Sunday, May 16, 2021

Valencia CF 4-1 SD Eibar Match Report

Valencia CF 4-1 SD Eibar Match Report

Valencia CF trashed SD Eibar 4-1 in what was a goal fest for VCF fans. Its been a while since Valencia CF won by more than one goal difference and with such a convincing scoreline. Even though we won by a lot, it was still a fairly competitive match, SD Eibar did have more control of the ball, they did have the initiative as well, but Valencia CF defended well and hit them hard on the counter attack. This formation and system is basically designed to absorb attacks and then hit them back on the counter, relying on our fast paced players to do some damage. 

As soon as the match started Valencia CF scored a goal. Soler moving towards Eibar box, releases a powerful through ball that reaches Guedes and he is precise and scores.

Eibar would try and return the favor as they gained the initiative and started looking for a goal, they would have few longer range efforts, but nothing would come out of it. Valencia CF would basically defend mostly and have a few tries on the flanks. Then in the 19th minute Carlos Soler would score the second goal for Valencia CF.

The third goal would come in the 30th minute, once again Carlos Soler with the goal to essentially seal the match. SD Eibar would not have it though and got one back in the 38th minute after a tap in from Bryan

The final goal would come very early in the second half, Cillessen from his box shoots and the ball reaches Maxi who then rushes forward, sees Guedes on the other side and passes the ball toward Guedes, this one reaches the ball and scores.

Overall a very good match, Voro takes credit as his setup has so far been perfect for this Valencia CF side and suits the players very well. The defensive trio is next level, taking care of our defensive weakness and making it into a strength.

Guedes is still in hot form, and Soler is joining him, having much more effectiveness further up the pitch. Gaya and Correia putting in a lot of crosses from the flanks, using their speed to move up and down the field efficiently. 

First Half:

3: Valencia CF start the match very good, immediately attacking and the first chance presents itself in the 3rd minute, with Soler providing a solid through pass to Guedes who slots the ball into the net

7: Eibar with the ball control and they are trying to create some chances, but so far they've been stifled in their attempts

11: Two attempts in succession by Eibar, shots from long range, but VCF defense reacts good and blocks

18: Chance for VCF as Gaya with a pass to Guedes, but his shot is blocked

19: GOOOAAAALLL. Carlos Soler with a goal to put Valencia CF two goals up. I know Eibar are ultra weak, but Voro has done an amazing job, not long from today VCF were playing just as bad football and under Gracia might have even struggled to pierce Eibar

25: Kang-In takes tries his luck with a shot, but is blocked

30: Jose Gaya with the run from the left, puts in a cross into the penalty box, Soler intercepts the ball and scores

38: Bryan Gil from Eibar taps the ball in! An easy finish for Bryan Gil

43: Solid chance for Eibar as Anaitz Arbilla shot hits the post, VCF is lucky

44: Potential penalty for Eibar, the referee calls for VAR check, thankfully no penalty 

Second Half:

49: Cillessen takes the goal kick from his spot, the ball goes to Maxi in an advanced position, he then passes towards the incoming Guedes and this one score. 4-1 for Valencia CF! AMUNT!!!

54: Cillessen with an intervention after a shot Eibar

55: Guedes with a long range shot on the opposite side, goes wide

57: Why is this ref checking almost every single thing with VAR? Its supposed to be for major things, not every single call, this is ridiculous. Now 3 minutes wasted for confirming his initial call

62: Gaya almost scores from a mistake cross that becomes a shot

65: Gaya with two crosses in succession, but the first is blocked and the second is just inacurate

66: Racic comes in for Wass and Piccini for Correia

67: Voro is looking for a bit more ball control with Racic and to slow down the game, ease towards the end. No need to risk anything at 4-1 lead

81: Cillessen forced to intervene after a dangerous corner kick

83: Ling range shot, Cillessen saves

96: Header by Eibar, Cillessen saves

Player Ratings:

Cillessen 7 - Had to deal with quite a lot of shots in this match, nothing major, but did well to not let silly goals in

Paulista 6 - Overall a solid performance, much better in a defensive trio and positioned well to block any dangerous attacks

Hugo 6 - Good marking by the player, intercepted few crosses and passes as well

Diakhaby 6 - Good from corners and free kicks as he uses his height to head dangerous balls away and being covered by other players seems to have reduced his mistakes

Correia 6.5 - Good defensive display and went forward a good amount, providing an outlet on the right, working well with Wass and Soler

Wass 6.5 - Kept it simple for the most part, short and safe passes, combined well enough with Correia and dropped back to defend

Soler 9 - Much more dangerous in attacking positions, scored two goals and assisted one. Had few more passes as well into dangerous positions

Kang-In 6.5 - The least effective of the attacking players, tried to get into the game and do something, but his final ball was lacking. 

Gaya 7.5 - Bombarded down the left flank, put in a lot of crosses and passes, not all were accurate and dangerous, but did provide one assist

Guedes 9 - Scored two goals and was involved in many of VCF's attacks, was once again the focal point in attack

Maxi 6 - I guess he takes at least one defender up, was otherwise one of his quieter games until the ball weirdly found him from Cillessen's goal kick, good pass to find Guedes, but should be more active


Racic 5.5 - Didn't have too much time to make an impact, didn't really contribute to possession as Voro would have hoped, but was certainly not bad, its just he didn't have much time to do much

Piccini 5.5 - Slotted well for Correia, good defensively and went forward quite a bit for his short time on the pitch, decent performance, albeit the game was already won

Vallejo N/A

Gameiro N/A

Mangala N/A