Monday, May 24, 2021

Valencia CF next coach

Rafa Benitez to coach Valencia CF again?
The most important decision in the following weeks is what coach to appoint to lead Valencia CF. We know it can't be a relatively new coach, we've tried that many times even before the Lim era and it hasn't worked. We've done it with former Valencia CF players like Pellegrino, Djukic, we've done it with British stars like Gary Neville, we've done it a lot of times and in the past decade its never worked. You could say it worked with Benitez, but that was 2 decades ago and when he came to Valencia CF he was coaching a first division club. So he wasn't really that new and again that was over a decade ago, these days it would be harder to succeed for an inexperienced coach as he has to develop new younger players and improve the team he has, Benitez when he arrived had a solid team that just needed the right method to make it work.

Coincidently though Rafael Benitez is free and his last few stints haven't been a great success, his Real Madrid stint was a failure, he then went to New Castle and failed to rescue them from relegation, but did bring them to the premier league the next season before being sacked, and ultimately he went to China for a big money deal, but he had no offers from any big European clubs. 

So just to put it out there, Rafa Benitez is available and might be the right choice for the club, of course we don't know his salary demands, but they have to be much lower from 4 years ago when he was at his peek, to now. 

Andre Villas-Boas is also available, he was once a well respected coach and I know one of the fan favorites to coach Valencia CF, but always just out of reach for Valencia CF. He's fallen out of favor, but his coaching career has been relatively good and he has coached teams in almost all divisions, the Portuguese, English, French, Chinese, etc... so he is versatile and can be a decent option.

Roberto Moreno is a name that was mentioned a lot even before Gracia was sacked and while he is experienced, he's not been a head coach for much of his career, in fact his only stints as head coach has been with Spain in which he did a relatively good job, and the other one was Monaco in which he did a poor job with only 38% win rate, though they didn't finish too terribly at 9th place. So not sure on this one as his head coach experience and skill seems to be lacking.

Another recent name that seems to be the favorite to take over at Valencia CF as of right now is Jose Bordalas the current coach of Getafe FC. I wrote an article about it, his win rate is kind of low and isn't the kind of tactician to prefer style and tactics, but rather brute force and rigidity, which I'm not too sure if it fits the current set of players we have. I mean apart from Racic, Diakhaby and maybe Correia none of the others are big, tall, powerful humans, they are all of average build. 

Diego Martinez the current coach of Granada is another potential name, he's been a success story as he's done very well with the youth teams of Sevilla, being noticed and signing for Osasuna, his first real coaching wasn't that good, but then he joined Granada in the second division and he's had a lot of success with a team like their, winning promotion to the first division and doing very well each year they've been in the first division, even finishing 7th to get Granada to the Europa league for the first time. 

Claudio Ranieri at some point was reported as a possibility, I like his style, I think he is the perfect coach to build a team, to develop a team, but at his age I'm not too sure if he still has it in him. If he is feeling good and motivated then sure, he can be a solid option, but we just don't know.

So which of these coaches would you guys and gals like to see at Valencia CF? Is there a name I've missed that could be an option for Valencia CF?