid relegation. They are just 1 point off of SD Huesca who are in the relegation spot and Valencia CF is just 5 points about Valladolid and 6 points above Huesca, so this is a must win match, this is even more important than a final, in a final it more about gaining and achieving more, but here we can lose so much, so its even more important that a final and Valencia CF must win. Drawing still makes it okay, but we are putting even more pressure to have results in the next matches.

Stat nameValladolid
51Goals lost46
24% (8)Wins15% (5)
24% (12)Draws15% (16)
41% (14)Defeats38% (13)
1.26Goals per game0.94
1.50Goals conceded per game1.35
5 (15%)Clean sheets3 (9%)
9.42Corners per game8.94
4.48Corners for per game3.68
4.94Corners against per game5.26
47.52%Ball possession44.74%
10.61Shots avg8.85
3.70Shots on goal avg3.18
2.42Offsides avg1.91
265.64Passes avg249.85
76.31%Completed passes73.47%

Valencia CF Squad: Cillessen; Correia, Paulista, Hugo, Gaya; Wass, Soler, Oliva, Cheryshev; Guedes, Cutrone.

Winning probability: Valencia CF 40%, Draw 40%, Real Valladolid 20%

Result Prediction: Valencia CF 2-1 Real Valladolid
Every time Voro has taken over he's brought a small temporary boost to our players and to our results, so I'm expecting just from the 'Voro' effect to win this match. Valencia CF has all the issues it had last week and nothing will change in a week, but I expect a bit more fighting spirit, a bit more ease to the play in terms of players being more comfortable. I expect Voro to play it safe and go for a very similar starting eleven to that of Javi Gracia's, I think we might see small changes. I think he might give Oliva and Cutrone a chance here, or maybe even have Kang-In Lee or Manu Vallejo feature. Again its either or, I don't expect any significant changes and for the most part its going to be the same players playing.